Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween..

" We suffer primarily not from our vices or our weaknesses, but from our illusions. We are haunted, not by reality, but by those images we have put in their place. " - Daniel J. Boorstin

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Project 365..  A Photo a Day!

Dave Sawyer- Tree Surgeon!

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Lily's Friday Prediction - girdle/ Spanish/ ruin

While The Bonfires Burn

Baby Pumpkins coo
ghost and goblins worry Mom
sunset rises slow

Photographs and boos
Operation Halloween
blackest ghouls rejoice

Over and over
vulnerable figments cry
ogres dance with bones

One eerie howling
echoes the blood inclined
Spanish ruins shudder

Scarlet girdle falls
frowns drip from ancestor's eyes
wall tapestries creak

Evil seeks a host
resting with the innocent
sweeping holy space

chocolate clown smile
vicious darkness swallows whole
Pandora cries out

the defiled feast
disguised behind empty eyes
nothing pure remains

A tassel of hay
gripped tight in her pale hand
soulless eyes staring

Daylight brings no joy
virtuous one befouled
with bonfires burning

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

One Single Impression #192 -  sunset
Sunday Scribbling #291-operation
Haiku Heights #92- ghosts
Weekend Wordsmith #223- worry
3 Word Wednesday- Figment/ inclined/ vulnerable

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My Tricksters!

 Phoebe and Dani
 Emily, Kirstin'
and Luke


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I have always loved Halloween.. every person in my life.. who was younger than me..
and might have had the misfortune to be close to me at Halloween knows that I will dress
you as an old person.. a fat person.. a pirate.. or a clown.. or maybe even a wild combination of all of those things in a skinny minute and drag you out the door and then follow youfrom house to house until you have enough candy for both of us..  for years.. I love to decorate and have even been known to throw a wild Halloween party for both kids and adults..This year and for a few before.. I tried for a quiet night with just my very own tricksters..I love to see the kids come and love to make their photos.. I give each of them a load of candy as if they are going no where else and always have a little left over.. just in case a strange child shows up.. I thank you for stopping by tonight and for sharing the spooky night with me..  I can hear the coyotes howling across the fields and  have had a few shivers at the lonesome sound.. I welcome both comments and followers.. I hope you have a Boo-tiful Night.. Happy Halloween!


Ruchi Jain said...


Morning said...

lovely shots,

Happy Belated Halloween.
amazing poetry.

The Gooseberry Garden said...

welcome checking us out and sharing your haunting piece with us today.

Grace said...

happy halloween ~

thanks for sharing your creative words and pictures ~

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

"ogres dance with bones"

What a deliciously ghoulish line!

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