Sunday, October 26, 2008

I always loved Sunday Mornings!

"Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door. " ~Saul Bellow

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose." ~From the television show The Wonder Years

"Patsy, I had to think over night about my words for you...try these and see what comes to mind. Good Luck and I can't wait to read it!"~ Sunshine ( blue, chickens, soft, walk, surprise, coffee, smile, garlic, truck, always)

Last week I talked about words and how some words bring a picture to your mind. I did receive several lists of words from People who read my blog that day. One lists was special to me as it reminded me of a time way back yonder when I was just a teenager. Today's first poem is a story of those long ago Sunday mornings. Thanks Sunshine for your gift of words. These words actually inspired more than one poem. The first one is from a special memory. The second one.. well I know one night that I hunted green horses so I'm figuring if tequila made me look for green horses, It could make some poor soul look for blue chickens. Have a great Sunday!

Sunday Morning Tips

Sunrise found me at the chicken pen
stealing fresh eggs from the hens
Scratching in the early morning
sunshine for their own breakfast
of fresh earth worms.
Slipping quietly back into the kitchen.
I could still smell the Garlic bread
from last nights spaghetti supper.
Stumbling over his left out toy truck,
I leaned close to his blond head
resting on his pillow and whispered
to my brother that we should surprise
our parents.
With a soft chuckle and a smile
he hopped from his bed.
"You wake up curly," I said
nodding towards the baby girl
And I'll start the coffee.
I had everything ready by the time
they appeared, their blue eyes shining.
Happy that I asked them for their help.
"Walk slow now", I warned
as they carried the trays.
He hurried to knock
upon the closed bedroom door.
Tiny fist barely making any noise.
His plate of toast held above his head.
She right behind him, grinning
with a tray of butter and jelly.
I always came last
with plates of grits and eggs,
And bacon or sausage if we had any.
"OH my goodness!" Daddy said.
Opening the door in his robe.
"Look Mama!" he said
as if truly surprised.
"Good Job" I told my helpers
as they ate in the kitchen.
"Good job" I told them again
as they carried emptied dishes.
"Excellent Job" I told myself
smiling a sneaky smile
on those Sunday mornings that
I slipped all three of the dollar tips
into my front pocket!

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

Blue Chickens

" Just try to Walk quietly.
You have to be real sneaky
to surprise blue Chickens.
Leave the old truck
Parked at the bar and always
carry a little garlic for bait.
Blue Chickens don't eat Just anything.
They aren't easy to catch"
you told me with a sleepy smile.
Almost as hard to catch
as pink elephants I thought
to myself as I covered you
with a soft blanket.
Your tequila snores
echoing through out the room.
Blue Chickens indeed
I muttered, reaching for my coffee..
Maybe I can figure out a way
to write your Blue Chickens into a poem!

written By:
Patricia Sawyer

As I was looking this over I realized that My siblings were going to swear I stole their tip Money when they were small.....I did.... I confess.... I took the dollar bills and divided whatever change there was between the two of you.. I think Daddy knew it. That's why he always put three dollars and four quarters. No easy way to divide that. Except for three dollars for me and two quarters each for y'all.. Now you are both welcome for being allowed to help me and Y'all did good! I love Y'all!


Sunshine said...

Wow, Patsy, you always amaze me. I truly loved your post today. Thanks for taking my words and making them your own. I just knew you would do a wonderful job. I will smile all day and I hope you will too.

Big Time said...

Well!! I think you owe me about twenty dollars and some change for all the stolen tips plus intrest. I will make a deal with you though. I will trade it for a poem written from my words. I look forward to reading it soon. Don't worry, I forgive you. I love you Patsy......

Oh by the way. I really liked your poems from Sunshine's words. You really are gifted.

Pblacksaw said...

Sunshine~ Thanks for the words. and thanks for reading me every day. It means a lot to me. I am glad you liked the poems.. two very different poems from the same word list. Weird huh?

Big time-Thanks for the words. I will write you a poem from them.. they are rolling around in my empty head right now even.. I'm not siure I'm gifted.. well actually I might be gifted or bored.. which ever sounds right to you.. Love you

thanks to all who visit my blog! Have a great day!