Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hump Day Comes Around Again...

" Anger is a short madness. " 
   ~ Horace

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Haiku Heights- September Heights
day #26- P#185-  "paper boat"

Gutter Games

paper boat races
through the muddiest puddles
children splash and play

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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chance, entice, savor

Fall Festival

chance meeting on main
aromas entice the crowds
we savor spice punch

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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Nico said...

Excellent, evocative use of the words. Very nice!

RMP said...

Gutter Games had me smiling--ready to cheer on the underdog.

Fall Festval: excellent use of 3WW. I can almost smell the sweet intoxicating aroma you describe.