Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello Monday! You Always Show Up On Time...

" The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotation. "    
- Benjamin Disraeli

" There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself,
for what we see is what we are. "
~  Ernst Haas

" It has never been my object to record my dreams, just the determination to realize them. "
~ Man Ray

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Project 365- a Photo Every Day.... I make so many photo's that I can only post my very.. very.. most favorite ones.. I am always tangled up about what day I am supposed to post on..  I am pretty sure it was Saturday so I am late again.. I do thank anyone who visits me from there and them from here..

My Mom and  My
Great Nephew.. I think he looks like her...
check out their cheeks...

family fun - playing "Strut Miss Lucy"...

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Magpie Tales- #69

The Next Step- ( a haibun)

next step altered
tiny shell missing fondly
tranquility reins

one misstep and I knew I'd be eating sandy spam on wheat and lemon cookies...
Lila was telling tales of rice plantations and slavery... pirates and skeletons all jumble together..
I was pondering wee spiraled cones..

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

3 Word Wednesday- alter.. fond.. tranquil

Weekend Wordsmith- skeleton

Theme Thursday - 6/9/2011- spam

Haiku Heights #47 - slavery

One Single Impression #172- miss.. ( to long for)

Sunday Scribblings #271- The Next Step.....

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Oh what a long and busy day.. I had a house full of nearly teens.. three girls and one boy.. they all wanted to play Sims at once and we all know that won't work.. they played rock band once or twice but this one would all but squeal over the others choice of song.. finally I said .. "I have had enough...." .. well.. actually I didn't say that.. but  I said some other stuff.. and ordered them to the dining table to write me a story... they draw a scrap of paper with a prompt on it.. I have to have at least five sentences... and when everyone is through they stand one at the time and tell us their story..  nothing too hard.. but I do want an illustration of some kind.. ok so I'm mean..  we are learning reading and writing skills.. spelling and art... they also help cook.. and toss corn at critters....  play hide the penny... and swim..
I gotta tell you.. kids think deep.. they claim I am making them keep a journal cause I'm mean and making them learn all summer.. the truth is that I do hope they learn something this summer..  they are really talented and I want them to know that..  but every time they present their stories I learn from them.. and that is worth every second of getting up early and listening to ... "she looked at me... she touched my phone.... she texted about me to Em"... all day.. I also made and canned 4 quarts and 7 pints of salsa and 20 quarts of squash today...  time now to rest and cool off..   Thanks for stopping by to read a few of my words today.. I welcome both comments and followers... I hope you have a remarkable day..


Lin said...

Oh, those teens will drive you crazy--but they will also crack you up too. Enjoy them....if you can!

Amity said...

Wonderful photos and great lines you've shared here! I could see the fun is immense and yeah, granny and son? Looks sweet!


Silvergirl said...

wow the baby is so adorable

semperfi said...

cute little baby. love his smile. The shell picture was great too

Anonymous said...

Awww adorable baby! I think that's a great idea getting them to write stories just weight to me daughter is old enough to write lol Actually I'd be very excited to see what she has to say.

Tess Kincaid said...

Very nice. Beautiful family.

Bluebethley said...

I am amazed you were able to write anything at all, let alone the beautiful pictures, the sterling writing lessons, and the childen tumbling everywhere. The poem is enigmatic, the photo of the shell, just right! Lovely. May you have a summer of peace -- and more writing.

wena said...

that certainly looks fun!

thanks for sharing!

Lena said...

Aaaaahhhhh, what a peach of a baby - simply gorgeous!

Good on you for the 3 'P's! Pencil, paper and prompt. That was all I had as a kid. Rock Band does my head in - why can't they choose nice, quiet video games, eh?

Sunshine said...

I enjoyed playing "Strut Miss Lucy" for the first time. You have got some great pictures! Love ya!