Thursday, October 30, 2008

I dream I am writing....

"If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don't remove it - I might be writing in my dreams."
~ Danzae Pace

"Two phrases for you to see what you can do with Green sweater, and rocking chair." ~Anonymous

"If you need some more words...when you have time try these"... ~ Sunshine
~ computer, laugh, forty, April, late, Denver, sweet, children, weight

I love this first quote.. Sometimes I dream I am writing and I Jump from bed and try to remember what I was writing in my dream. I have started keeping a pen and paper next to my bed. Tonight I am sharing two more poems. The first is from the word prompts Green sweater and rocking chair sent to me anonymously. The second is from a word list by one of my most faithful readers, sunshine. I hope you enjoy these two poems. The first one is also acrostic. Reading down the edge, the first letters also have a message. Please enjoy! Have a great day!

I Love You Daddy!

Daylight almost always found you
~ Bible in hand rocking by the fire.
Already you had done more than some
~ men do in a day and were about to leave for work.
Doing the work of two men Half your age
~ a factory slave for most of your life.
Daring to marry a young 'un they said wouldn't stay
~ staying together to raise eight. Praying us grown.
You left to soon you know. That Sunday before day
~ Bible at hand, Sitting in your chair. One Last I love you.

I wanted to tell you so many things.
~ I wanted to ask you more questions.

Longing for you. Sometimes I smell your cigar
~ and I feel that you are near.
One of the cool breezes I feel touch me.
~ If I turned would you be there?
Very Likely wearing that Dark green sweater
~ that Mama knitted and you wore so often.
Every day I think of you rocking
~ eyes sometimes closed but not asleep.

Yes, I know you loved every one of us.
~ your children, your brothers, sister, Wife.
One day, we are taught, that we will meet again
~ in Heaven where some circles will be broken.
Until then we miss you Daddy. Mama is lonely
~ and I just wanted to say Daddy I love you!

Written By: Patricia Sawyer



Fainthearted need not apply
I read from the want adds
I was wanting a change
A diversion, adventure.
Forty pounds over weight.
Sweet children all grown.
I couldn't even make me laugh.
Nothing but a baseball game
on the box across the room.
Another Lonely woman
sitting in front of the computer.
My home town lie of Denver.
The job I just don't have.
On here I can be anyone.
From anywhere. Any place.
I can even say my early is late.
I can be April or May or Lisa Marie.
Or another girl outside your gate.
Fainthearted?Oh no! Not I.
But don't expect an application
from this bored old gal.
Cause I ain't looking to be used,
abused, stolen from or die!

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


Big Time said...


You have done it again. "I Love You Daddy" is another great one. You had a way of saying the exact things I wanted to say to him. I do truly miss him everyday, as I know we all do. Sometimes I smell that "Shuron" smell and turn to see if he is near. I just know it had to be him or at least I want to think it was him. It makes me smile thinking of him. Love you! Reuben.

Pblacksaw said...

Big time~ I believe it's him too just checking on us. Love you too..

Sunshine said...

My daddy always says that he is merely "resting his eyes" when I see him in his recliner. This poem makes me appreciate my father so much. Thanks for the poem with my set of words. I enjoyed reading today!

Mott said...

I read this a work today, but I had to wait until I got home to comment. My keyboard couldn't take any more tears. Your poem really captures the great man that he was. I miss him so much. When I look at Grayson and he is sitting with his feet crossed at the ankles or he looks at me just like Daddy used to over his glasses, I see Daddy. I swear all Grayson needs is a little pair of glasses. I know that he would have loved Lindsay, because she has his same loving, kind, soft heart. He would have given Drew a good talking to and then told him that he loved him no matter what. How I would love to sit beside him in his recliner and lay my head on his shoulder just one more time. I remember when we would go to church on Sunday nights and I would fall asleep. At least he thought I was asleep. I would pretend just so he would carry me out. I loved the feeling of him carrying me with my legs dangling down. That was the best feeling in the world. I knew as long as Daddy was holding me, nothing bad would ever happen. Thank you so much for capturing him so perfectly in your poem. I love you .

Pblacksaw said...

Mott~ I knew you were pretending..
I walked along behind him carrying you out of the Church and once I saw you crack open one eye just barely then snap it back shut.. I almost got mad but you know what.. we each had our own turn being carried by Daddy. He took the Frank and Jimmy with him all the time to work on washers .. He rubbed my legs when they hurt at night and Carried you till your feet about tripped him... But he loved every second of it. I think that this is actually one of my own favorite poems.

Sunshine~ My Daddy did that too and would declare he was checking his eye lids for holes. But Daddy could always tell you what had been said while he was "asleep" so maybe he was just checking for holes..

I'm glad yall all stopped by to read my poem.

Pblacksaw said...

Mott~ I agree about Grayson.. he looks out of his eyes like Daddy did.. Love ya!