Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Word Bank Writing ~ Not as easy as it sounds.

"I never knew what was meant by choice of words. It was one word or none."~ Robert Frost

"The idea is to get the pencil moving quickly…Once you've got some words looking back at you, you can take two or three - throw them away and look for others."~ Bernard Malamud

"Writing is an adventure." Winston Churchill

Today is Wednesday and so, as y'all who come here often know, Y'all will get to read some poetry of mine today. I am posting two poems today. These poems were written from word banks: Or lists of words chosen by some one else and sent to me. Sounds easy huh. It's not as easy as you think. Sometimes words just don't even sound good with each other with you read them. I always start by reading the list aloud to myself. I like to hear words spoken. I guess I am a listener. I think my family who read this are laughing right now. They all are shaking their heads and saying," A listener my behind! A talker and a fool and thinks she's a writer: but she is not a listener." What I mean is that I want my poems to SOUND a certain way. I would rather read one of my poems aloud myself than have someone else do it. They often don't read them like I would. So as I was saying some words don't sound good together.

I am a sucker for words though. I like to get a lists of words and try to write from it. I had a story on here a while back called Something Old~ Something New! That story was written from a word bank. When I read a word I get a mental image. Certain words when read together form an even more vivid image. Such as the three words Fountain, Farmer, and Cabbage. You will find these three words in one of tonight's poems. But My favorite Poem ever written from a word bank is Caustic View. It also the first poem shared with Y'all tonight. Enjoy it! Now go ahead, send me a list of at least ten words. I will always give it a try at writing something from them. And they do have to be words an average person would know. Not words from some rare word dictionary. Those I will only look up. Have a wonderful day!

Caustic View

Fitting my eye to the keyhole
I peak into the elegant room.
I have an amazing view.
Beyond the table still holding
the remains of last nights
gourmet meal, with flecks
of spilled pepper shining
on the snowy linens.
To the rumpled bed,
it's fluffy pillow tossed,
unwanted onto the plush gray
of the floor.
The hands on the bedside clock
sit still as it rests there unwound.
Finally a movement on the terrace
attracts my eye and I jerk away
from the key hole and scream.
I must confide that I only wanted to peak
at the beauty from the orient. I never expected
My eye to discover the caustic view
of her dainty neck noosed
and her beautiful body
twirling in the predawn light.

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

The word list for this poem was~ Caustic, keyhole, elegant,beyond, gourmet, pepper, pillow, clock, terrace, attracts, confide, orient.
This list was from a poetry contest held by Polaja on the sight.

Ripples of Fear

Resting near the fountain
I could see the Farmer
tending his Cabbage.
"Oh how quaint"
I thought to myself.
My Mean heart quickening.
With not a ripple of remorse
I carefully aimed My Bicycle
and careened down the Hill.
The rigid handlebars striking
his belly with a horrifying splat.
It was with great fortitude that he
remained upright and turned
to me with a haunted look and said
"I guess you just qualified for the
meanest way to heighten ones senses!"
But it was his weirdly wicked smile
that sent the ripples of fear
down My suddenly rigid spine.

written By: Patricia Sawyer

the word list for this poem was~ Cabbage, Careen, Careful,
Farmer, Fortitude, Fountain, Haunting, Heighten,
Horrify, Quaint, Qualified, Quickening,
Remorse, Rigid, Ripple

This list was also from and was a contest held by: Pamela A Lamppa


WeblogLearner said...

oh my! you are just incredibly talented! you got me there, i was hooked by your post and i got to read it. ^^ Now try this, i wish to see what will be the result..


just wondering what will be the excited to see.

Pblacksaw said...

I have wrote a poem from your words. check it out on my sight.

Sunshine said...

Patsy, I had to think over night about my words for you...try these and see what comes to mind. Good Luck and I can't wait to read it!