Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday.. Turkeys Have Settled Down (We Hope!) .. and Are Setting on Two Eggs..

" What is sauce for the goose may be sauce for the gander but is not necessarily sauce for the chicken, the duck, the turkey or the guinea hen."
- Alice B. Toklas

" Old maids do not mind giving people trouble."
- Thomas Nelson Page

" The beginning of wisdom is to desire it."
- Solomon Ibn Gabirol


Writers Island-
Prompt #12 for 2011: Inseparable


The curtain parted and the porch light came on.. Mama was peering out at us with owl eyes.. so afraid I might give up a tiny kiss on her sacred doorstep.. It was a good thing she hadn't seen us an hour ago.. seemingly inseparable..dancing on the bluff overlooking the city.. swaying to the soft sounds of violin music that rose from the music school down below.. I almost laughed as his wicked smile flashed and he shook my hand on Mama's porch.. "Goodnight Mrs Jones.." he said loud enough for her to hear.. "Goodnight Young Man.." we replied in unison..

- Saturday Centus #46-
(The Curtain Parted...)

Weekend Wordsmith #194-


Project 365- a Photo Every Day!~



morning songbirds sing
romping in the spring sunlight
frowning house cat waits

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


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gautami tripathy said...

Bet Mama had an inkling!


stretched drums

Anna said...

Lots of atmosphere in this text for three different memes (How do you do it, Patsy?)
Lovely text. I don't really understand all of it, but that's the way poetic texts are. You leave room for the imagination.
Best wishes,
Anna's SC week 46 'curtain parted'

Anna said...

If the link I left does not work, try this one:
Anna's SC week 46 'curtain parted'

Best wishes,

jfb57 said...

I loved the Centus! Just so believable!

Sue said...

You did a nice job, combining two memes seamlessly to create a great result.


Kat said...

Loved your use of the prompt! I can just see the "owl eyes" and I'm picturing a puckered up, down turned mouth too. Really nicely done!

Judie said...

Patsy, who of us hasn't been there! What a great take on the prompt. I enjoyed reading your other writings, too, and loved your photo.

Tracy said...

exciting stuff

Nonna Beach said...

Outstanding ! I love the way you the set the scene...very vivid and amusing situation too !

gaelikaa said...

Thought provoking stuff indeed.

Lin said...

So where are the turkey eggs??? I was looking for turkey eggs. :)

cj Schlottman said...

I love this post! You made it very real for me by setting such a concrete scene of the couple on the porch and the mama peeking through the curtain. Great!


Jo said...

I also loved this piece ... i was right there ... watching it all unfold ... so easy to visualize this bit!

Ames said...

A mother will protect her daughter's virtue and at the same time forget she was a young daughter once, with virtues of her own. This was great!~Ames

Pblacksaw said...

Gautami- I think "mama" always has an inkling..

Anna- I do lots of writing and combining memes is not as easy as it looks. the word counts are hard to stick to..

jfb57- it is pretty close to my own life..

Sue and Kat- I think most Moms "Spy" even if we don't get caught.. my kids call me the guard..

Judie- the birds can empty a filled feeder in just a little bit.. It keeps the husband busy.. and I love to see the birds from my Computer desk..

Jo- Cj- Tracy- Nonna Beach- and Gaelikaa- thanks to each of you..

Lin- every day I try to put something of my day in the title.. we have had a time with the turkeys as the Tom breaks every egg.. sadly when I went out there myself I discovered that the hen was setting on a potato.. that she was supposed to eat and only one egg.. I will posts pictures of them soon..

Thanks to all who stopped by my world today.. Have a wonderful week!

Jenny said...

'Mama was peering out at us with owl eyes'...

What a perfect line. I loved the visualization you crafted into this perfect little gem of a story.

I find it interesting about your turkey sitting on a potato. What an interesting story that could be for a childrens book!

Thanks for linking up to SC.

This was great.