Friday, June 11, 2010

Have a Great Friday!

"It was Public Art, defined as art that is purchased by experts who are not spending their own personal money." ~ Dave Barry

"Abstract Art: A product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered." ~ Albert Camus

"Art is man's expression of his joy in labor." ~ Henry A. Kissinger

Heavy with sweet blooms of red...

Photo Friday this week gives us the word Heavy..
1. of comparatively great weight ~ 2. great in yield, quality, or quantity
3. great or considerable ~ 4. hard to bear, accomplish, or fulfil ~
5. sad or dejected in spirit or mood

Red Roses

scent of red roses
heavy in the afternoon heat~
fat ducks beg for crumbs

written By: Patricia Sawyer

Friday Shoot outs word of the week is Public Art.. Almost every town has some form of public art.. Our small town has very little.. I have posted photo's of a garden that Dave and I discovered in a nearby town... and spent an afternoon exploring.. along with Mason.... Known as Hopelands Gardens it is Located in Aiken SC... Many miles of paths through different environments lead you on an afternoon adventure through this wonderful old garden.. there is even a "touch and feel" walk with rope guides and Braille signs ..

Through this gate is another wonderful place Called "The Rye Patch" where people gather to marry.. While we were there a wedding was taking shape with the brides maids and groomsmen all in orange dresses and cumber buns and black tuxedos...

Beautiful brick pathways lead you on a winding trail through the fantastic array of southern plants that include camellias, magnolias, and azaleas. Plus what seems to be a million other flowering plants.. and native grasses.. There are Fish ponds complete with lily pads... A stage for concerts or public forums.. a labyrinth that Mason and Dave enjoyed solving.. gazebos where people get married and have parties and simply sit and relax... ducks...ponds with croaking frogs.. and swinging benches.... Lots of water and heavy statues fill the area with interest..
I loved the giant eagles with their wings
out-stretched.. they appeared ready to take flight at any second..

This sweet child has somehow lost an arm... Talking to one of the workers there we were told that vandals not only broke the arm but also stole it away during the night.. Mason thought maybe he was made without an arm since he was apparently made without clothes..
This old tree was my favorite piece of public art that day.. Nature provides us with many beautiful things if we only take time to see them..

Mason enjoyed the stables and the Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame museum.. Though the afternoon was heavy with the threat of rain and an intense heat.. We all enjoyed the long walk through the beautiful gardens..

I love the sky.. even with the threat of rain.. Beautiful!! ~~ Thanks for visiting my blog today! I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a great week-end!


Barry said...

Obvious quality does not equal quality. Your little town did not need a lot of Art for an excellent ( and fun) post.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting tour through that garden. I like the eagles also. Great post.

Jama said...

Gorgeous statues and garden! I enjoyed taking a trip to your little garden.

Manang Kim said...

Your photos are so gorgeous and beautiful! Happy weekend!

Public Art

Doreen said...

beautiful stroll through the garden. love the gate and the tree. I am fascinated by trees also.

J9 said...

the gate is lovely!

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for this beautiful post. Your words will stay with me.

Bagman and Butler said...

I'm glad you added the tree and reminded us to consider that public art isn't necessary created by human artists.

Pblacksaw said...

Barry~ Thanks I'm glad you had fun..

Queenmothermawmaw~ The eagle are big.. they say they are life size..

Jama~ Thanks.. I am glad you enjoyed your visit..

Manang Kim~ Happy week-end to you too..

Doreen~ Trees are special to me.. especially old ones like the ones in the park..

J9~ I love the gate.. it looks like a place to begin a new adventure..

SandyCarlson~I am glad you enjoyed my words.. Thanks for stopping by!

Bagman and Butler~ I am a tree lover.. I always try to see somethiung beautiful in nature..

Thanks to all who have visited my blog today.. Have a great week-end!