Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Singing in the Rain...

 " People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news."
       - A. J. Liebling


Project 365-  a Photo Everyday!


A Very Fine Tale...

Sarah and Bill
sat on the hill
a bucket in each of their hands
they toiled in the sun
and considered it fun
till the waves invaded their lands

their moat overflowed
the castle was bowed
a crab ran away with a shell
they stomped everything down
in the sand castle town
and ran home with a story to tell..

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


Lily's Friday Prediction-

The Climb

It had not been love at first sight... she had just began to shrivel when he pounced on her from the lowest limbs of the old tree.. He was a rare form of ugly.. one that few had ever seen and none had admired.. fanning her with a newspaper he had offered her a piece of gum to chew.. as if they were nothing more than humans on a desert camping trip...

"It's the only way to hide in plain view " He explained..

Knowing that it was time.. she followed him deep into the caverns.. where their ascension began...

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

Carry On Tuesday #126- " It was love at first sight"
3 Word Wednesday- admire/ follow/ piece

Weekend Wordsmith- camping- pounce- tree- hide


Mad Kane's Limerick Offs

Marinated Limerick

a fellow who'd taken a shot
went home with a girl he thought hot
she was colder than ice
as she gave him the dice
he bubbles and boils in her pot

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


Sensational Haiku Wednesday-


Darwins fish in glass
glitter in the blue moon light~
giggle-less girls dance

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


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John Buchanan said...

Hi Patsy, I'm really glad I stopped at your blog today (I often do). I was feeling a bit down after spending 5 days ill in bed and your post has gone a long way to cheering me up. I loved A Very Fine Tale, about the kids on the beach. It reminded me of the summer just gone. Thanks and Happy Writing.

Pat said...

Wonderful SY poem of children playing at the beach. I really like the echoes of "Jack and Jill" in it---so clever!

Larry said...

very nice place to visit lots of great reading. I'm glad I found you here.

SparkleFarkle said...

Your rhyming beach tale is superb! I think you should change your title to "Mother," and your last name to "Goose"!

Pblacksaw said...

John- I hope you are recovered.. glad you enjoyed your stop by here..

Pat- I love the beach and have always enjoyed watching children play in the waves.. We usually build at least one grand castle while we are there..

Larry- I am glad you found me here too.. I hope you will stop by again..

Sparkle- thanks for stopping by..I am glad that you enjoyed your visit..

Have a great day!!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Another delightful batch of poems! And thanks for your latest Limerick-Off contribution. I've just posted a new one. Hope to see you there! :)