Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday.. Cool.. But Still a Wonderful Day!

 " Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you. " - unknown

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Spooky Night

Oh me Oh My a ghost
no ship but I see coming a pirate
their breath the scent of candy
away they scramble with frightening cries
look! across the moon flies a witch
and dangled from it's web a spider!

a huge black and spotted spider
watch as it wiggles towards the ghost
swatted now by the broom of the littlest witch
gobbled down by the skinny pirate
way down in the swamp an animal cries
here all the cries are for candy

bowls and cauldrons filled with candy
webs hanging low wove by a fat plastic spider.
oh No a pink clad princess cries
to a hangman and a green ghost
Run away screams the pirate
as from the darkness flies a blond witch

She's skinny for a witch
we should stuff her with candy
we could sell her to the pirate
or feed her to the spider
give her to me moans the ghost
we laugh at her cries

we cackle at the echo of her cries
we admire the warted nose of the witch
what a pitiful ghost
begging for more candy
trembling before the huge spider
holding tight to the hand of his sister pirate

Pirate after treasure- less Pirate
all afraid of the haunting cries
squatting low under the web tangled spider
keeping their eye on the witch
clutching their sacks and buckets of candy
daringly unafraid of the ghost

This years best was a Pirate, the scariest was a witch.
Our ears ached with the cries for more and more candy
Till the only spooks beneath the spider on our porch, was our own little ghost.

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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Fred Rickerson said...

Your photo was crazy! What is that?

Pblacksaw said...

that is a maked manequin in the halloween shop.. yes it is crazy .. they have a lot of crazy costumes for kids and some wild ones for the adults..