Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seven is Not Nearly Enough!

"Pick a box. Its contents will help you on your way." ~ Super Mario Bro 3

"You spoony bard!" ~ Final Fantasy II

" Most people think Time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction. They are wrong. Sit down and I will tell you a tale like none that you have ever heard." ~ Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Each week Sunday Seven and Patrick asks us a question and we can answer either on his comment section or on our own blog and then leaving a link in the comments.. This week google turned one of it's doodles into an interactive game board.. You could play pac man in the doodle with the arrow keys.. That was to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the video game pac man..

The question of the week is..

Name your seven all-time favorite video games.

#1~ Ms. Pac Man
#2~ Pit Falls.. the atari version and the playstation2 version
#3~ Final Fantasy~ I love them all..
#4~ Qubert
#6~ The Sims Games
#7~ Anything Mario...

Let me tell you... seven is not nearly enough... 700 would only be a start... I love video games.. I love to play them when I can.. I also love to watch the children play them.. I know you are probably thinking that I raised a bunch of couch potato video game playing fatties.. you would be wrong.. All of the children swam and skated and rode bikes.. they played sports and took part in scout activities.. they fished and climbed trees.. they had loads and loads of chores to do and were responsible for their own pets.. But when the day was done and everyone was inside and bathed and ready to relax we rarely turned the TV on.. we might watch a movie if it was something new and sometimes we might even watch an old favorite.. But almost every night for at least a little while we played video games.. we competed for the high score. I had a book where high scores were kept.. It was a big deal to get a new Highest score.. If you were lucky and I had a few bucks a new high score might even mean Ice cream for everyone! My children and the neighborhood children and cousins and friends all tried to get their name in the high score book...

I bought an Atari for Anthony the first year they came out... I remember playing it hidden in my bedroom before he even got it from Santa.. He got pacman and Ms. Pacman that year too.. I am pretty sure he also got frogger and pit falls... we thought those games were overpriced.. Little did we know what the games of the future were going to cost us..

We have had a few different game systems.. Atari then Sega and Nintendo.. then the first Playstation and the games were so great.. It was right about then that I fell in love with the Final Fantasy games.. It was like living a secret life.. I have never watched TV very much and why would anyone want to when they could decide what the little people on the screen would do?..
You could decide who they would talk to and what they would wear and which weapon they would use..

We had driving games and would race.. we had games where we could build villages and cities and rule the world.. we had Mario in every version they made and all of the Final Fantasy games as soon as they came out.. The big thing in our house right now even though I personally don't play it are the Guitar games.. Dave and Cooper both play those.. Cooper also plays something that is both online and through his game system... I only know that it requires Internet access and the ability to curse... I have heard curses in all dialects erupting from his room.. I still love the sims.. and really like all the role playing games.... I play games mostly on-line now.. What better way to start the day than with the local news.. a cup of hot coffee.. and a dose of pacman? Have a great day!


Sunshine said...

My first love of video games came from playing Centipede at the local skating rink. It was so much fun!! I love to sit with my kids and play Guitar Hero or Rock Band. ENjoyed your post today!

James MacAdam said...

I'm a longtime fan and player of videogames. Here's my faves:

#1~ Half Life 2
#2~ Painkiller
#3~ Treasure of Monkey Island
#4~ Pitfall
#5~ Grand Theft Auto
#6~ Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
#7~ Yar's Revenge