Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Refreshing Run!

"Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'" ~Peter Maher ~ Canadian marathon runner~

"Tough times don't last but tough people do." ~A.C. Green~

In Monday's post about the importance of recreation. I was debating with myself the fact that I was kinda maybe wondering if My older Brother Jim was trying to be helpful when we were young by making Reuben and I run from him as he attempted to lasso us. He really was quiet good with his rope and we often had rope burns on some part of our body where he would rope us as we ran away. He would chase behind yelling "Yah Bull Yah!" Reuben seemed to be Jimmy's favorite bull. And so with that refreshing recreation in mind I offer for your amusement this little Poem. Have a great Wednesday! I thank all my brothers for making my life "special"! Have a great day. Try to find something special in life every day!

A Refreshing Run!

"Run run as fast as you can."
"Everybody knows you can't outrun Jimmy!"
"Under the house! Quick! he won't follow you under there!"
~BAM! "Reuben ~ duck! You can't just run up under the house!"
"Eventually he will give up and go away. Then you come out!"
"Now Reuben! Come out Now.. But run for the house!"

"Curve and weave and he'll miss But don't you stop."

"Bet ya money he could lasso a bull."
"Lot's of practice make a bad boy good at what he does."
"Actually he ain't all bad. He gave me some of his candy once."
"Candy he dropped in the dirt I betcha! Or worse."
"Keep your eyes open. He ain't gone far! Run! Run! here he comes again!"

"Just let me lasso you one more time and I'll quit!"
"Ah shucks! I didn't hurt ya! why ya wanna cry for?"
"Mama better not hear about this!"
"Ever think you might grow up to be a Bull? You need practice!
"Someday when yall grown and learn about recreation ya gonna thank me!"

"Everybody knows recreation is good for ya! Even a dummy knows that.

"Babies cry and girls. Patsy's crying cause she's an old ugly girl."
"Let her cry by herself.. Hush that up! Ya better RUN!
"Alright, I won't rope yall no more today. Just one last time!"
"Come on, eat this candy; It taste like dirt; But ya will like it."
"Keep yall refreshed is all I'm trying to do.. It's just recreation.. It's good for yall.


Anonymous said...

Another good one! Reuben.

Sunshine said...

This one is so funny! I can just see this happening like a movie in my mind. Did you or your brother ever retaliate? Jimmy must have always run the show! Thanks for such a great story!

Pblacksaw said...

Thanks Reuben...

Sunshine~ Yea Jimmy did it seemed run the show a lot of the time. But he was just teaching us to be survivors.. (or so he once told me any way..) I don't think we were aware that there was a thing called retaliation.. I wasn't anyway. Have a great day!