Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

"Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won't stay there."
~Clarence W. Hall

" 'Twas Easter-Sunday. The full-blossomed trees
Filled all the air with fragrance and with joy."
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Yesterday was good Friday I wanted to plant something yesterday. I didn't care what, It could have been anything. I would have settled for any flower or food plant at all. Needless to say yesterday got busy with one thing and another and Good Friday almost slipped by without me planting anything at all. But just before dark yesterday I was outside and thinking about how Daddy always planted on good Friday. Dave had put me off all day saying that his friend said the moon was haloed and that would mean more cold weather. I was sitting there in the almost darkness and to tell the truth I was a little bit angry with my own self. I asked myself why I had even discussed planting with a city boy. I knew I had married a city boy and he knew nothing about planting. Finally I had talked myself into a regular tizzy. I was mad because I hadn't planted anything and I was mad because just suppose I had tossed my good planting and growing luck to the wind. Everybody knows you are supposed to Plant on Good Friday! Well everybody but Dave and his friend.. I was about to bet myself that they were both city boys when suddenly I remembered the 6 pack of flowers that Dave bought for me a few weeks ago;
I hurried into the greenhouse room and grabbed them; next I ran back outside and grabbed a small pot. I filled the pot with soil and praying for a good growing season this year and asking God to bless me with both food and beauty again this year I stuck two of the small flowers into the tiny container. I noticed today while Dave and I were planting and filling planting boxes and planting and working our butts off; that the two plants I planted yesterday were putting on new blooms. Looking around I also noticed other plants putting on new growth and everything appeared to be doing just fine even though I still wasn't exactly satisfied about the whole not planting on good Friday thing. Even so tomorrow will be Easter ~ the promise of a new beginning. The promise of miracles!

A few weeks ago Camella sent me a word list and asked me to write a poem for her to use to invite my Family members to Mama's house tomorrow for an old timey Easter egg hunt and picnic. We used to all pile in on her and Daddy for lunch and spend the afternoon hiding and hunting eggs. This will be the first time we have done this in a long long time. This year it will be the Great-Grands who will be wearing the Easter clothes and searching for the eggs. I will be on the porch, with the old folks, rocking in a chair, enjoying the little children's laughter and thinking about Easters gone past! I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

"frilly, eggs, Azaleas, baskets, chocolate, bunny, hunt, spring, bonnet, Sunday, grass, duck, church,"
~ Camella

Easter Morning ( a vignette)

Frilly dresses ironed
by Mama's hand.
Starched with a sprinkle
from the giant Pepsi bottle.
Four New spring Bonnets.
Four new Bow ties.

Hen's eggs carefully dyed.
Daddy chose the best
Peeking and poking into each
and every nest.
One a duck egg.
Daddy called it a prize.

Oh a special Sunday.
The day Jesus arose.
Every Church pew Filled.
Families together dressed
in their very; very best.

Ham and Mama's Potato salad.
Both Grandmas joining us
at the overflowing table.
Using our best Manners
we try to hurry.
We are ready for the hunt.

The Azaleas burst forth
with bright blooms and
secret spots holding eggs
of lemon yellow and sea foam green.
Little feet Running with excitement;
baskets bulging with glittery grass;
Chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

Collapsing with Laughter
we count and count.
Hidden too good
a few eggs will be
an opossums supper.
Long after we are fast asleep.

written By: Patricia Sawyer


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful Easter also, enjoy dropping by "EC" and reading your blog.

Pblacksaw said...

Gadgeteer~ Glad you "dropped" by. I hope you have a wonderful Easter too!

Sunshine said...

It just doesn't seem like Easter unless someone hides some eggs. No little ones are running around in my family right now, but my Daddy said we had to hide them anyway! The big kids seemed to enjoy the challenge, but he hides them way to hard!

Matthew C. Keegan said...

Belated Happy Easter to you. I like the Longfellow quote, from one of the best Christian poets over the past several hundred years.

Christ is Risen!

Pblacksaw said...

Sunshine ~ I didn''t color the first egg. I know.. I'm ashamed.. I ate some eggs on Easter though if that counts at all?

Matthew~I am glad you visited me.. I like that quote too..