Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday.. Tiny Chicks Chirp from Inside Their Eggs..

" Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!"
- Sitting Bull

" I drank the silence of God from a spring in the woods." - Georg Trakl

" The little windflower, whose just opened eye is blue as the spring heaven it gazes at. "
- William C. Bryant


Project 365 - a Photo Every day-

I saw Sunday-


Magpie Tales -

En Garde

rapier in hand
satisfaction demanded~
franks roast over fire

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


Dragon Writing Prompts-

This week I was sent a link to a prompt that I first thought was too weird to write for.. but that was before I passed the cemetery and saw the new decorations... "green eggs on gravestones" was the prompt..


green eggs on gravestones
with Easter baskets for two~
I wonder aloud

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

Monday Poetry Train Revisited-

Spring is officially here.. I love the colorful flowers that are popping up every where.. The hens are all getting broody and have been laying extra eggs all of last week and again today.. it is possible for a hen to lay twice in one day but that is also very rare.. or at least that's what they say.. I did get six eggs today from a pen that only holds five hens.. Dave and I haven't decided yet to let the hens hatch their own chicks.. we fear that because they can run in and out through the wire.. they would become snacks for our dogs.. right now the incubator is full of chirping eggs.. three quail have already hatched and I wasn't expecting the chicks before next week.. I guess they have decided to hatch a little early.. I also have duck and turkey eggs in there.. I have never hatched either of those before and am eagerly waiting for them to hatch.. The Turkeys do still have a couple of eggs in the pen with them.. Mr. Tom broke the first few that the hens laid.. I don't know rather he intended to or if he was trying to roll them into the nest that they wallowed out in the hay at the back of the pen.. we were determined to save a couple of turkey babies so we took what he hadn't broken and added them to the incubator too.. Dave came in and said they had more eggs last week but when I looked I realized that they were setting on an old potato that I gave them along with their supper.. This morning I looked again and they now have two eggs .. an onion.. a golf ball .. a rock and one potato in the nest.. maybe something will hatch..

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Susannah said...

Lovely posts! I love the chicks chirping from within their eggs, what a wonderful image! I also enjoyed your quotes very much too.

Thanks for leaving your link at I Saw Sunday. :-)

Tess Kincaid said...

I like the thought of a few hot dogs roasting on those swords.

cosmos cami said...

for the Magpie prompted...
I liked that unexpected last line and the beauty of the first two.

Helen said...

What a neat Magpie ... hot dogs roasted on swords ~ love it!

Carrie Burtt said...

Roasting franks....a clever Magpie!

Southwest Arkie said...

En Garde indeed! Nice mag!!

Harry Nicholson said...

I enjoyed reading about your poultry - it took me back to the days when I had my own motley flock of hens. Pure Marans, Leghorns, Araucanas and Light Sussex all mixed up together. After a few generations the colours of the cockerels were gorgeous; Like jungle fowl and Old English Game.

Deborah said...

Wonderful posts, simply a pleasure to read :o)

Lin said...

So, you'll get a sack of potatoes from those turkeys??? :)