Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Poetic Wednesday!

"Let your tears come. Let them water your soul. " ~Eileen Mayhew

"The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears." ~John Vance Cheney

"I heard the teardrop hit my pillow before I even knew I was crying." ~Amborella Oltre

Many years ago I used to write every day. I even took writing classes through the mail. I was published in several magazines and really thought I would someday be a "real" writer. Which was my school girls dream. Then My life took some drastic turns and twists and in 1990 I laid aside my pen to deal with life! I never regretted my life. I enjoyed some of it! What I didn't enjoy I am still thankful for because it has made me who I am.. Then Last year Dave and I took a trip to the beach and on the way home I felt tears for no reason. I cried all the way home. Him constantly asking if I was OK.. By the time I got home a poem had already written itself in my mind. My first writing in a lot of years. Today I am including two poems. The last one that I wrote in 1990~ ( I can't believe I found this after all this time. I need to have a serious throwing out around here!) and the first one I wrote when I decided one fine day to take back my dream!

Trucker Husband

Many miles away
you sit in a truck stop
filled with women.
~ And I worry!

They feed you steak
and smell like french perfume
they refill your cup.
~ And I worry!

You look down from your window
at their mini-skirted thighs
zooming along the interstate.
~ And I worry!

The phone rings
late at night
and you're away~ somewhere.
~ And I worry!

But you need not worry!
Cause when the last load is delivered
and your eighteen wheels roll toward home.
I'll be there waiting.
For the love of my Trucker Husband!
written By: Patricia Sawyer

(Patricia Black Holder)
~before the storm~


A Tear

A tear dropped from eye today.
Why it fell I can not say!
Was it what I heard,
that you had said?
Was it the thoughts of friends long dead?
Was it a warn of things to come?
Was it because of things I'd done?
He rolled away across my cheek:
He made me feel both small and meek.
I never did decide you see
just why that tear jumped out at me.
But as he dripped down from my chin
I felt the smile begin again.
For tears aren't always for the weak!
Each tear that falls will feed our strength.
And as I brushed that tear away,
I thanked my God for one more day!
For as that tear swept across my face,
He touched my heart and added space!
for Us to grow and change each day,
Sometimes a tear must pass our way.

written by:Patricia Black Sawyer

We all have trials and troubles. My Daddy used to say
"The sun don't shine on the same dogs back all the time. Either the dog or
the sun one will move!" I thought for many years that Daddy was wrong.
I even kicked my dogs a few times. Hoping the sun would again shine on me.
Today I write something every day.. Not all of it is good.. I am taking several
writing classes on-line.. I never knew there were so many forms of poetry!
I am thankful for the hard times.. they give me emotions to draw on when I am
writing. Be thankful for every day.. for even days with tears are important.
Have a great day today if you can.. and if today brings you tears.. allow them to
build a rainbow with-in your soul!


Big Time said...

Keep up the good work Patsy. I love you! Reuben

Sunshine said...

Patsy, Both poems touched my heart today.It brought a tear to me as well. I am glad you have returned to passion. Everyone should have dreams and reach out for them. I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing it with me.