Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bright and Sunny Despite My Heart..

" Of all lies, art is the least untrue. "
  ~ Gustave Flaubert

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Haiku My Heart ~ 


carnival of glass
sunlight sparkles fill your heart
a monarchs wings unfurl... 

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

Sunday Scribblings #358  "monarch"

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I often fear the best of times
for hard times surely follow

to grasp a soul and fill it full
of a bitter pill to swallow

useless words are whispered low
to fill a heart that's hollow

till darkness dances on it's way 
and sunshine fills the morrow..

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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Three Word Wednesday-
pale- naughty- douse

Un-Holy Union

naughty padre pales
vinegar and piss doused
blazing thirsts quenched

Written By: Patricia Sawer

Sensational Haiku Wednesday- "quench"

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joanne said...

your blue bottle sculpture is so very cool....but the vinegar and piss line threw me,,,,,