Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Time for Resolutions??

"In the end, the poem is not a thing we see; it is, rather, a light by which we may see--and what we see is life." -Robert Penn Warren

"There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad." -Salvador Dali, painter (1904-1989)

"Neither genius, fame, nor love show the greatness of the soul. Only kindness can do that. "-Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire, preacher, journalist and activist (1802-1861)

"To be nobody but myself -- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else -- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting." -E.E. Cummings, poet (1894-1962)

I never make New Years resolutions. I never lie to myself! I know that most people intend to keep their resolutions. A few people will actually accomplish the keeping of maybe one or two that they make. I only promise to continue to live the best I can and be me! My dear friend Thoi asked me yesterday if I was going to promise to be nice this next year. Wow! I thought I was already being nice. This is me. This is my nice.

With a pat on my hand she told me she would pray for me to promise to be nice next year. Then she prayed over me in Twai and I didn't understand a single word of it. But when she looked me in the eye and added "Now you WILL be nice!!" I agreed that I would! She kept on till I promised to be nice enough to plant more vegetables and less flowers and above all else to share and stick together with friends and family. Do I have to do all that to be nice? I love flowers. I see I'll be adding containers so that I can have both and still be nice. And the friends and Family part; Well I think they all know that I can be nice.. I can also be very UN- NICE if I have to.

Tonight I will gather with friends and I will hope for a Great New Year. I will laugh and make Merry even though I will not make resolutions. I will share in their hopes and dreams and will applaud their attempts at keeping the resolutions they will make. I will be me!

Be safe; Drive carefully; if you are driving leave the drinking to others;

See you next year!

Winter Rainbows

Blanket swaddled
Face pressed against
Icy glass.


Sunlight shooting
beautiful rainbows
from hanging Icicles.

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

Life Breathes Wonder

Squatting lakeside
darting swimmers
at their feet.

Shouldered burdens
over shadow even
family time.

Prayers for Peace
carried in whispers
breath after breath.

Gods coloring book
pages of hope,
peace, beauty.

Just inhale
the wonder!

written By: Patricia Sawyer


Sunshine said...

Happy New Year to you Patsy! I have been missing your writings. Taking a few days off for the Holidays? Now that the rush and choas of Christmas is over maybe the New Year will bring to you lots of bright wonderful ideas to write about! I can't wait to get to read them all!

Big Time said...

Happy New Year Patsy! I will pray for you to be nice too. Maybe me and Thoi together can work some magic. I can always go see the root doctor in Denmark if I need to. I love you.

Truth be known you probably have the biggest and kindest heart around. You just don't want anybody to know it. I can see right through you though.......

I love you. Reuben

Deronda designs... said...

I just enjoy your writing.

Abhinav Rastogi said...

edit: "Leave drinking to those who are not driving". :)
nice blog!! and yeah, happy new year....

Pblacksaw said...

Sunshine~ Thanks and No I haven't really taken off for the holidays.. it's a long story. I was told it was funny. I have yet to find the humor though.. It will be showing up on my blog soon.

Bigtime~ You and thoi and all yall's praying together might not make me be nice, But yall can certainly try! I love you!

Deronda designs~ I am glad you enjoy my writing. Please continue to visit my blog!

Abhinav Rastogi~ Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year to you too.. I personally have had a bad start to what I hope will be a better New Year.

~~I will apologize to all who have been here and wondered where I was.. I will be back.. We have had a rough ending of last year and a tough beginning of this one.. I think we have it all on track now though. See you with new words of wisdom soon.