Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Shoot Outs..... Photo's from My Town!

"As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion."
~ Antisthenes

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend."
~ King Solomon

"Idleness is to the human mind like rust to iron."
~ Ezra Cornell

This weeks theme for Friday Shoot Outs is WROUGHT IRON....

Wrought iron is so named because it is worked from a bloom of porous iron mixed with slag and other impurities. The word "wrought" is an archaic past tense form of the verb "to work". "Wrought iron" literally means "worked iron".

Wrought iron is formed by heating and beating steel. This term is also used to describe a style of furniture and/or metalwork. Wrought iron is no longer in wide production.. having last been manufactured as "charcoal iron" in Sweden in 1968.. most items that are termed "wrought iron" today are actually "mild steel".

Hand forged and made to last almost forever.. most of the fences found around family graveyards or family plots with in a bigger cemetery are made from wrought Iron.. This fence is actually rather simple compared to some of the ones I have seen in Church yards here.. I was taken with this one because the gate is always open.. I once closed it thinking that maybe some one had left it open by mistake.. a few days later I passed by and noticed that it was open again.. when I saw wrought iron on the list for today's theme I hurried to make a photo of my favorite wrought iron fence! Though the newest of the graves is dated 1867.. someone undoubtedly still visits here and leaves the gate open as a welcome to other visitors..

Not to far away from the peaceful resting place of a family who leaves their gate open in welcome... I spotted this gate.. It appears to also be wrought iron... I'm betting that it is made from steel and only made to look like iron.. as you can see this gate is a part of a high board fence that guards something that you can't see.. even if you get very close and peak through the gate.. I guess it may be a house.. while I was standing there looking up at the head high fence that blocks all sight I noticed a small red light flashing on and off on the top of the wall and then I heard a click.. at first I thought someone was about to open the gate.. maybe even to welcome little old me to their so very private world.. But it was not to be.. I was not welcome.. in fact the click that I heard three times before I spotted it's source... turned out to be a camera hidden in a tree just inside the gate.. Dave begged me to return to the car as I waved and posed for the camera that I believe made my picture four times as it turned and moved up and down on it's stand.. I don't know what hides behind this fence and this fancy gate but I wanted them to know that I came in peace.. a pity I didn't know I'd be photographed.. I might have worn a better shirt or have brushed my hair... I wanted to leave them a note in their mailbox that poked through a tiny hole in the fence.. I wanted to walk right up and knock on their fancy gate.. but after I saw the flashing red light I wondered if it was electrified.. I even threatened to moon them but thankfully good sense returned to me just before I dropped my pants.. I could hear the camera clicking away as I pranced my way back to the car where Dave waited with the motor running.. I know that we live in a time where people are robbed and thieves could be just around the next bend.. But I am thankful to be a person who does not live in constant fear.. locked in behind a tall wooden wall with a wrought iron gate to keep the world outside...
Thanks for sharing a little bit of my Town.. Have a great Night!


GingerV said...

I love the cemetary fence and its story. the little red light was probably a motion sensor when you got too close it activated the cameras.... too too bad you didn't moon them... at least some security guy would have enjoyed your antics.
good post.

NanU said...

great story! thanks for the very entertaining Shootout.

Bagman and Butler said...

Very good stories to go with the pictures. I think mooning would have been quite appropriate...and entertaining.

Barry said...

Most of my shots were of fences and gates as well, and (after reading your commentary) likely weren't made of iron after all.

I enjoyed your photos but enjoyed your commentary even more.

Doreen said...

cute story and really like the first shot. love the rust look of it.

A Scattering said...

Isn't that weathered gate wonderful?!

Sunshine said...

I like your pictures but I love your stories. Thanks for always sharing some laughter with us!

Tammy said...

A little bit of work and that rusty gate would look really nice.

Chef E said...

Ha! I love it...I once was in Sundance, Utah and asked at the resort where Robert Redford's house was, the waiter said he could not tell me, but if I rode up on the ski lift and look across the way I would see a winding road...well we found the winding road, and a security gate with cameras that clicked too, so I waved, blew kisses, and hubby said hurry, and I replied, honey we are in a mercedez benz, so I do not think RR really feels we are a threat on this side of the fun!

I was a star gazer, and love the rusty cemetery fence photo and your lovely story!

Ann said...

heheheh, now you may be on some people's list of wanted, trapassers.

This is exactly why I sneak at the corner when I take my photos. I am afraid of people asking me why or shoo me.

been told off a couple of times in shopping malls.