Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

" Life is a traveling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken. "
- D. H. Lawrence

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Project 365 ~ a Photo a Day

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Today is a special extra day that only comes around every four years.. I had all kinds of things planned to do with my "extra" day.. I started off pretty good.. I was moving furniture around as the extra day rolled in.. but that was tiring and I slept through the earliest hours of my extra day.. jumping out of bed in time to get my photo blog set up before the traveling flock of Guinea Fowl arrived.. I tried to ignore them and write a poem but the only thing I could think of was counting the guinea... there were twelve of them the first day I thought of counting.. they are down to nine today and one of them looks tattered and weary.. he always has the loudest mouth... but today he was all a flutter of wings and some sharp barks as he lagged behind the others.. I don't have a clue who they belong too.. Dave would love to set a trap and lock them all up but I keep saying no.. he swears that if they tear up his garden that will be the end of them... I keep trying to get a good photo of them.. but as soon as I walk outside with my camera.. they take off just as fast as they can waddle.. They are great fliers too..  and by then the telephone started ringing and half of my "extra" day was used up and gone..

And Here I go off on a long tale that would bore some of you to tears..  But I guess you can easily see that all of my best plans have been pushed aside for one thing or the other all day.. I hope you enjoy these poems even though you may have seen them before.. Thanks for stopping by.. I welcome both comments and followers.. Have a great Leap Day!

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The Diet

dainty bites adorn
tantalizing emptied guests
fat me stands haunting

Written By: Patricia Sawyer



salty breeze tickles
highly mellowed man drags board
men in gray suits feast

Written By: Patricia Sawyer



life of harmony
no exception to the rules
stumbling .. I rise

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


The Spirits Whisper

Heavy purple plums glisten
sumptuously tempting
the deep shade inviting
yet the viper wavers not...

Promise of wisdom her lure
she trails the serpents path
climbing and winding.. winded
His promise her greatest desire

figs.. rosy sweetness bursting forth
she ignores.. following mindlessly
jagged rocks and itching vines
surround her.. clinging.. impeding

The beast crawls on
never looking back
trusting that she follows
unwavering into temptations snare

eyes blinded to all treasures
passionate only for knowledge
of all evil.. her goodness set aside
she stumbles to paradise's heart

thunder welcomes her shame
thorns climb.. separating sin
as mankind finally.. knows
all possible Immorality...

And the Spirits whisper...
You poor unfortunate souls

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


the slicing sawgrass sways
paradise to the "gladesmen"
the caterwaul of a panther

Written By; Patricia Sawyer



I listen to troubles
not my own...

I cry for your sorrows
woes begone..

this too shall pass
I pray is true..

for you.. for you
for me.. for you..

darkness fades
you smile in the light..

begone darkness
for me.. not quite..

rings and smiles
you hear in my voice..

for I am me
and I have no choice..

so never think me
just mad or mean

I too have darkness
and no where to lean...

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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