Saturday, February 7, 2009

One Promise Down!

"Oaths are but words, and words but wind." ~Samuel Butler

"But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.
~ Robert Frost

"Promises are like babies: easy to make, hard to deliver." ~Author Unknown

Everyone has been wondering where I have been. I have been very busy. I have been making Beef Jerky and drying fruit for Trail mix. I do that every year around this time. I have been getting buckets and barrels ready for planting and have even planted Cabbages and onions this week. But beyond all of that, I have been very busy helping My Beloved Dave fulfill a promise he made to me while we were dating. I think everyone knows how that works. We promise each other the moon and then the moon moves further and further away.

I have always wanted my own little farm. With chickens and a pig; Maybe some goats and of course a horse or even two. I wanted plants of all kinds and grape vines and fruit trees. I still have the drawings we made one night just sitting under the car port together watching the fire burn itself out. The Children were long asleep and we were just dreaming. Or maybe even hoping. Dave drew the whole farm out on Notebook paper stolen from Anthony's book bag. Chicken pens and a pig pen behind the house. A Kitchen Garden back there with Vegetables and herbs and a Horse and cow in the field. He folded the paper up tiny and promised me in a whisper.. "Someday Baby, if you will just give me a chance!"

It took me a while but I married Dave. I have never regretted one second of it. But I have been thinking about that folded up paper more and more..We are getting older. I still carry my dream paper around in my Purse. It has it's own special place there. Last year I wrote Dave a poem. Just a reminder of that night we sat and planned. This week he and I decided to carry out a small part of our dream. The pictures are of what we have been doing this week. Notice the one pen that is an "A" frame. Can you guess what it is built from? It is an old swing set that the children have long ago outgrown. I am Happy to hear the roosters crowing early in the morning. I am Happy that Dave is "One Promise down~ a few more to go!"
Please enjoy our chickens today as we have all week. Have a great day!

Broken Promises!

You promised me some chickens
You promised me a goat
You promised me a castle,
But I don't see a moat!

You Promised me a horse to ride;
upon a steed so fine.
You promised me a vineyard
But I don't taste the wine!

You promised me a yard so fare
They'd come from miles around
"Well, let them come!" Is what I say!
we have lots and lots of ground!

You promised also Peace to me
and love for me and you.
And for all the ones you broke my Love
At least you kept these two!

Written By : Patricia Sawyer


Rich Dansereau said...

I have 11 Buff Orpington hens and they are awesome. I got them last May at only a few days old and by October they began producing; and boy do they produce! I get about 50-60 eggs per week! Yep, I'm supplying me, the neighbors, and other family members with free, organic eggs! Yours look full grown already. Congrats on realizing part of your dream and good luck with them.

Pblacksaw said...

Thanks for the visit. I love my chickens. I looked up Buff orpingtons since I don't know one chicken from the next. Sounds like you have a coop full of good layers. I must say I love the fresh eggs. Hopefully in a few weeks I too can provide some eggs to others. Thanks for visiting my blog have a great day!

Sunshine said...

I just love the pictures of your chickens!!!! I would love to have a few myself. Maybe even a pig too! I would name her "Porkchop".
I really liked your story today. Promises are the things we hold on to through thick and thin. Dreaming together about the future is always fun with someone you love. I am happy to hear some of your dreams are coming true! Keep us updated about them and the chickens.

Big Time said...


We seem to have some of the dame dreams. I dream of the small farm with animals and so forth all the time. I guess it comes from our up bringing and the things we miss about our past. I used to love feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs. Except that onetime a mouse was in the feed barrel and I had to get daddy to help me. It scared the poop out of me when I reached in and there was that crazy mouse. Thanks for the memories. Love you! Reuben

Pblacksaw said...

Sunshine~~ I am glad you visited me today! I do love the chickens and hope to one day have even more animals. I want a pig but We would raise her to eat.. well maybe we would anyway... But I wouldn't be able to eat her if I named her...

Big time~ I never wanted to go live in a big town or city. I always wanted what I have now pretty much except I'd like to have a little money to spend sometimes. If I had seen a mouse I would have had to wash my pants end of story. I always loved the chicken yard and we had pigeons too. I might get me a covey of quail. Someone told me they are great to keep.

Pblacksaw said...

thanks for visiting me today. have a great day!

Denford said...

This is a beautiful sight, please hurry up and get the farm. You sound like you'd run a brilliant farm blog

Big Time said...


Quail are good eating too. I understand you can buy the eggs and then hatch them in an incubator. I have always wanted to do that too. Reuben

Jude said...

I'm glad you got your chickens, my uncle always had chickens no matter where he lived. I also liked your poem, very nice.

Rita T. said...

The chickens (and poem) are great!