Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Camping My Family style!

Camping is a great pass time. I enjoyed it when I had only one child.. I enjoyed it when I had three and then five; even more. The little ones are lots of fun when camping. But can you imagine going camping and taking along eight kids. Eight of your own kids. MY parents did it all the time. They loved it as much as we did. Daddy would catch so many fish.. We would fry fish and there would be a crowd of people around by the time they were done. Nearby campers would come and comment on the smell of Daddy's fish frying in the cast iron Pan. Mama would be steady crocheting. Us kids would be at one of the tables playing checkers or reading. Sometimes we could walk around the first loop of clay road nearest to where we were camped. But we didn't cause no trouble.That would have been trouble for us.

This is Camping week. I would really love to be camping at the beach Or at Some of the places we camped as children. Camping is very relaxing to me.. Quiet: near water and hopefully in the woods.. Peaceful time to me. I could tell so many great stories about camping. So many funny things and a couple of frightening things that we saw as a family while camping. I have so many that I couldn't choose just one for this posting. So instead I wrote an Anagram Poem
called Camping The Black's Family Style. I hope you enjoy it.. And to any sibling of mine who might accidentally read this.. I hope your memories of our camping are as great as mine! From Bell's Winter Park to the State Parks I loved every single camping trip! Get back to nature.. Take a camping trip.. Relax .. Rest.. smile at the stranger on the other side of the woods. ( Well, you don't have to smile at the stranger.. But I would!) Have a great Day!!

Camping The Black's Family Style!!

Cot's for each of us
Army style
Made up
Inside of a
Neatly set up
Great big green and white

Home to all 10 of us. For the weekend.
Everybody in one tent. Sleeping, Laughing.

Breakfast, eggs and grits on paper plates.
Lunch, cooked on the grill. Mama's Potato salad.
Always people to meet. Most to never see again.
Camping.. I am talking about Camping..
Kids tuckered out and ready for bed before Dark.
Soft. Soothing voices you hear from nearby.

Friends made and enjoyed for a few days.
Always something new to discover.
Mary even danced once in the pavilion.
I wanted to dance too but no body asked me.
Later I did win at Bingo though. Reuben won too.
Yes.. we did all those things deep in the woods. Down a long dirt road.
while we were camping!

Swimming in the lake.
Taking walks around the park. Clay roads. Dark.
Yet exciting to walk around at night. All together.
Listening; Laughing; Loving
Each other for wonderful camping weekends!

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


Sunshine said...

Patsy, you always make me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Patsy! This is the one brother who always reads your words. I check each day to see what's new. Camping was always a great time. Nothing better than waking up to daddy's bacon frying. Patsy, I love you for the memories! Reuben.

Anonymous said...

Of course, I should read your words each day since I was your secratary in the closet office. Me again.

Pblacksaw said...

Sunshine~ I am glad to make you smile.

Reuben~ That bacon always woke us up early. I thank you for reading my words.

And to my Closet secretary~ I couldn't have made it with out you!


Tina said...

Patsy ~ It was your camping post that got my attention. We have seven kids and have always vacationed via camping. It's a blast! Cooking over the fire is my absolute favorite way to cook. I swear, I could live the rest of my life camping in the woods.