Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tales.. Tails and Tales

" It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

 - Mark Twain

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Thursday Tales- Tale # 59

By artist Damir Davarovic at DeviantArt

Hauling the Nets

Back bent to his task.. Sebastian's eyes darted back and forth over the lagoon.. balanced on new muscles.. he hummed along with the dozen or so men who rocked back and forth.. pulling over and over on their own nets.. he wished he knew the words.. he wished he knew the men.. Every end of shift they banded together and set off through the jungle.. casting off fishermans garb as they went.. At first he had been frightened that they would not return... but sure as sunrise they had been back the next day and every day after that.. He wondered how long before someone approached him.. the first day he had simply shown up on the beach as instructed and found a boat with his name secreted on it's side.. He had watched the others and set about copying them... He knew he had thrown badly at first.. but he had learned well in the three months since then.. He watched his net sail across the water and plop exactly as he had hoped.. the men were singing soulfully today.. trying to appease the fish gods he imagined.. He was not surprised that the nets came up empty again and again..

* * *

Sebastian read back through his journals.. chewing dried fish.. He would kill a good man for a cold beer and a hot broad.. The cabins four walls had long ago closed in on him... His back ached .. his starved taste buds craved a t-bone steak and he had dreamed for nights and nights of chocolate chip cookies like his mama used to make.. He wished someone would come for him.. He didn't care who.. He had only been joking about them hiding him at the end of the earth.. Lately.. he had began to wonder .. was he the witness or the prisoner?

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Alphabe Thursday- D is for Dogs-


Daring and delightful
for a cookie you will dance

Demanding yet dependable
out the door at any chance

Daytime ducks attrack you
a danger to you known

"Damn it all you dirty dog..
you leave my ducks alone!"

When darkness falls across the yard
you draw my eye above

Don't you know that barking isn't
how you catch a dove?

Dangling paws hang off the couch
your tender heart redeems

Deny me not one thing to know
What do dogs chase in dreams?

Written By: Patricia sawyer

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Magpie Tales- #65

The Chase
Cannonballing through the air
Higher and higher they flew
All beady eyes fixed on her
Sitting silently on the saint
Every blue bird for himself!
Written By: Patricia Sawyer
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Su-sieee! Mac said...

I love the way you way paint life with words. Thank you.

Madeleine said...

I love your writing. Your poems are full of humour and great imagery. Your flash fiction very thought provoking and well written :O)

Teresa said...

I'm thinking Clyde dreams about ducks. I've always said mine is the world's best dog...when he doesn't have a chicken in his mouth.

KDL said...

Lovely writing. Thanks! Ah for a good dog to hang out with - chasing ducks and all. My daughter wants one, but life's too crazy right now...maybe in a few years.

Chris said...

wonderful blog! I think my Rosie and your Clyde are kindred spirits - where Clyde goes after your ducks, Rosie can't leave the baby bunnies in the yard alone. I get mad and then realize she is only following her natural instincts after all. Have a great day

Jenny said...

I really loved your "Clyde" poem. It made me smile!

Your writing is so full of vivid imagery and musical cadence. I always feel like I've been given a gift when I read your work.

Thanks for a delightful link to Alphabe-Thursday!


Jarvis said...

+1 "was he the witness or the prisoner." Love that.

Steve Isaak said...

Fun, focused work.