Monday, August 4, 2014

Words Fill My Mind..

“I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.”
 ~William Carlos Williams

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The Imaginary Garden…


rough waves wash my ankles
soothing to tired feet and souls..

searchers dig in wet grains
the tiniest treasure to find...

picnickers pack up.. headed home
weary little ones already napping..

sand castles wait on the night 
melting slowly in the rising tide..

silently I head to my perch..
singing to the ocean from my balcony above..

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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Six Word Saturday ~

with this rain.. I need waders...

= = = = =


twisted stick in hand
grizzled wizard beckons doom ~
sunrise hears his snores... 

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


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Mad Kanes  Limerick-Off Monday

Post Limerick ~

A fellow was offered a post
along the Ivory Coast
his laptop was banned
his flight was un-manned
the natives his un-willing hosts

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

= = = = =


I thought I had found prince charming.
He walked away when he saw that my second toe was longer. 
I didn't bother to tell him that he was just a fable.

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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Magaly Guerrero said...

Roughness that soothes... ah...

Jim said...

Nice ones, all, Patsy. Mrs. Jim had longer second toes. One she has had shortened by surgery. The prince might return after the surgery.

I did this one and 6WS this week. Then put poems on my other blog. A while back I also had put a few limericks on with he poems just for Maddy Kanes


Anonymous said...

Beach... oh, it makes me want to go back right now!

Tammy said...

Not only is this a cute SY take, but this actually happened to me in a sense! One of the many things my Prince Charming used to pick on was the fact that my second toe WASN'T longer, like his. He too is a fable...of a frog and not a prince.

Margaret said...

I like the sound of that perch.. the beach really is special.