Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sometimes I don't Explain.

"Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower." ~ Charles Schwab

"We should measure affection, not like youngsters by the ardor of its passion, but by its strength and constancy."~ Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 - 43 BC

a word list of ~ Hope; Happy; Hungry; Home; Health; Hand; Harmony; Heart; Holy; Honey; Hymn ~from sunshine

When people send me a word list and I read it over. I normally read it over a few times. Sometimes I get an image immediately like with this list. Other times I get more than one image and other times I have to think on the list a day or two for a poem or story to begin to take shape in my mind.

Sometimes I explain where the images come from. Sometimes I just write about the feelings or in this case the memory. I should actually say Memories. Sometimes if the Poem is very personal or the memories are not necessarily good ones I just write and don't explain. This is one of those times. I am sure that if you read it over and ponder on the words for a while you will be able to peek into my past and maybe even feel some of what I felt way back then.. Thankfully it was way back then! Most of my poems are of a personal nature. Most come from actual happenings in my life or from happenings I observed in the lives of family and friends.

The first Poem today was wrote from a word list sent to me by Sunshine. Thanks again Sunshine for all the lists you have sent and for being a faithful reader. The second poem I am posting today is about the same time period in my life. Just not wrote from a word list..

And finally, I have been chosen to read my Poem about Rosa Parks this Saturday~ February 21st at 5pm at the Black History celebration in Barnwell SC. The celebration will be held at the Barnwell County Library. It has no cover charge and we will be having some wonderful refreshments. I was thrilled to be chosen and surprised as well. The poem is titled Get to the Back of the Bus! and can be found here on this blog by looking back in the list in the side bar to Rosa Parks day. Of course we would love to have you attend the celebration as well!

Please enjoy the poems Posted here today! And I hope each and everyone who reads this blog has a great day!

Fallen Sand Castles

Hope built upon the sand
as castles before the waves.
Heart filled with Puppy love
and hymns sung beneath
Daddy's watchful eye.

Nothing Holy remains
Happy a forgotten word.
Love drowned in Jack and coke
before he was thee years old.
No harmony in that house
that house not a home.

Her health a poor excuse to stay
a good excuse to leave him home.
Praying no one would see.
My hand on fire as it closed
on the frozen food.

Filling my pack ~ without looking
Hungry doesn't care
as long as it's fed.
A starving beast~ wild
Anything a feast
after three days.

Afraid of getting caught.
Pride a terrible thing.
It always grows before the fall.
Tonight we eat like a king
in a land of milk and honey.
Pigtails and peas with rice.

Never knowing he knew
till the end. ~ Grateful
that he understood.
wishing I could change things.
Ashamed of my actions.
Sometimes sand castles fall.

Holding a feverish hand I
laughed until I cried.
I should have thrown down
that foolish pride. I could have had
steaks and chops too.

I still have the old key
He passed to me.
I hold it in my hand sometimes.
The old freezers long gone.
I Hold on to it remind me.
Sometimes Sand castles fall.

There isn't much a parent
misses. Hidden in our eyes.
Remember that and remember too
that The good stuff is locked away
But that Daddy shares with all!

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

Losing Faith
Angels fly by on ruby wings
Pale dragons Blowing pearls of fire.
Dream of hearts Unspoken secrets
Hopeless truth hiding in my eyes.
The first wind is lifting in wonder
Singing our sweet promise words
Loving souls settle at twilight
sweetest Hope springs pure
Silver Threads of moonlight
enter this darkened Place
as I kneel, always Hopeful,
Always in Prayer
I am trapped here
Always waiting
Waiting with-in the lies
Angelic forms Born of lost hope
swirl as the dust dances in the air
forcing an image in my mind
sparing not my secret soul.
Tears on my child's face
his joy devoured, His devotion ignored!
his love important no More!
I raise my head! I rise to a Stand!
I defy this Callous reality!
Written By: Patricia Sawyer

(it seems I might have to make one tiny explanation here after all.. NO I did not loose faith in God! I have never done that even in my darkest hour. I lost faith in a person. Maybe I should say I lost ALL faith in a person. That is something that can not be recovered.!)


Big Time said...

Patsy, those are wonderful as usual. I truly wish I could be in Barnwell this weekend to watch you read your poem but I must work on that day. Have fun! Love you. Reuben.

Sunshine said...

Patsy! Thank you for using my words. I knew that you would use them in a very special way. You know, my Daddy and I are very close. It is wonderful to have that understanding and love no matter what kind of mess I make out of things. I enjoyed reading this today. One day, I may just surprise you and write a poem for you! Thanks again... are the chickens???

joel said...

I never let a day pass without reading your poems.

Lyla said...

hi...just dropping and reading your poem... :)

weight loss diva said...

Patsy, nice site!

Pblacksaw said...

Big time~ I was a little scared but I did fine. Thanks for thinking of me.. Love you!

Sunshine~ thanks for the words. I loved my Daddy very much. The chickens are great it is relaxing just to watch them scratch the dirt around..

Joel~ Thank you! I am grateful to you for reading my words.

Lyla~ thanks for coming by! Please visit me again!

weight Loss diva~ thanks for visiting I am glad you enjoyed my sight. Please stop by again!

I hope all have a wonderful day!