Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What is new in MY World!

"Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech." - Martin Fraquhar Tupper

"I am never afraid of what I know." - Anna Sewell

"Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about." - Oscar Wilde


Have you seen birds in your neck of the woods already? Every morning I wake to the sounds of my own birds.. for the last few mornings I have listened as not only my own finches.. who are nesting.. sing... but also a number of yard birds singing a good morning as well..

I love birds.. I do have a few caged birds besides the chickens.. I have finches and dove.. and cockatoos.. I speak to them and they sing to me..

for several mornings now I have had early bird guests at the feeders just outside of my glassed in greenhouse-room-porch... they sing and chatter from their side of the glass.. My birds sing and chatter back.. one bird.. Lewis.. will stretch and show his beautiful wings to the wall of glass.. I think he might be saying that they are too near to his home..

If you look very close at the above photo you can just barely see a white dove sitting there.. she is rather hard to pick out.. every time I aimed at her with the camera she ducked down into the nest.. her mate was way over in the chicken yard gathering bits of fuzz and fluff.. they darted back and forth most of today.. flitting around.. avoiding me and the camera but stopping on top of the caged Dove every once in a while to coo back and forth with them..

Red birds and sparrows and house wrens.. some on the feeder and others ruffling around on the ground below.. the red birds tend to wait on the tree until there are a few of them and then they all swoop in together and take control of the feeders..

I was thinking that it was a little early for the spring birds to be back.. maybe they know more about the weather than I do?.. maybe they came back early to get the best birdhouse or nesting spot?.. But for what ever reason my yard has been filled with birdsong for more than a week..

I will set out saucers of water and clean and refill all the feeders.. I want my feathered friends to feel welcome when they visit here in My World! Have a great night!



PJ said...

i love waking up to the sounds of birds chirping. there's one bird, i don't know what kind, that always remind me of spring time. and as the day starts earlier they start chirping earlier. i love it.


Sunshine said...

Sounds truly wonderful to me! I love to hear the happy birds in the morning. It helps set the tone for a great day!

*MrsMartinez* said...

I woke up yesterday to the chirping of birds. It seldom happens here in the Metro. But I am happy whenever I hear them outside my window. Maybe because yesterday was a Sunday and few cars would pass by our street that's why I can hear them. I am lazy though to look what kind of birds they are. I will try to find out next Sunday ; ) xoxo

Anonymous said...

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clare_stjohns said...

I too love the sound of birds and watching them as well. I have feeders in both the front and back yard and they have been cleaning them out quite a bit.

I took part in the Great American Bird Count this year and forgot to count the cardinals in my survey but maybe I can go back and redo it.

I miss the shore birds of my youth and never tire of watching the pelicans... look out Florida here I come.

Pheebs said...

I have new bird feeders too! I hung them up across my front porch. I hear the birds. But I never see them. I sprinkled some bird seed in my yard. I wonder if they'll find the feeders. Maybe the kids are too loud. Maybe Buttercup disturbs them. I hope I will have lots and lots of birds this spring.