Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Short and Sweet!

" Life is short, and it's up to you to make it sweet!"~ Sarah Louise Delany

“Strange how a teapot Can represent at the same time The comforts of solitude And the pleasures of company”~ Zen Haiku quote

Today I am going to be very short and I hope very sweet! This has been a very busy week. It's a long and complicated story all of it's on. Suffice it to say that I have been hunting a job. I had no idea or maybe I had forgotten just how much work there is to finding a job. Maybe instead I'll just ask everyone I know for a dollar? I really wonder how many people would give me a dollar? While dropping the e-cards on other blogs sometimes I see little things that say Buy me a beer or sometimes it says coffee.. Sometimes it says donate. I personally don't want donations.. I want dollars! What would happen if I said everyone please mail me a dollar bill? Maybe one day I'll try that. Years ago there was a chain letter thing going around where you mailed a couple of people a dollar bill and sent a gazillion copies of the letter and eventually you were supposed to get a load of dollars in the mail. I tried it.. I carefully typed the letter over and moved all the names up one space just as I was supposed to.. I had copies made of the letter and bought all those stamps.. I sent out how ever many dollars I was supposed to and what do you think I got back? I bet you guessed nothing huh? Well, I got a letter back from some woman that said I was a crook and she was turning me in to the police in her state for sending out chain letters. I also got three envelopes that contained dollar bills. So basically I went in the hole for the stamps and the copies and the envelopes and I probably still have a record in some state as a chain mail sender. All that for a measly three bucks... I did see on the news last year where a woman asked on-line for money to pay her credit card debt and she got a lot more money that she even owed. If enough people promise me a dollar I'll even rent a post office box to accept all those gazillion dollar bills. Then I can quit looking for a job and get back to the things I love best like chickens and writing and planting flowers and playing in the dirt... But in the mean time, since I never like to fool myself, I think I will keep the interview I have planned for tomorrow morning.

Please enjoy these few Haiku!

Good Morning Spring

peach tree blossoms
in the over-grown back yard~
a rooster crows

By: Patricia Sawyer

Fishing Allure

wiggling ripples
lure a bass to shore~
Daddy whistles

By: Patricia Sawyer


a fat hog wallows
in the sun warmed morning
Grandma fries bacon

By: Patricia Sawyer


Sunshine said...

Patsy, I would send you a dollar, maybe even a few dollars. If you get this job, (and I hope you do, if you want it) please don't forget about all your loyal readers out here!

Big Time said...

Good Luck Patsy on your new adventure. Love you! Reuben