Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Thursday Tale.

“God made man because he loves stories.”
~Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlev

“Stories tell us of what we already knew and forgot, and remind us of what we haven’t yet imagined.”
~Anne Watson

Rosco's Surprise

Once upon a time in a land we have long forgotten~

Rosco was chasing dragonflies in the meadow, near his home in the twisted old stump.
He went hopping along with his ears flopping and his pink nose twitching.
He was trying very hard to behave for a change. It seemed he was always
in some kind of trouble. Suddenly his nosed twitched up, then down. His long
ears sprang up, then flopped back down. He smelled carrot pie! Rosco loved carrot pie!

In the cottage across the meadow, Mrs. Rabbit was very excited. Tomorrow was the county fair
and she was entering the cooking contests. Her pies were sure to win a prize. All morning she had been busy grating carrots, measuring spices and rolling dough. Three pies for the fair. Three carrot pies cooling on the window sill.

Mrs. Rabbit was finally ready to wrap her pies for the fair, but just as she reached out for one, It MOVED! "Oh MY!" she exclaimed, clutching her apron and hopping back. Suddenly two long floppy ears peeked out and across the meadow ran Roscoe. He ran away with Mrs. Rabbit close behind. Getting a little ahead and Hopping into the twisted stump he was gone. "Oh me ! Oh My!" said Mrs. Rabbit to herself, " Now I will have to bake another pie for the fair. She walked slowly home trying to figure out a way to make Rosco behave, surely there must be a way.

As she walked along she was joined by some of her family and friends. She sadly told them about the missing pie. "I Like Rosco," she said' " but he must be taught not to take things that don't belong to him."
"Are you going to twist His fine floppy ears?" asked Father Rabbit.
"Or maybe," added Mr. Bird, "you could wrinkle up his fur!"
"And then," Laughed Mrs Mouse," you could crease his handsome whiskers. He would hate that!"
"Oh Me! Oh MY! exclaimed Mrs Rabbit, I couldn't do any of those things to Rosco, but I am going to teach him a lesson and I will need your help."

As the sun rose and the meadow awoke the next morning everyone was busy at the Rabbit cottage. Father and Bunny grated carrots. Mrs. Mouse and Mr. Bird measured spices and Mrs rabbit rolled dough. Soon they had baked another pie for the fair, and a surprise for Rosco.
They slipped across the meadow and left the surprise beside the twisted old stump and then away they all went, happily, to the fair.

At the fair they played a few games and rode the rides. Finally it was time for the judging of the pies. The judges tasted all different kinds of pies. They all agreed that the carrot pies were the very best. They gave Mrs. Rabbit a big Red ribbon and small trophy. It was time for the weary bunch to head for the meadow and home.

As they neared the Rabbit cottage they were surprised to see an untidy bundle on the front steps. Then it raised up. It was Rosco! His long floppy ears were twisted and he had smudges all around his tiny punk nose. Something orange was all over his little feet and his fur was wrinkled and stained. He even had creases in his handsome whiskers.

"My goodness." said Bunny. What in the world happened to you Roscoe?" He sadly explained that he had taken the pie from their kitchen window and that it had tasted so good that he had wished for one as big as him. "when I woke up this morning there it was. So I ate, and ate, and ate. I ate it all up!" He cried.
"Oh NO! " exclaimed Mr. Bird. "Dear me! " added Mrs Mouse. "Are you angry with me for taking your pie, Mrs Rabbit " asked Rosco.
"Oh no" said Mrs Rabbit, "and now to show everyone how happy I am, I'm inviting everyone inside for a nice warm slice of Carrot pie!"

"Oh NO! Oh NO! No carrot pie for me!" yelled Rosco as he bounded across the meadow to his twisted stump and hopped away inside. They were all sure that tomorrow the rumpled little rabbit would be into trouble again. And because they also knew that he would love carrot pie again in the morning, they made sure to save him one teeny, tiny slice!

~ The End~

Written By: Patricia Sawyer
July 1, 1986

Today being a Thursday I decided to share with everyone a tall tale. It is really a story for children and please read it to yours if you think they might enjoy it. I don't often write stories for children so this one is rare. My Grandson, Mason, loves this story because we have all the animals living here on our property. I have watched him chase a rabbit across the field and heard him call it Rosco. He knows how quickly they can hop into a tangle of brambles or a hollow stump and be gone. Maybe Thursdays will become tall tale days.. You can never tell with me.
Today if you have a chance share a story with a child or maybe just with the child with-in you.
Relax and let your self believe in the wonder of Tall tales. Let imagination soar through you.
Have a great day!


Sunshine said...

Another wonderful story!Thank you!

Big Time said...

Patsy! I remember so often the tall tales you use to tell me. I remember the bear hunts and going to the moon and all the things you would tell me about that you could see while you covered my eyes. I remember using your bed as a raft as we sailed down some far away river to the most wonderful places in the world. Keep it up my dear sister. I love you. Reuben.

Pblacksaw said...

sunshine~ Thank you.. who ever you are you never fail to make me feel special by your comments. Thanks for that! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Big time~ I always loved telling stories. I can hear a good story and then tell it almost like I heard it.. well you know I have to doctor it up a little. I would read tales and then tell them to you and Mott. I always did love that raft.. we circled the globe on that bed.. I am so glad you remember. I love you my bestest brother..