Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

"How does the Meadow flower its bloom unfold? Because the lovely little flower is free down to its root, and in that freedom bold." ~ William Wordsworth

"Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend."
~Mao Tse-Tung

"Worry - a God, invisible but omnipotent. It steals the bloom from the cheek and lightness from the pulse; it takes away the appetite, and turns the hair gray."
~ Benjamin Disraeli


Today is Garden Bloggers Bloom day.. it is on the fifteenth of every month.. this is my first posting for bloom day.. I'm not sure if this is just for blogs about gardening or if anyone can join in.. I do garden and even though my blog isn't technically a garden blog..I'm going to say that my thoughts bloom.. and My ex used to say that I was a flower child.. you know.. a blooming idiot.. so I guess that I am close enough to take part..

I love plants and flowers.. Children and adults alike like my yard.. some say it is like being in a jungle.. I have containers of all kinds.. Big old tires... buckets.. barrels.. wooden boxes.. kiddie pools.. a couple of freezers.. washing machine tubs.. some old bath tubs.. and even a toilet.. They are filled first with leaves and then with dirt and my home grown chicken poo.. flowers and veggies both flourish in my rubber~barrel~bucket garden...
I like to plan ahead and was afraid that today would be one of those downpour rain days that we have had so many of lately.. I along with my niece Phoebe and her two little monsters decided to stroll around and see what we had blooming for this months special day.. I told them we would each find a bloom in our favorite color.. Hannah immediately decided that red was her very best favorite color and quickly chose a plant that grows in the chicken garden in an old
cast away mail box.. More interested in the chickens than in any boring old blog that Aunt Patsawee might write she was off to pull grass for the clucking hens and strutting roosters... every once in a while tossing a clump.. from a great distance.. with her nose held... to the fat pig.. called pork chop!
Danielle walked slowly around looking up and down before informing me that I didn't have anything her color blooming here.. Her color was blue.. well maybe it was yellow or green or wait a minute.. we could do a color her mother liked and she chose Pink..
Yea.. pink would do since I didn't have anything blue or green.. and this metal pink flamingo was her first choice for blooming whatever I said for my thing I did on the computer and anyway.. didn't I say we could do the search for game next time they were here?.. from there she helped me find everything pink there was.. from the azalea's
to the Columbine and from there to the clover.. she said it was pink even though I argued that it was purple.. I guess for a moment I.. in my old age.. forgot that you can not argue with a
child on a mission to find favorite colors.. even if they are not her very own favorite..
Finally it was my turn.. everyone knows that purple is my favorite color... I have lots of purple plants in my yard.. I love purple.. honestly I love anything that blooms.. so if it blooms and is purple I most likely have some of it... I would have to have a huge blog to show all of my favorite purple blooming things so I am only showing a few of my favorites..
this wisteria hangs like curtains around an arbor Dave and I built when we first brought home a scraggly little vine that we pulled up in a ditch.. I love the smell and when it blooms I will often pinch off bunches of it to bring inside.. It always reminds me of my favorite cousin Sheron who taught me to paint the velvety bean seed pods that come on wisteria after the blooms fade away.. dried and painted they make great Christmas ornaments..
Mama calls this thrift and I got this from her.. I have been told many times that it has another name.. Mama got hers from someone ( maybe her own Mother?) when she first married my Daddy and that was a very very long time ago..60 years ago.. in all of our old photo's from when we are children this plant is often blooming around our feet as we stand posing in our best Easter wear.. I brought this with me when I moved here.. it has bloomed every year for the last eighteen years here.. before that it had lived with me at a few other houses..
This deep purple water iris blooms proudly in it's
old outgrown kids pool.. we found this in a pond where we were fishing for large mouth Bass.. we brought home a mess of fish and two of these irises.. Now I have two kids pools full of the beauties blooming under the shade of a tree near the fish ponds.. tiny new goldfish and fat tadpoles were darting around the roots as I stooped in close for this shot..
This last plant doesn't actually grow in my yard but I wish it would.. it grows in the woods.. Daddy called it skunk cabbage...but I am almost sure it is from the lupine family.. and not skunk cabbage at all... I hadn't seen any blooming in years and years even though it used to be easy to find around here.. I stumbled across a patch of it today while I was in the woods looking for something else.. I would have liked to have brought a small plant home and tried to get it to live in my bucket rubber jungle but I was with others on a mission totally unrelated to blogging or blooms and decided not to disturb the plant or the group with my desire for one of these in my yard.. after all.. I now know where some lives and Dave is much better at digging than I am at pulling..
I have other things blooming now too.. daisies and tulips and a few wild things like the larkspur shown with the purple boots.. Banana shrubs.. strawberries.. and many many more things that are just coming up to bloom for another year.. I love my gardens.. I have many things that grow here.. animals and flowers and food and most of all people.. I hope that everyone who visits here enjoys their time with us.. I hope that the lives we touch are made better by our being a part of them.. visit when you can.. stroll down one of the little paths and be surprised by one of our angels or simply find a seat near a bird feeder or in a swing.. I hope you have enjoyed seeing what is blooming in my gardens... Thanks for stopping by!.. Have a wonderful night!


Sunshine said...

Great pictures! I love the blooming of Spring!

Sylvana said...

That flamingo is AWESOME! I totally want one for my garden!

clare_stjohns said...

It is a Lupine; they are one of my favorite flowers, fell in love with them in Maine where they often cover whole fields.

Beth tried to transplant some last year but they didn't like it, they have a huge tap root. We are going to attempt to gather seeds this year and try them again.

Love the blog.