Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Standing Beneath a Gibbous Moon....

"But, truly, I have wept too much! The Dawns are heartbreaking. Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter." ~ Arthur Rimbaud

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."
~ Anton Chekhov

"Everything has a natural explanation. The moon is not a god, but a great rock, and the sun a hot rock." ~ Anaxagoras

Just looking up at the sky would you know what kind of moon this was?.. I wouldn't.. Tonight I know that it is a waxing gibbous moon.. Thanks to my grandson.. Mason.. I have learned a lot about the moon this last week.. every night as he and I give the dogs a final walk around the place before bedtime.. he explains the phases of the moon to me.. he has pointed out stars and tried to explain how to tell the difference in satellites and planets to his old Grandma.. I fear that I haven't soaked it all up as he has.. I am always amazed at how smart young kids are.. I don't think I knew words like astrology and and astronomy.. and I know I didn't know about the phases of a moon when I was ten years old.. I also didn't know how much blood a bat drinks in a day and what is in a snakes rattle.. and believe me.. I never take any one's word for anything.. Mason stood behind me every night after our walk and laughed as I looked up whatever had he shared .. we googled it all.. I have enjoyed the late night walks with our new dogs but I have really enjoyed them since Mason has been visiting.. who would have thought that his mini vacation would educate me?.. Thanks Mason!!
Mason with Bonnie and Clyde pose under the gibbous moon.. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my blog today.. I hope you enjoy a moonlight walk when you can.. Have a great night!


this weeks Three Words are ~ Feign.. Virtue.. Imply
There are people who believe that the moon affects the way people act and the things that they do.. eavesdropping on the law enforcement by means of a scanner I often hear them ask each other if the moon is full.. It does appear that there is more crime during certain stages of the moon.... maybe it does affect people.. OR maybe it's just that you can see better by the light of a full moon.. after all if I was digging in the field with a light shining you might pay me more attention than you would if I was only using moonlight.... with the moon in mind I twisted this weeks words into this poem..
Beneath the Gibbous Moon

virtue squandered
beneath the gibbous moon
the feign of innocence
a burden to bear

daring to imply guilt
the jealous called me out
bothersome adolescence
who will miss you

I rest upon my shovel
bothersome burden buried
angelic virtue restored
beneath the gibbous moon

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


In the strongest current.. in deepest water..

resting almost mid-river.. permanently open..this old draw bridge has become diving platform to many of the local youth.. Known as Burton's Ferry landing this spot was once home to a booming ferry operation.. as you drive along highway 301.. Miles of old roads peak through the tree tops in the woods to lead to this spot where the old UN-used road dead ends at the river.. and the open bridge slowly rusts away.. a silent reminder to what used to be.. The afternoon that I was there to make this photo I was amazed to find campers with their tents erected beneath the old bridges and a great number of people enjoying the river in the late afternoon sunshine.. even I once swam out to this old draw bridge to climb up and then leap carelessly into the river.... I guess things haven't changed as mush as we like to think.. watching the young folks jumping into the water just as I did long ago before I was an antique.. brought a smile to my face.. and a flicker of joy to my old heart.. then I remembered all the snakes and alligators I had seen swimming in this very same river.. and with a shiver I stopped myself from calling out a "Y'all be careful" to the kids who by now were giving me the crazy lady look.. Giving Dave the "drive on" nod I only glanced back twice at the fun loving frolickers..
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Dieter Moitzi said...

Hey, what a wonderful poem! Of course, I had to look up 'gibbous' (though rather fluent in English, I'm no native speaker) but even the first reading, without knowing what 'gibbous' meant, left me with a pleasant first impression. And the second impression, after a short dash to Google traduction, was even stronger. Great work!

Kcalpesh said...

Wonderful poem and awesome pictures!!

Recently I switched to a custom domain and have lost friends on google friend connect. Request you to re-join :-)

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Ma.links said...

Great sepia-shot.

Big Time said...

Reading your blog today makes me realize how much I have missed Mason. Enjoy your time with him. I know you love him. I love you. Reuben

ThomG said...

the moon moves us in mysterious ways...

Sunshine said...

Yay!! You got some MASON TIME!!! I am so happy for you! The memories will last forever! Did you say you got new dogs?? When?? Are you interested in babysitting one for about a week?? Ha ha ha...

Manang Kim said...

Great shot on this bridge and I have a smile on my face while reading your story. Thanks for sharing!

SS~Allis Chalmers

Camella Black said...

Thanks Patsy and Mason for this wonderful story... I remember so well watching the moon and the stars with my grandfather... several years back Gigi, my mom, Frank the kids and me all gathered in the yard and watched the sky and a lunar eclispe - it is a memory I will treasure forever...

Pblacksaw said...

Dieter~ thanks.. I didn't know what it meant either but loved the way it rolled around in my mouth as I said it.. I almost thought Mason had madse the word up.. he is so smart..

Kcalpesh~ Thanks.. I visited you there.. I wondered where you were..

ma.links~ Thanks

Big time~ I do miss him and we have had a great visit.. He say to tell you Howdy..

Thom G~ yes it does.. last nights moon here was very weird hiding.. almost.. behind a black cloud..

Sunshine~ Yes we have two new dogs.. Bonnie and Clyde.. ha has been here maybe a month.. she just came after they grieved at being apart..

Manang Kim~ I am glad that I made you smile.. I love that old bridge..

Camella~ Mason says hi.. he leaves today and I will miss him..
their move has been hard.. but he loves the new school and assures me that everything there is good..
he is growing up so fast ..

Tumblewords: said...

An enjoyable read - brings back memories and hopes for more moon watching!