Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey Hey; It's Weird Wednesday

"I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.
~ Rita Rudner

"I'm in a weird band . We've done very well. The American Dream is alive and well."
~ Gene Simmons

"I'm one of those regular weird people." ~ Janis Joplin

Hey Hey Hey and welcome to another weird Wednesday. I have been very busy all day cleaning house and getting ready for week-end visitors. With my weird job you never know when they might call you into work and need you in "five more minutes" as they say, so I have been trying to get the house cleaned and everything ready for my guests while listening out for the phone. I always work week-ends so everything has to be done ahead. I know, I'm weird But what can I say? I am just being me! We have also been having weird weather this week. It has rained and rained and rained some more. Most of the time the rain has fallen with the sun shining.. That is always weird to me. It was really weird this week because usually when that happens you will see a rainbow. I have looked and looked.. Weirdly, I haven't spotted a rainbow this whole week.
Now on to the wild and wacky weird questions for this week!

~ Wednesday Weirdness

Questions By: Ruby Rose

1.) How easily are you insulted? Many of you will be surprised to find that I am actually very easily insulted. I take everything said to me personally. I hide that fact very well. I will make a weird remark or a joke and move away from the person who has insulted me or hurt my feelings.. Don't think I forget though.. I NEVER forget. I will stew in my own juices until one fine weird day I either get even or see someone else get you so good that I say we are even. My Daddy used to say that ~ " Everyone gets what they deserve. The sun don't shine on the same dogs back every day." I used to think that he was so weird with his sayings.. I have seen his sayings come true so many times.

2.) How often do you ****~ Whoa there Nellie! that was a question so weird even I couldn't go there. My kids would vomit.. My Mama would die a sudden death and my Daddy would spin like a top in his grave.. (if that really is possible!) I know inquiring minds want to know but I don't do the questions that make my kids sick. Sorry Y'all I know I'm weird; But I promised my mama and my kids I wouldn't make them sick. They read my blog.. I have to appear to be behaving.. !<~~( Waving at a preacher!) See I AM behaving! (Does almost behaving count?)

3.) What brand of shoes do you find to be most comfortable?Man, are y'all gonna tell me shoes come in Brands? Is Flip flop a brand? My favorite brand would be bare footed. I think maybe y'all mean like Nike or Sketches? ( I might have got sketches wrong though!) I don't actually do brands when it comes to shoes unless Avon is a brand. I love their flip flops. Mama bought them for me to celebrate when I got a new job. She understands my weirdness and knew I would love them. I wear them to work and they don't kill my feet. I do have some shoes. I don't know their brand. They were cheap. Maybe they are a store brand. I even have some boots.. they are so old.. If they ever had a brand I forgot what it was. OK, I better move on to a new question before Y'all think I am weird.

4.) What are 3 to 5 items you NEVER leave the house without? A pen , a Notebook, Thread of some kind to knit or crochet with and needles for both, scissors, and weird as it may sound a doll hiding in my purse. Pen and Paper are for writing down thoughts or quotes or maybe changes to a dress I am making for my hiding doll. I carry a small writing notebook with me everywhere. You never know when what seems to be just another weird thought will develop into a wonderful story or poem. You have to write those weird ideas down at once! Otherwise they might wander away and be lost to you. Even people with as much talent as I have to do other things sometimes.. I carry a doll and thread to make things for her with me all the time. Sometimes I also have a hat I am knitting on or another craft project as well. I guess it goes without saying that I also always carry a pretty good sized purse..

5.) Who did you look up to as you were growing up? Who do you look up to now? Y'all are really gonna think I am weird now.. when I was a teen, my Mama had a loud and bad as I hate to say it; kinda weird old lady friend. She had a great big house on main street in our town at the time.. I always thought her house was the greatest but she stayed with us for the longest time... sleeping on our couch.. There was no sneaking around with Mama Mildred in the house... None of that weird Shit.. as she called it... She cussed like a sailor. I don't think she ever uttered a sentence that wasn't filled with swear words. She had chopped off gray hair that always looked dirty to me.. her favorite shirt was lime green. She matched that with her brown double knit pants and her slide on light pink, fuzzy, bedroom shoes.. She had a kinda evil eye that she would turn on you sometimes. Making me shiver in a weird kinda way.. Lord I loved that woman.. I miss her still today. After I married she went back to her own house just long enough to sell it to the neighbor and buy herself a tiny trailer on the lake. She got a passel of dogs who she never took outside and they begot more and more nasty little dogs. Then she fell in love with some young Guy who asked to fish from her dock. Long story~ shortened... He married her.. (she had some money).. he beat her up.. she said let him go.. he left town... she never recovered.. she died..

I look up to so many people now.. My Mama.. Charlie Jackson... My Older siblings.. My younger siblings...( I could have been weird and said I looked down at y' all).. certain Friends... My children.. I love old people. I have always loved old people. They have so much to share and few who want to hear it.

6.) If you've ever been a strip club of any type, what was one of your most memorable moments? I won't lie.. I have been there.. I was invited to a club once when I was single along with a girl friend of mine. We drove all the way to Charleston thinking we had a hot date. It was a fat girl strip club.. the man who invited us was the owner... he thought we would make good dancers. He was so weird.. just because we were good dancers he thought we might somehow become fat for his club.. can you imagine?

I was also supposed to go twice to see the male strippers.. the first time My daddy found out and told me I couldn't go.. I was 25 and living in his house with my son.. I reminded him that I was 25.. he said I couldn't go..

The second time I was supposed to go with two women friends of mine.. I was all dressed up and ready to walk out the door.. I was looking good in my new jeans.. I even had on shoes... ( NO I don't know what brand!!!) Long hair straightened and shiny.. sweet smelling perfume dabbed in all the right places... Cooper came into the room and said "Mommy, please don't go to no bar where they dance.. promise me mommy!"

I still haven't seen the male strippers.. for some weird reason.. I don't think I would even care to see them now. Somehow I think I wouldn't like it.. I would find it way to weird to see a naked man dancing around.. stuff wiggling and waggling about.. Yuck that is so weird!

7.) Should prostitution be legal? Why or why not? I personally don't think it should be legal. Isn't it already legal in Nevada or is it just that there are so many there we think it's legal? It goes on everywhere in different ways. Even in small towns people trade their bodies for money or drugs. I find it sad that a person allows themselves to become a slave to a drug that will make them sell their body and even their soul for another dose. Prostitution will always exist in one form or the other.. should it be Legal? I say NO!~

I looked it up and there are legal brothels in Nevada. In Rhode Island the act of sex for money is not illegal but operating a brothel or selling sex on the street is..

Contrary to popular belief, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas! Most of the brothels are in rural areas and not in the big cities. How weird is that???

I hope y'all have enjoyed my weird Wednesday questions this week. I only had to skip one this week. Even for a weird old Lady like me that is pretty good. I like being weird. I have been a weird old Lady for a long time now.. It would be really weird to be anything else. I hope Y'all have a wonderfully weird Wednesday!


Sunshine said...

So sorry I got behind on my reading! If I haVe to wear shoes they must be flip flops. My boss tells me they are not "professional". Can you believe that? I jsut put them on as soon as I get home everyday. You are so crazy! I just love your blog!

Pblacksaw said...

Sunshine~ thanks for the compliment! I love being crazy!
Glad you found time to catch up om your reading!