Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Advice For the Kids!

"You know your children are growing up when they stop asking you where they came from and refuse to tell you where they're going. "~ P.J. O'Rourke

"Your children will see what you're all about by what you live rather than what you say." ~ Wayne Dyer

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today."
~ Stacia Tauscher

I love my children! I love all children. I have decided that from now on every Friday I will share a few words of My infinite wisdom with the "children".

I should of course clarify the term "Children". Children shall be known from now on as any person who is younger than me! It includes my own children and step-children.. it includes Grandchildren .. it includes my daughters in law... it includes younger siblings.. it includes nieces and nephews and and their offspring. It includes all the children who lived in my home for even a short spell of Mothering from me... It includes all the friends ( and enemies) of my children who have visited in my home. It includes the girls who climbed in windows at my house.. and the boys who never made it that far.. I would dare to say that the term "children", as it relates to this blog, includes just about everyone.

Each Friday I will try to share at least five facts that all young people should know. If any of you out there have a question that you would like answered as part of Friday's wisdom for the children just send it right along to me. Now with out further fan fare I will move on to Friday's Five for the kids!

1:) Life is not Fair! It was never fair.. it wasn't fair for me and it won't be fair for you either.. stop sniveling about it and move on.... if you can think of a way to fix it you will become rich and a hero for all future generations.. I will expect my share of the riches... if you can't fix it the suck it up and stop whining! I hate whiners!

2:) Adults do have eyes in the back of our heads! They even have names. They are your neighbors.. they are our friends who just happened to see you going where we told you not to. They are strangers who saw you and told someone who told their cousin who eventually told my brother!Haven't you ever heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child"? Well it takes a village to rat one out too.. we are adults.. we have learned to work together to make the lives of children miserable!

3:) Good does not ALWAYS triumph evil! Evil doesn't play by the rules. But if good hides behind a wall with a brick in her hand and throws it and breaks evils windshield.... then Good triumphs. ~ No wait!!!! That's not right! Ah shoot who am I kidding.. Good should win out but we all know that sometimes evil wins.. I'm sticking to the good old brick throwing myself.. I'm a real good shot with a red brick...

4:) It is more important to be beautiful on the inside! My Daddy used to say that Beauty was only skin deep but that ugly was to the bone! I am going to tell y'all that I have met some truly ugly people in my life time, but only a few. I have however known some who although they were attractive to look at I soon found them to be "ugly to the bone". But even less than beautiful people can brush their hair and put on clean clothes.. no need to appear uglier than you actually are. A toothbrush applied every day has been know to help those with ugly teeth too.. What I'm saying is that even though some of us will never win a beauty pageant... we can look our best with just a little effort.. so go brush your hair and your teeth and put on a clean shirt before you go to the Wal-mart! Stop by the library on your way back.. smart is very sexy!!!

5:) Play! Have fun when you can. Simple fun is best.. (unless of course you fixed the unfairness of life.. If you did that then I have some wonderful ideas for fun... I thought NOT!) Take walks in the woods. Stand in the edge on the ocean and try to out-run the incoming waves to a certain spot on the sand. ~ ( No one will bother you while doing this.. ignore the gathering crowd.. they too are having fun watching the crazy person who is racing waves!)~ go fishing with a child even the smallest minnow will appear to be a giant when seen through their eyes.
Buy a bag of marbles and try to teach yourself how to shoot them; it's a lost art and much harder than it looks! Buy a checkerboard and visit the nursing home.. someone there has a story to tell and no one to listen. They'll beat you at checkers but you will be wiser when you leave there.(remember smart is sexy!) Swing on a swing in the park. See how high you can go. (I wouldn't recommend the covered slide though.. the fire department has enough to do without coming to cut you out of the kiddy slide!) Hop, skip, play leap frog. Playing is good for you.. It's called exercise! You're going to need to know about that when you get old and fat!

I hope you enjoy this weeks Five for the Kids on Friday! Let me know what you think of the things I put on my blog. I do listen to what everyone says. Thanks for all of those who visit here and a special thanks to those of you who actually read the blog! Have a great Friday!


Anonymous said...

Yey! I'm a kid again!!! Wooohoooo!! So I read your post and I say, Amen! And Amen, again! You lose something - well, I do - when you go through your workweek like a zombie and finally on Friday you feel good and your happy and your innocent looking child looks up at you and says I'm glad you're not sick anymore. And then you tell them you weren't sick and she says, oh - you were just being old? Yeah, taht little reality check will kill you - I, myself, like the kiddy slide - I've only gotten stuck once and that was because it isn't very slippery...ANYHOO - great post! I love it!!


Lin said...

Good points here. Number two has changed over the years--when I was a kid, every adult was a mom or dad in disguise. If your neighbor yelled at you for something--it was as good as your mom doing it. And she told your mom what you did so you got it twice. Nowadays, nobody says a thing to another person's kid. That's why this world is going downhill.

Krystal Hosmer of Solsisters said...

very entertaining!

Rebecca said...

LOL - I read this to my teenager and we both laughed. I might have to print it to put in my scrapbook for future generations.

As always Patsy - You Rule!

Sunshine said...

I went to the park one day a while back with my BFF...we did swing that day. We like to slide down the slides too. It was so much fun! I felt like a child again myself. Finding joy in the simple things is always the best. =)

philly5113 said...

This brings back fond memories. I still pull the eyes in the back of my head routine on my kids and they are still befuddled about it.
The good ole days.

Pblacksaw said...

anon~ You will always be a kid to me.. Do you need some puzzle time?
I Love ya wannabe!

Lin~ Yes #2 has changed over the years. Some folks don't correct their children themselves and will get ticked if you say anything to their children. In my family the young parents know that if they don't straighten their heathen children up one of us old people will say something!

Krystal~ I am so happy to have entertained you.. please come back to be entertained again!

Rebecca~ I am so happy to have been able to give you a laugh that you and your teen shared. Keep them laughing with you and you keep communication lines open. That is a good thing..

Sunshine~ I wondered where you were.. Now I know.. You and that BFF were stuck in the slides weren't you? ( Does that mean Boy friend Fred?) Dave and I used to go to the state park just to swing.. We went there because the swings are in the woods and no one could see us and yell for me to get my fat butt off the kiddy swings.

philly5113~ Mine know that somehow some one told on them but they are still befuddled because they can never figure out who.. Us parents who are nosy and listen all the time will often hear our children tell their friends. Plus I had a myspace and a face book for years under an assumed name.. Now all my children have PRIVATE on their accounts.. of course all of my children are adults now or at least they think they are..

I am glad so many people thought to visit me today. Have a wonderful day!