Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nerves of Steel.. a Steely Resolve..?..

" Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel."  ~  Napoleon Hill 

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The Saturday Photo Hunt - "steel"

~ My last nerve is not steel.... ~

Six Word Saturday ~

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Saturday Centus Week 149~

My Mozelle... 

My grandma always told me
Child.. you should always wear your smile...
Yes.. even on the saddest days
when it hardly feels worthwhile.. 
For a smile can light the darkest day
and help to heal a broken heart..
If no words will come to mind 
a smile's a likely start..
I miss her most this time of year
when the butter cups find bloom..
for it was on a dreary winters day
that her death filled us with gloom...
I try to show a smiling face 
to most everyone I see 
and be the kind of friend to them
that my Grandma was to me...

Written By: Patricia Sawyer 

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Karen S. said...

Oh do I ever like your photo for Cate's Six Word Saturday- very nice- and I don't that could be a fun last name too! I have to say thank you for the memories and the lovely words, I too was lucky to have special grandmothers!

Kris Osage said...

That was Nana was my dearest friend too. I could ask or tell her anything...well done Centus :) !!!

Tracy Cook said...

I try to wear my smile every day , as a Granma I make sure my grandson sees it as often as possible

Linda said...

Oh I loved your poem about your grandma! I never knew either of my grandmas...and always wished I had...but they died before I was born.

Anonymous said...

Stainless. Metaltacular!

Viki said...

This was just so beautiful. Lovely sentiments.

Kelly Sedinger said...

What a fine tribute.

Judie said...

Such a sweet, sweet post! I miss my grandmother every day!!

Vane M. said...

Estrutura espetacular e apropriada ao abraço!

Sue said...

I think we were kind of on the same page with this one...

Well done!

Jenny said...

Holy criminy.

This made me cry.

What a beautiful, beautiful post!

And I loved your six word Saturday link, too!

Mad Kane said...

Wonderful, lovely poem.

Madeleine Begun Kane