Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Watery Wednesday on the Lake's Edge...

"Praise the sea; on shore remain." ~John Florio

"Rivers are roads which move, and which carry us whither we desire to go."
~Blaise Pascal

"The great sea makes one a great sceptic." ~Richard Jefferies

Canadian Geese rush from the cold waters edge to crowd around my feet.. hoping for a fast food treat on a cold and dreary..
Watery Wednesday.. afternoon..

I call these Geese "Canadians" even though they were most likely all born and raised right where I found them today or at least in that general vicinity.. like most cities with any type of water feature.. we have a large population of geese.. In almost all areas of North America.. non-migratory Canada Goose populations have been on the rise... The species is frequently found on golf courses...parking lots parks.. and almost any place that has even a small body of water.. which would have previously hosted only migratory geese.. for short stays.. on rare occasions. Owing to its adaptability to human-altered areas, it has become the most common species of waterfowl in North America... In many areas, non-migratory Canada Geese are now regarded as pests... People have tried everything from capture and re-release to noise makers and have even allowed extended hunting seasons to try and disrupt their nesting in many areas.. I was careful to keep a watchful eye this afternoon as I walked among them... they have been known to attack other animals and even humans who they felt threatened by.. I guess It's a good thing they were hoping I'd toss them a fast food snack and didn't know that I was wondering how they would taste..roasted with orange marmalade...
have a great day!


Big Time said...

Hey Patsy,

I think they would taste really good cooked with some orange marmalade. I have been thinking about cooking a Goose for Christmas. Have a great day. Love you. Reuben

Anonymous said...

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Rebecca said...

Nice photo! Makes me shiver with chills, it's so realistic. lol.

We have Canadian geese next door, who wander over occasionally. They're an odd bird.

Torilpia said...

Just stopping by to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS :o)

Probably a good thing they didn't know what you were thinking :o)