Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday ~ The Early Birds Gobbled Worms....

Wisdom is ofttimes nearer when we stoop... Than when we soar."
~ William Wordsworth

"When we lose the right to be different.. we lose the privilege to be free." ~ Charles Evans Hughes

"Poetry is philosophy's sister, the one that wears makeup."
~ Jennifer Grotz

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Alphabe- Thursday -  Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

any kind of meat
beef brisket will do
carrots chopped
diced onions too

eggplant endive
fresh butter beans
garlic roasted
healthy spring greens

in goes the peppers
just a little heat
kale and kohlrabi
lemon grass and beet

mushrooms corn
new potatoes sliced
okra and tomatoes
purple cabbage diced

quick add the pasta
rutabaga and chard
spinach and celery
that grew in my yard

uncle Emmett's squash
very tasty we know
watercress zucchini
xtra servings we sow

yells of approval so richly deserved
Zestfully cheering as our soup is served

Written By: Patricia Sawyer



green glass swigged dry
foot soldier slumbers in hay
brazen milk maid guards

Written By: Patricia Sawyer



eyes rimmed with nightmares
solitary youth scribbles
behind glass ~ chuckles

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


Spring Thaw

grand river tumbles
cascading from polished stones
downstream fly fishing

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


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Tracy said...

Now that is a much better soup than mine Know which one I want to eat

Sue said...

Loved your cute veggie poem!

And I liked the quotes, too, but I would want to change the grotz one, if I could, to...

"Poetry is philosophy's sister, the one that DOESN'T wear makeup."~ Jennifer Grotz


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Lovely take on soup day....

Your poems are just wonderful...

NatureGirl said...

That was stinking amazing! I am sooo making THAT alphabet DO you DO that?!

Colleen said...

"Begin touching life
Remember to laugh often
Rest among your dreams." ~Colleen~

Teresa said...

I love that creative alphabet soup!

Splendid Little Stars said...

great quotes!
The hopscotchers look like they're having fun!
What lovely poetry! (I like the lemongrass in the soup. I will have to try that!)

Jenny said...

I love your quotes...and your little veggie poem, too! You're awfully clever!

I am copying these quotes down to use with wild abandon whenever I wish to impress someone with my wisdom!

Thanks for linking. This was wonderful.