Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Walking Distance!

"Writing is like walking in a deserted street. Out of the dust in the street you make a mud pie."
~ John LeCarre

"All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

" Everywhere is walking distance~ if you have the time." ~ Steven Wright

Years ago when I bought my first computer from an auction. I would go into a poetry chat room.
It didn't take too long for even me to figure out that there wasn't much poetry writing going on in there! I did however "meet" a few people who actually did write when not involved in the room drama. (Drama being a nice word!) One of them still sends me quotes sometimes to write from. The third quote above is his latest quote gift to me. Thanks John!

When we were kids we had almost everything we might need in walking distance. Aunt Lucy and two Uncles~ Emmett and Oneal. Grandma Blacks house and the store. The pond and the woods. We would take long walks through the woods, coming out at the Railroad tracks. I remember one time in particular that Jimmy and Frank found an old Ice box someone had dumped in the woods and we all went to see it. It was a beautiful old wooden ice box. Aluminum lined the inside. It had Wonderful carvings on the front doors. We intended to tote it home but when we tried to carry it; it fell into pieces there in the woods. I remember walking home following behind Mama and Daddy and being happy that they were holding hands. I skipped along, catching up to hold mama's other hand myself. I remember that they were talking about an ice box that one of the Grandma's had owned long before then.

Later after I got grown I often walked from Barnwell out to Mama and Daddy's house or to Grandma's to spend the day. Me and 'Tricia would get together and "play" beauty shop. Me and Anthony walking to her house, stopping by the store on the way to grab us a Pepsi to share. I'd walk to Trudy's house almost every day. We walked to the library at least once a week and I guess even then everything I needed was with-in walking distance.

I still like to walk. I mostly just walk around my own property line now unless I decide to go all out and make a trip across the lake and back.Walking is good for your body and I believe good for your spirit as well.

I am posting today the poems I wrote from the Quote that was a gift to me. The third one I wrote for a contest that used the same quote but had to be written with only 15 words! Again I say thanks John! Please take a walk when you get the chance. Maybe just a walk around in the mall. Or Maybe you know of a nice park to walk in. Or you can come here and walk with me and Mason through our Pines! Have a great day!

Angel Walking

I rode passed him slow
thinking how extremely
green were his eyes.
Frightened that I could see
their Beautiful color from so far.
I drove on.

Finding a spot I turned around.
Driving by again and again.
Searching his green eyes for a sign.
Looking for wings. Seeing no sign.
Seeing no wings. Shaken and afraid.
I drove on.

Thoughts of Angels walking
filled my heart and head.
would I be blessed by stopping.
But fear also ruled. Might I just be
found dead in the ditch by a passer by?
I drove on.

I made the turn for one last ride by.
give me a sign I shouted I'm human.
Even in believing I doubted. I looked
up and down for miles on that road.
Here was my sign. The Angel was gone.
I drove on.

written by: Patricia Sawyer


In Walking Distance

Home all day alone.
Bored.Me and him.
Him just two.
We walked this town over.
Visiting friends and sisters too.
There was nowhere too far.
We had learned to like to walk,
you see, For we didn't own a car.
Sometimes a little change we'd have
for a soda we would share.
A sweet pay phone call to Mama
if there was a quarter spare.
We haunted the local librarian
reading all her books.
He'd hide behind the front hall stairs
when she gave us funny looks.
We prayed in all the Churches.
Waiting out the Rain.
The last drops still dropping
and off we'd go again.
To the Lake for a swim
he loved it best down there.
He'd shake in the sunshine
his golden curly hair.
Everywhere in walking distance,
we had plenty of time.
Some days we walked by his plan
Some days we walked by Mine
He's all grown up now. A Man.
Doing things in his own ways.
I just hope that he remembers
That His Mama can walk for days!

written By: Patricia Sawyer


Walking to Grandma's

Cook up peas and Okra.
Rice is nice.
Halfway there sunrise.
Joining you for Lunch.

written By: Patricia Sawyer


Sunshine said...

I love the fact that your family was so close while you were growing up, just around the corner!

My family was not that way, so I feel as if I missed a great deal.

Thanks for always sharing!

Pblacksaw said...

Sunshine~ My Dad's family lived very close. My Mama's family didn't live close enough really. Her Mom was somewhere we went almost every Sunday afternoon. I am a big lover of family. My first Husband had 11 brothers and sisters and I am still close to all of them. I even count my wife-in-laws Mom as my Mother-in-law since she was Dave's for so long. Needless to say I have been told that I am crazy.. and I am crazy like a fox! Thanks for always reading!