Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Stole Some Time to Twist Some Words..

"All that we see and seem is but a dream within a dream."

"Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality."

"I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat."
All from Edgar Allan Poe

who was born on this day in in 1809... Both of His parents had died before his second Birthday and he was taken in by John Allan.. who raised him partly in Richmond Virginia and partly in England.. He was never adopted.. but took Allan as his middle name. He briefly attended the University of Virginia where he was expelled for not paying gambling debts... He entered the US Army using an assumed name and later entered West Point.. he was dishonorably discharged after serving less than a year .. for dereliction of duty.. He began his literary career in the 1830s, serving as editor for several magazines.. after the death of his wife he spiralled into depression and drunkenness... though He wrote some great poetry.. including "The Raven".. he is best known as "The Father" of detective stories.

Haiku Heights- #26-


dare I close my eyes
where dancing fiends haunt my dreams~
red rimmed eyes falter

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


kill- surreal -descent

The Hunt-
completely surreal
my descent into darkness
scent of her fresh kill
overpowering my soul
cautiously I raise my stake

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

- ABC Wednesday Challenge- Round 8

- albatross feeding in the rain at Lake Edgar Brown in Barnwell...
A is for -albatross and awed..


avaricious acrobats
taking advantage
of abundant appetizers-

around and around
through the air
and then an awesome dive-

again and again
all afternoon
their attitude abounds-

apparently taking aim
on an especially tasty tidbit
then attacking from above-

absolutely UN-afraid of the alligator
asleep in the rock alley ashore
they rest on the water-

air to waters surface
time after time
until all appetite is alleviated-

abiding silently I smile
as the ancient assoluta of the albatross
holds the great white herons in absolute awe...

Written By: Patricia Sawyer
(assoluta- supreme dance)
- Open Mouthed Awe!
- Wordless Wednesday-
from a word bank found at the 32 words that I had to use were...

Concoction. Whisper. Magenta. Scent. Sublime. Hearth. Shore. Wings. Twist.
Adoration. Cliff. Envelop. Lime. Pearl. Horizon. Vanilla. Glass. Nonchalant. Ghost.
Appease. Cocktail. Vestibule. Frame. Soul. Lips. Lace. Memory. Trellis. Rose. Garden.
Moon. Arcane.


memory's sweet magenta whisper

oh were there some vanilla cocktail

a ghost of scent haunts the vestibule
of my dreams-

lace in the garden- a rose trellis-
and lips-

a hearth near the shore- star lights
across a velvet sky-

sublime cliffs behind and an arcane moon
on the horizon-

the nonchalant tilt of the glass-
a twist of lime to appease my soul-

a flutter of pearl wings- awakening
as adoration envelops my spirit-

white coats smiling- bright lights- and the pain
of oblivion-

with a smile from the lady in the frame I promise-
"someday- we will remember "

Written By: Patricia Sawyer
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Anonymous said...

This was a lovely post. Very creative, thank you for sharing!

Grandma's Goulash said...

Your 3Word is very haunting. Enjoyed your other posts as well.

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Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

Sheilagh Lee said: Lovely site I love your 3word wednesday posts as well

Roger Owen Green said...

I love Poe. Nice post.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

signed...bkm said...

Excellent writing on all of them Patsy love the smile from lady in the frame and the A is for Albatross...great to read all of it...bkm

Anna said...

'Albatross' is an excellent choice for A. Lovely post.
Best wishes,
Anna's ABC-Wd-A is for Animal-Helpers

ThomG said...

really liked the 3WW contribution, but another great post from you.