Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday's Poetry!

Hi to all who have been visiting me. I thank you for stopping by. I am working on a new plan for my Blog. I have a lot going on right now But I am trying to get organized a little better than I was. From now on Wednesday is going to be Poetry day. I will have a new Poem here every Wednesday for you to enjoy. I'm sure that I have one reader who will have already seen some of the poems.. But You will see new ones too. Please enjoy and forgive me as I re-organize.

“I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport.” ~ Tony Hawk~

"Beware the old man in young guy's clothes. If he's over 35 and comes to pick you up looking as though he's headed for a skateboarding competition while you are dressed to go to a nice restaurant, this is not a good sign."
~ Merrill Markoe~

When I write poems I often write them for or about one of my Children or another loved one. This Poem about Skateboarding was written for My youngest Son; Cooper.


Sidewalks and skate parks;
Old swimming pools drained.
Kickflips and split lips;
young ankles sprained.
Aerials and Varials
and being called a punk.
Tail taps and grip tape;
and tricks that take spunk.
Exercise that is ramped up;
balance in a curve.
Backflips and Bearings
now don't loose your nerve!
Ollies and wallplants
it's no passing fad.
Acid drops and nosestalls
Not just boys being bad!
Ramps under carports
and falling and pain.
Daring and doing tricks
again and again
Inclines; expression
and Five Oh grinds
Nollies and ledges
and friendship that Binds.
Go away Mr. Policemen:
Just let us be.
Skateboarding is not a crime!
So let us Skate free!

written By:
Patricia Sawyer

If you have never watched skaters skate I would suggest that you go to a nearby skate park and watch before you judge them all to be punks. I am always amazed by the shear beauty of their movements and the grace with which they perform tricks. I think you might be amazed as well. Have a great Day!


LJP said...

I agree! Although most of my skating attempts have ended in extreme pain, I have a lot of respect for those who can do it with grace!

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed Cooper - not so much skating - but the enthusiamsm with which he skates. I neve could do it as well as David or the other boys - I"m just a girl, but I loved and still love to watch!