Friday, April 16, 2010

I Hate Yedda!

"Follow the yellow brick road."
~ E. Y. Harburg

"I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love."
~ Conor Oberst

"Be like Curious George, start with a question and look under the yellow hat to find what's there." ~ James Collins

Today's Mommy Moments theme is yellow.. They have asked that we show something that belongs to our children or a picture of something our child would wear that would be yellow.. You have no idea how much Cooper hated yellow as a child.. he would scream and pitch a fit if I tried to put clothes on him that were yellow.. He wouldn't have a yellow blanket.. he wouldn't even play with a yellow truck.. Someone once gave him a yellow yo yo and I thought for just a minute that he might play with it.. then with a fast pitch into the woods it was gone from our lives forever... It didn't even have to really be yellow.. it could be a light green or an orange..but if it made him think of yellow it was gone.. he threw a fit when we about to get on a boat once because they only had orange life jackets.. He cried and screamed.. " I hate Yedda!!.. I hate Yedda!!" over and over.. I had to force him into one and soon after bought a blue one just for him.. I bet you are thinking that I have no pictures of Cooper in anything at all yellow... that was true until just a few weeks ago.. as much as Cooper hates yellow.. what color do you think his younger sister chose for her wedding? Yes.. she chose yellow..

I told him to just pretend that it was gold and even though he hated every second that he was wearing it he did put on the nasty yellow tie.. He wore it for only as long as the wedding lasted taking it off as soon as he possibly could.. Here he is with his beloved baby sister and the Ugly "Yedda" Tie...

Even as he escorted not just one.. but two lovely bridesmaid away from the alter you can tell that he is not really happy about the "yedda" tie! When I told him that he was almost smiling in this photo he said that he was Happy because it was almost over and he could get the yellow away from him... I don't know why he hates Yellow so much.. he had a yellow suit as a tiny baby and every time I put it on him he cried.. He would cry if you put yellow sleepers on him or a yellow crib sheet on his crib.. after a while it was just easier to use other colors for him..

I decided to look and see if I had any photo's of any of us with anything yellow on.. in all of my photo's.. (and believe me I do have tons of them).. amazingly.. I have only found one person wearing anything yellow.. You have probably guessed that the one that loved yellow was Emily..
and here she is all decked out in a yellow skirt and yellow socks for her school pictures.. what was I thinking letting her wear that? Was that the style back then? At least she matched even if it was yellow.... Oh so long ago..
I guess that the rest of us though we weren't quite as verbal about it agreed with Cooper.. Maybe each and every one of us "Hated Yedda"! Enjoy each and every Mommy Moment! Have a great day!


By MelCole of PA said...

hahaha, what an interesting momments you had when your son was a little guy who hated yedda, i mean yellow. Oh well, people have their own different taste. That was gentle of him to wear a yellow necktie during his younger sister's wedding. I really had fun reading this post. Happy yellow MM!

Lynne said...

It's amazing you were able to make the yellow connection while he was so young and that he recognized his dislike for yellow so early!
My mom bought my daughter a yellow dress once when she was about 3 and I made her take it back to the store to get something in a different colr!

RE - Entrepod said...

Patsy could it be that he hates the vibrations of the color yellow ?
you know all colors have a vibration and if you are really sensitive you can feel the vibrations from the colors. ask a blind person, they can tell you. yes I learned this after my eye surgery and I couldn't see for a while. also my sister can feel the vibrations from certain colors and she hates certain colors too. he is not alone Patsy, trust me.

Chris said...

welcome to mommy moments! i am glad that you joined us today and i definitely enjoyed your post..

its great that you were able to remember how he dislikes yellow since he was a baby until now!!!

mommy moments indeed! hope to see you again next week! our theme is red!

Anonymous said...
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