Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time to Celebrate! It's National Poetry Month!!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." ~Jimi Hendrix

"What does it matter how one comes by the truth so long as one pounces upon it and lives by it?" ~ Henry Miller

"Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world."
~ John Evelyn


April is National Poetry Month.. Poets ..and those of us who one day hope to be poets
.. are busy writing and reading and practically wallowing in poetry.. There are poetry contests and poetry writing seminars and poetry readings going on everywhere... teachers have invited poets into classrooms and children are writing poems in their schools.. Even I have been in a poetic mood for most of this month.. and Today is read great poetry day.. There are lots of great poetry out there and lots of not so great poetry too.. I have read and written both kinds myself..

In celebration of National Poetry month and read Great poetry Day I have decided to post a couple of my own poems here today.. I know that today is a day when I usually post watery... weird or sepia things.. those may come later today! But for now please enjoy my poems... Have a great Day!

This poem was written as a Sunshine Poetry Club assignment.. to be read for a Black History celebration.. Our theme was "the Struggle for Unity"..

~ United ~

Under streetlights and in back alleys~
a new generation breaths..

Nothing left to fear.. Nothing left to loose~
hatred a daily routine.. love outgrown by anger

Icy eyes welcome the fearful.. the neglected~
false promises made to lonely hearts..

Terrorist of neighborhoods and small towns..
rulers of the streets.. destroyers of life..

Eager to be accepted.. easily taken in.. hoping to find favor
guns grasped in youthful hands.. blood spilled..

Deafening cries ring from our streets.. Save us! Help us!
For our children.. can't we become united?

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


This little thing was written for the theme.. "The End" in only ten words... writing with a word limit is not always easy... as I was trying to think of something to write I remembered that Daddy once told me that when everything else was gone.. he thought maybe an atomic bomb.. that the one thing that would survive would be a cockroach.. I can't answer for where he got his information.. but I think he might have been right!

The End

in deepest darkness
all voice forever silent~
a cockroach scuttles

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


and this last one was written from a word list sent to me by one of my faithful readers and friend! Thanks for the list.. hope you enjoy what I did with your words this time.. I am also working on something else with your same words..

Word List?? YAY!!!! Here ya go!!
10 words just for you! Have fun! Love ya!

Oh What a Ride!

Pink lips posed in a perfect pout
impatient... waiting
pacing up and down the walk...

She could almost feel spring
slipping silently away..
scents evaporating.. colors fading...

The moments felt like years
when she was away
from his eyes of blue...

Friends .. mates of a like mind
soul mates.. friends of the best kind..
waiting made her think too much..

Shadows on the ground...
sweet scents of spring...
Purple vines in treetops..

Laughing above the roar
shouted whispers of "HOLD ON!"
Blue skies and fresh air..

Hours rushing with the wind
Old buildings.. sadly shuttered..
Helmet hair hidden..

Oh what a whirl.. out for a spin..
a magical chariot made for two..
Best friends forever..
Oh what a ride!

written by: Patricia Sawyer

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Wednesday.. Words..Water and Sepia Scenes!

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike."

"None of Nature's landscapes are ugly so long as they are wild."

"Earth has no sorrow that earth can not heal."
~ all By John Muir

John Muir.. who was born on this day in 1838.. is remembered for many things.. an immigrant.. an inventor.. a botanist.. a writer.. and a fruit rancher. But it was his never ending love of nature.. and the hope to preserve it for future generations that we can thank him for today..It was Muir who convinced President Teddy Roosevelt to protect Yosemite (including Yosemite Valley), Sequoia, Grand Canyon and Mt. Rainier as National Parks..In 1892, he helped to found the Sierra Club.. America’s oldest and largest environmental organization. He was president of the club from its start until his death in 1914.

Many years after his death, Muir continues to be an inspiration to those striving to protect the natural environment.


Sepia Scenes~ Sitting eerily silent and still the day I was there.. this old water wheel could use a few repairs.. The afternoon sunshine appeared to bathe the entire area with a golden light..I think that the beautiful golden glow is easily seen in sepia..

Watery Wednesday~ One of my favorite places to fish. .. this old house is perfectly mirrored in the crystal clear waters of the pond.. If I owned this place I would never leave but would instead be always found sitting in one of the giant rockers that hides inside the screened in porch.. I can sit out here for hours watching the birds and deer.. We have also seen turtles.. beaver.. and Alligators here..

Three word Wednesday has got a brand new Page of it's own and a great new look.. Please visit them and check out their new site.. there is no rule that says you must post on Wednesday.. you could take all week to write something if you wanted to. The three words for this week are...
~ Random.. ebb.. negotiate~


a random drive-by
where dealers negotiate~
tots life ebbs away

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

Thanks for stopping by tonight to check out my blog.. I hope that you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My World... Some Days I want to Run Away!

"Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared." ~Eddie Rickenbacker

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music."
~ John Milton

"There is nothing more notable in Socrates than that he found time, when he was an old man, to learn music and dancing, and thought it time well spent."
~ Michel de Montaigne


Yesterday in My World was not a very good day.. The pollen is trying it's dead level best to kill me.. filing my throat and lungs with yucky stuff and causing me to have to suck on an inhaler way more than I like to.. Not that I ever like to.... but you get the idea..

I had dreamed all sorts of awful things the night before and woke up yesterday morning in an all around foul mood to start off a day that also came with a headache and a arm that was hurting.. Dave and I had raked and pulled weeds and did general yard work the afternoon before so I knew why my muscles ached.. I made the coffee strong hoping that would help and set about doing the same old same old things we always do.. and then things got worse..

We were feeding the animals and I had done my part of the feeding and was dragging a contrary water hose that snaked around and grabbed everything in it's path and tangled up on every tree root and snag it could find.. I had already called it a few choice words when I heard Dave say..
" OH NO! Oh NO You Don't!" and I turned just in time to see one of my ring neck doves fluttering towards a tree across the yard.. I am ashamed to say I yelled at Dave... I knew it wasn't his fault.. It wasn't any one's fault... But I think I had had all I could take and just went crazy for a few minutes.. Romeo..( he's a male Dove!) never looked back but did land in a tree not too far away.. about that time Juliet..(what can I say.. I'm a sucker for Lovers!) began to flap and beat herself against the cage calling out in the most mournful and sad song I have ever in my whole life heard.. afraid she would hurt herself I opened the cage and set her free as well.. then I cried...
I cried because Romeo escaped.. I cried because I could hear Juliet crying.. I cried because he left her.. I cried because I had a bad dream.. I cried and cried and cried.. I hated the whole world.. I loved my birds... I wanted to be at the beach or the mountains or anywhere but watching my bird do his best to fly away on his rarely used wings... Dave did everything he could to follow Romeo and honestly he would only fly a little way at the time but never let Dave catch him.. Juliet would fly and then come back to the chicken area of the yard and cry some more.. Dave disappeared and in a few minutes came back with Cooper at his side.. Cooper kept telling me that they wouldn't leave but I wasn't hearing that.. I reminded them that these birds were born in a cage and had never had to look for food... I told them that Doves mate for life... and what would one do without the other?... I was afraid a cat would get them or a snake or a man with a gun.. I cried the whole time we fed the animals and even after that I would go look to see if they had came back and I would cry again.. I did see both Birds in the chicken garden eating food that had fell on the ground and I put them more on top of the cage.. I filled a dish with good clean water and set out for them too.. and I sat there in the dark while Dave worked and Cooper slept the night away.. and listened to them coo...somewhere in the distance and I cried a little more...

Early this morning when I got up Juliet was sitting on the lowest tree limb next to the porch.. as soon as I went into the greenhouse room where all the other birds live she started cooing at me.. I held out my arm and she bowed and bobbed on the limb.. I decided to do a little alone time yard work and as soon as I grabbed some coffee I went outside.. She sang a sad song and sat above me on the tree.. Dave soon came out and joined me as she cooed and followed me from place to place in the bucket garden.. I pulled lemon basil and she flew to the ground to taste the fallen seeds.. Dave hurried to get some birdseed for her and she almost ate from his hand.. she finally ate a few bites while sitting on an antique tea cart and looking at me as if to say.."Why am I out here in the wild world?" Dave decided then that he was on a mission to recapture my Doves.. he followed Juliet .. as she followed me.. around from place to place all day.. he would be so close that he could almost touch her and away she would fly.. cooing as she went and from a tree on the edge of the yard Romeo would coo back to her.. It was almost as if they were playing a silly game with Dave.. But Dave was determined and just before he left for work he recaptured who we believe to be Juliet.. I went out a while ago to check on her and she was sitting up on her perch looking at me as if she was happy to be back in her safe little cage.. she wasn't calling out to Romeo while I was out there but I did hear them cooing back and forth when I was folding laundry earlier.. I am happy to have her back even though I am the one who set her free.. I am still hoping that Romeo will decide to come near enough that one of us can return him safely to the cage as well... as long as we can hear him singing I will know he is still nearby.. he will be able to eat and drink and rest on top of his cage if he wants too.. and I will hope.. for both Juliet and myself that we will catch him..

I worked in the yard most of today.. we accomplished a lot of things that we needed to get done.. I planted some flower seeds and more hot pepper seed than we could ever use.. Dave unclogged a pond pump and cleaned a frog waterspout between moments of trying to capture the escaped doves.. Dave and David cut a lot of grass and we rearranged things out by the pool... Cooper came out to help with the egg gathering and feeding.. he crowed at the roosters and they crowed at him.. he visited with the big dogs and scratched the hogs fat behind while she grunted something that sounded like thanks at him.. I guess one could say that everything was almost back to normal in our little world.. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Night..

Friday, April 16, 2010

I Hate Yedda!

"Follow the yellow brick road."
~ E. Y. Harburg

"I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love."
~ Conor Oberst

"Be like Curious George, start with a question and look under the yellow hat to find what's there." ~ James Collins

Today's Mommy Moments theme is yellow.. They have asked that we show something that belongs to our children or a picture of something our child would wear that would be yellow.. You have no idea how much Cooper hated yellow as a child.. he would scream and pitch a fit if I tried to put clothes on him that were yellow.. He wouldn't have a yellow blanket.. he wouldn't even play with a yellow truck.. Someone once gave him a yellow yo yo and I thought for just a minute that he might play with it.. then with a fast pitch into the woods it was gone from our lives forever... It didn't even have to really be yellow.. it could be a light green or an orange..but if it made him think of yellow it was gone.. he threw a fit when we about to get on a boat once because they only had orange life jackets.. He cried and screamed.. " I hate Yedda!!.. I hate Yedda!!" over and over.. I had to force him into one and soon after bought a blue one just for him.. I bet you are thinking that I have no pictures of Cooper in anything at all yellow... that was true until just a few weeks ago.. as much as Cooper hates yellow.. what color do you think his younger sister chose for her wedding? Yes.. she chose yellow..

I told him to just pretend that it was gold and even though he hated every second that he was wearing it he did put on the nasty yellow tie.. He wore it for only as long as the wedding lasted taking it off as soon as he possibly could.. Here he is with his beloved baby sister and the Ugly "Yedda" Tie...

Even as he escorted not just one.. but two lovely bridesmaid away from the alter you can tell that he is not really happy about the "yedda" tie! When I told him that he was almost smiling in this photo he said that he was Happy because it was almost over and he could get the yellow away from him... I don't know why he hates Yellow so much.. he had a yellow suit as a tiny baby and every time I put it on him he cried.. He would cry if you put yellow sleepers on him or a yellow crib sheet on his crib.. after a while it was just easier to use other colors for him..

I decided to look and see if I had any photo's of any of us with anything yellow on.. in all of my photo's.. (and believe me I do have tons of them).. amazingly.. I have only found one person wearing anything yellow.. You have probably guessed that the one that loved yellow was Emily..
and here she is all decked out in a yellow skirt and yellow socks for her school pictures.. what was I thinking letting her wear that? Was that the style back then? At least she matched even if it was yellow.... Oh so long ago..
I guess that the rest of us though we weren't quite as verbal about it agreed with Cooper.. Maybe each and every one of us "Hated Yedda"! Enjoy each and every Mommy Moment! Have a great day!

April 16 - Day after Tax Day!

"If it's well written and well directed and you've got good actors to work with, acting is easy. But making sure all the ducks are in a row is the hard part. It's very rare." ~John Lithgow

"Sometimes I'll go by and there are a couple of swans, the next day it's a few ducks. I'd like to stop there every day for a year and capture how it changes, then put it all together to create an incredible image of a traditional English scene."
~ Graeme Le Saux

“There is one order of beauty which seems made to turn heads. It is a beauty like that of kittens, or very small downy ducks making gentle rippling noises with their soft bills, or babies just beginning to toddle.”
~ T.S. Eliot quotes
Friday My Town~ Shoot Outs has deemed today as the day after taxes day.. Dave and I filed ours a long time ago in January and had spent the small amount of cash returned to us long before it gathered any dust in our pockets.. Money seems to go faster than it comes to us.. But I do think that is the way it is with almost everyone we know.. we were lucky in that we got a small amount back.. Many people have to pay more money in to the IRS..
Now that the work and worry of figuring out what you can claim and how you will ever come up with the extra cash to pay Uncle Sam has passed... we are asked to look through out Town photo's and choose just one that makes you smile or chuckle.. maybe even laugh..
Dave and I were walking along the lake today searching for a cactus.. ( don't ask it's a whole different story!).. when we spotted this young family along the walkway across the damn.. we had been watching a mother duck with a nest and hurried to check and see if this was the brood we have been watching and waiting on to hatch... As we got close they took off into the water with Both Mom and Dad quacking loudly... our duck was right where we left her a few days ago still sitting on her nest of warm bluish green eggs.. She even moved a tiny bit away when I asked nicely with the swish of a small leafy limb that hides them.. Counting quickly I saw that she still had nine eggs and moved away so that she could return to her vigil..
We watched as the parents swam away and then back to the damn as we walked on.. every time we came close they swam out again and would lead the babies right back as soon as we stepped away.. finally as we had our backs turned they dashed across the damn and settled on the edge of a large submerged rock.. Mama and Papa swam in circles around and around the boulder keeping the babies on their safe if rocky perch.. every time the papa came around to the side where we were he quacked at us as loud as I imagine he could.. I had to laugh at him.. I quickly snapped this photo.. It's a good thing too since I am not sure I had another "make you smile" photo in my stash.. Finally we decided that we didn't see the cactus we were looking for and headed back along the path to the car and home.. The young ducks are fluffy and sweet but you really don't want to come to near to them.. Mallards are great protectors of their young and though it might have made a funny photo I am sure that neither of us wanted to be attacked by a Papa duck today.. We prefer instead to enjoy their silly antics from a distance where we are safe from being quacked to death..
I hope you had a wonderful day after taxes day! I hope you had reasons to smile. giggle or laugh today.. If you didn't then maybe you can imagine me running from a quacking.. wing flapping. fluttering.. angry Papa duck.. see.. I know you laughed at that! Have a wonderful night!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

"How does the Meadow flower its bloom unfold? Because the lovely little flower is free down to its root, and in that freedom bold." ~ William Wordsworth

"Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend."
~Mao Tse-Tung

"Worry - a God, invisible but omnipotent. It steals the bloom from the cheek and lightness from the pulse; it takes away the appetite, and turns the hair gray."
~ Benjamin Disraeli


Today is Garden Bloggers Bloom day.. it is on the fifteenth of every month.. this is my first posting for bloom day.. I'm not sure if this is just for blogs about gardening or if anyone can join in.. I do garden and even though my blog isn't technically a garden blog..I'm going to say that my thoughts bloom.. and My ex used to say that I was a flower child.. you know.. a blooming idiot.. so I guess that I am close enough to take part..

I love plants and flowers.. Children and adults alike like my yard.. some say it is like being in a jungle.. I have containers of all kinds.. Big old tires... buckets.. barrels.. wooden boxes.. kiddie pools.. a couple of freezers.. washing machine tubs.. some old bath tubs.. and even a toilet.. They are filled first with leaves and then with dirt and my home grown chicken poo.. flowers and veggies both flourish in my rubber~barrel~bucket garden...
I like to plan ahead and was afraid that today would be one of those downpour rain days that we have had so many of lately.. I along with my niece Phoebe and her two little monsters decided to stroll around and see what we had blooming for this months special day.. I told them we would each find a bloom in our favorite color.. Hannah immediately decided that red was her very best favorite color and quickly chose a plant that grows in the chicken garden in an old
cast away mail box.. More interested in the chickens than in any boring old blog that Aunt Patsawee might write she was off to pull grass for the clucking hens and strutting roosters... every once in a while tossing a clump.. from a great distance.. with her nose held... to the fat pig.. called pork chop!
Danielle walked slowly around looking up and down before informing me that I didn't have anything her color blooming here.. Her color was blue.. well maybe it was yellow or green or wait a minute.. we could do a color her mother liked and she chose Pink..
Yea.. pink would do since I didn't have anything blue or green.. and this metal pink flamingo was her first choice for blooming whatever I said for my thing I did on the computer and anyway.. didn't I say we could do the search for game next time they were here?.. from there she helped me find everything pink there was.. from the azalea's
to the Columbine and from there to the clover.. she said it was pink even though I argued that it was purple.. I guess for a moment I.. in my old age.. forgot that you can not argue with a
child on a mission to find favorite colors.. even if they are not her very own favorite..
Finally it was my turn.. everyone knows that purple is my favorite color... I have lots of purple plants in my yard.. I love purple.. honestly I love anything that blooms.. so if it blooms and is purple I most likely have some of it... I would have to have a huge blog to show all of my favorite purple blooming things so I am only showing a few of my favorites..
this wisteria hangs like curtains around an arbor Dave and I built when we first brought home a scraggly little vine that we pulled up in a ditch.. I love the smell and when it blooms I will often pinch off bunches of it to bring inside.. It always reminds me of my favorite cousin Sheron who taught me to paint the velvety bean seed pods that come on wisteria after the blooms fade away.. dried and painted they make great Christmas ornaments..
Mama calls this thrift and I got this from her.. I have been told many times that it has another name.. Mama got hers from someone ( maybe her own Mother?) when she first married my Daddy and that was a very very long time ago..60 years ago.. in all of our old photo's from when we are children this plant is often blooming around our feet as we stand posing in our best Easter wear.. I brought this with me when I moved here.. it has bloomed every year for the last eighteen years here.. before that it had lived with me at a few other houses..
This deep purple water iris blooms proudly in it's
old outgrown kids pool.. we found this in a pond where we were fishing for large mouth Bass.. we brought home a mess of fish and two of these irises.. Now I have two kids pools full of the beauties blooming under the shade of a tree near the fish ponds.. tiny new goldfish and fat tadpoles were darting around the roots as I stooped in close for this shot..
This last plant doesn't actually grow in my yard but I wish it would.. it grows in the woods.. Daddy called it skunk cabbage...but I am almost sure it is from the lupine family.. and not skunk cabbage at all... I hadn't seen any blooming in years and years even though it used to be easy to find around here.. I stumbled across a patch of it today while I was in the woods looking for something else.. I would have liked to have brought a small plant home and tried to get it to live in my bucket rubber jungle but I was with others on a mission totally unrelated to blogging or blooms and decided not to disturb the plant or the group with my desire for one of these in my yard.. after all.. I now know where some lives and Dave is much better at digging than I am at pulling..
I have other things blooming now too.. daisies and tulips and a few wild things like the larkspur shown with the purple boots.. Banana shrubs.. strawberries.. and many many more things that are just coming up to bloom for another year.. I love my gardens.. I have many things that grow here.. animals and flowers and food and most of all people.. I hope that everyone who visits here enjoys their time with us.. I hope that the lives we touch are made better by our being a part of them.. visit when you can.. stroll down one of the little paths and be surprised by one of our angels or simply find a seat near a bird feeder or in a swing.. I hope you have enjoyed seeing what is blooming in my gardens... Thanks for stopping by!.. Have a wonderful night!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Wonderful Wednesday!

"If the photographer is interested in the people in front of his lens, and if he is compassionate, it's already a lot. The instrument is not the camera but the photographer." - Eve Arnold

"My photography is a reflection, which comes to life in action and leads to meditation. Spontaneity - the suspended moment - intervenes during action, in the viewfinder." - Abbas

"The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express."
- Francis Bacon

Lensday~ Flashback! Somehow I missed the day when they had Disposable as the Weekly Challenge.. I am almost sure I was planning a wedding or welcoming home a son or something else important.. I recently had a chance to go with Dave to our local landfill and I was shocked at how many things are now considered disposable!
Baby cribs and couches and computers by the thousands.. giant containers of bottles and jars and other things glass.. Ironing boards and china cabinets and tables and bird cages.. I wanted to load up a box of dolls and a perfect babies cradle.. I was told that it is a crime to take anything from there..
Even this boat that we would love to have owned was now disposable.. When did we become such a wasteful world? Is everything now disposable?
I was sad to think of all the people who might could have used some of the furniture that was waiting to be buried.. How many children could have played with perfectly good toys that someone simply outgrew?.. And how many fish could we have caught from this old boat?
This giant machine sat idle while I was snapping photo's of all the things that people have deemed disposable.. It takes a monster of a machine to crush and bury the mountains of disposable goods that fill our landfills every day.. I fussed so much that I am pretty sure Dave won't let me go with him to the landfill ever again..


I looked everywhere for a path to trespass here.. sitting way out in the water I wondered if this sign was intended for the family of ducks we saw swimming nearby.. I wanted to cast a hook out there and see if the fish were biting but Dave said " NO!" Thanks Dave! I guess I couldn't write my Watery Wednesday Blog post from Jail!
Another Sepia Scene!~

Reminding me of simpler times.. I adore this old store.. I have shown the front in Sepia and left the side as it was to show it's wonderful .. colorful signs! It looks as if the owner just stepped out for a second and will be right back.. I couldn't resist slipping a nickel into the old fortune telling scale and was surprised when it actually worked.. My fortune said.. " You will speak wise words today!" .. Signs of long ago era's decorate the sides and even the back of this old building.. I can just imagine sitting on the long wooden bench ..sipping on a cold Coke from a green glass bottle..

Today has been a wonderful Wednesday.. the house is so quiet tonight as I sit here and the only sound is the click of the keyboard keys as I hunt and peck for the words I want to say.. Both of the menfolks are working.. No visitors.. even the phone has rested for a change.. I had almost forgotten how great it can be to have a quiet night.. Thanks for stopping by... Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Enticed by a Gaze...

"I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done." ~Steven Wright

"Justice is not to be taken by storm. She is to be wooed by slow advances."
Benjamin Cardozo

"The world is before you and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in." ~James A. Baldwin


Weekend Wordsmith is a blogspot for would-be writers to pick up the Prompt of the Week as a challenge to write-write-write! This weeks word is Gaze.. I was reminded of the apparent secret language that my parents shared by exchanging just a look.. I often thought that they must have shared one mind and always thought alike.. sometimes Mama would look at Daddy and he would smile and be off to the store.. returning a few minutes later with a Tab and a sweet cake for everyone.. or maybe a pack of crackers... I tried to follow their gazes.. I never saw either of them look at a drink bottle or an empty Cinnamon roll package.. I wonder if he ever brought back a bag of chips when she sent for candy bars?

Many things can be read in a simple gaze.. I am told that I often give people the evil eye.. I have recently seen that wicked look in some photo's of me.. I was frightened of my gaze and will try not to aim it at anyone I like ever again
. Why am I looking so mean? Even I don't know who I was looking at..
and Now on to my poetic offering for the word Gaze....

~ Enticed ~

deep within her gaze
silent invitations lie~
helplessly I rise

written By: Patricia Sawyer


I would also like to congratulate one of my fellow bloggers for having her picture of a rooster.. (one of my favorite animals!) chosen as a featured photo on Friday My town Shootout!
Please visit My wonderful friend HERE for more of her fantastic work.. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Few Haiku!

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."

"Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean."

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

"Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances."

~ all by Maya Angelou


In the Pines~

a rasping blackbird
lifts squirming worms to treetops~
Barefooted I climb

Written By: Patricia Sawyer



night falls silently
covering shades of violence~
sunlight strikes horror

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


Through The Window~

hopelessly in love
she escapes into the night~
moonbeams frown

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


The Concert~

under summer sun
rocking melodies rumble~
bottles disappear

Written By: Patricia sawyer


If anyone would like to send me some words or even a title .. I will write something from it.. I haven't had a word sent to me in a long time.. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great night!