Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Thursday Already? Wow!

"For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I'm surprised where the journey takes me." ~ Jack Dann

"The reason one writes isn't the fact he wants to say something. He writes because he has something to say." ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

"The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof shit detector."
~ Ernst Hemingway

Wow I can't believe it is Thursday already. Normally I would have a story or Fairy Tale on my blog today. This has been a very busy week for me with a lot to do. Last night being Dave's Birthday supper with his sister, Donna and all the kids except for one. I could have pulled a story from my files or wrote one up right quick, ( Y'all think I can actually do that?) but I have decided to just share with you some poems. I have gotten so many prompts this week and haven't even had time to go through them all, but sometimes one immediately causes you to have an image in your mind.

The first poem today is from a list of title prompts that I found on It quickly reminded me of a man that I have seen several times at a Dollar store. The first time I saw him I was saddened by his plight.. The second time I saw him I was there long enough to watch him leave. Enjoy!

Beggar Man

I saw you there resting
your chair near the door.

Long Black hair dirty
Needing a bath. smiling.

Red and green stick figure Jesus
Pictures you offered. Grinning.

I was moved by your plight.
Almost giving you my dollar.

Dark Eyes shining, pitiful.
I prayed Jesus would forgive me.

Poor people's change jingling
as it fell into your bucket.

You paid for a juice with a big bill.
Your chair blocking the long line.

Rolling away to the farthermost space.
Standing to toss your chair into the car.

Counting the ones. Pouring their change
into your backseat bucket. Laughing.

Driving away in your red convertible.
Baseball cap pulled low over shifty eyes.

The blond next to you chattering
no pity for a cripple in her adoring eyes.

I hope your Jesus on torn poster board
forgives YOU! Beggar Man!

written By: Patricia Sawyer

This Poem was written from a picture prompt. It also won third place in a contest sponsored by a lady called ~ Jinsays. ( Go ME!)

Outta Here

I stand waiting
watching for you.
Golden sunlight
pouring across my skin.

Why are you always
late? Making me wait
worrying for you;
afraid you won't come.

Have you found another?
Does she set your heart to racing?
Whispering in your ear?

Do you hold her close?
Do you tell her
she means the world
to you?

Just say the words.
You can't hurt me anymore
My heart already broken.
I'm Outta Here!

Written BY: Patricia Sawyer


These next poem was written from a prompt from my number two fan! ~ Sunshine.
Thanks Sunshine for your supply of ideas. Enjoy!

Too Soon I Wake Up.

I dream of a land
To where I love to escape.
There are lizards and unicorns
and a friendly ape.

I travel through this land
with a wink and a smile.
I can pass right through or
stay to visit a while.

A beautiful dream.
Too soon I wake up.

written by: Patricia Sawyer

I hope you have enjoyed my poems today. Have a wonderful day!


Sunshine said...

#2 fan? Just kidding! I enjoyed the poems today. Thanks for giving me something to do instead of my work! I always look forward to taking a break to see what you have new to read.

Big Time said...

I arrested a beggar man one time for Burglary and on the way to jail I asked him about his begging. He told me that the best days are when it is drizzling rain. He also said on most days he averages $20.00 an hour. He said he only had to work a few hours because there was no taxes on his money. He was laughing the whole time.

Now I am sure there are some out there who actually need the money and are truly homeless. It's the ones like your beggar man and my burglar man who make us not trust the others.

Keep the good stuff coming. Love you. Reuben.

Big Time said...

By the way! Tell Dave that Big time said, "Happy Birthday".

Pblacksaw said...

Sunshine~ Well I have to give Big time top billing since he is my Baby brother ~ You understand? I thank you for reading my stuff. Have a great day!

Bigtime~ I don't even care that he was begging. Maybe I need to get that job myself.. But he was parked in front of the door so you had to look at his skanky fat butt before going in the store. Then he blocked the line with a wheel chair he didn't need. He almost got my dollar but something in his eyes made me slide it right back into my pocket. Good thing for him cause I mighta went to jail for beating the crap out of a "cripple" and taking back a dollar. Dave said thanks for the birthday wishes. I love ya!