Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fishing in the Rain! and Three Words!

"An angler is a man who spends rainy days sitting around on the muddy banks of rivers doing nothing because his wife won't let him do it at home." ~Author Unknown

"If people concentrated on the really im
portant things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles." ~Doug Larson

"We ask a simple question
And that is all we wish:
Are fishermen all liars?

Or do only liars fish?"
~William Sherwood Fox


The Lens Day Challenge for this week is Rain.

This is my great-niece.. Dori.. holding up her very first fish.. if you look carefully you can see the raindrops falling softly across the surface of the water.. Decked out in her flowery galoshes she doesn't seem to mind the rain and in fact seeing her beautiful smile leads me to believe that she is rather proud of her fishing skills.


Canal Lakes Fish Camp....
Santee Cooper Lakes..
South Carolina

the light rain rippling across the surface of the canal doesn't seem to bother these happy anglers about to shove off for a day of relaxation on the water...


Three Word Wednesday..

today's words are..Accident...Loyal....Obscene

Behind Closed Door...

obscene were his wants~
the accident no accident
loyal friends serve well

Written By: Patricia Sawyer


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a charming picture. Your niece looks so happy and proud and well she should be.

Is that current? Is it rainy right now in SC?

eileeninmd said...

Dori does look proud of her catch. great watery photo.

clare_stjohns said...

This photo was taken on a wet and rainy Memorial Day weekend; Dorie never let it phase her... just like her Papa, rain or shine - lets fish!

Sherrie said...

Great shots!! I really like the one in sepia. Makes it look really old. Have a great day!!

A View of My Life

PJ said...

it is so much fun to watch the little ones faces as they reel in their first fish. precious.

your haiku is mysterious to me. i will have to think on that one.


ThomG said...

I like the haiku. It does make you think, and I believe that's a good thing.

Heidi said...

I stopped by from Sepia Scenes, but you had a wonderful post for all of your memes. I really loved the quotes at the beginning as well. Very fun.
Your niece looks like she is proud as punch with her little catch. And what is the deal with feeding the alligators? Is that for real?
If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

Tumblewords: said...

Enjoyable post - darling fishergirl - lovely scenes and finely crafted haiku!

Lin said...

That's a WHOPPER! :) She is adorable.

Buzzing J said...

I didn't notice it the first time - Dori's standing in front of a sign that says "Do not feed alligators"??

Sure is a happy girl.

~willow~ said...

Here for 3WW :)
... love it!! I'm always for those with obscene wants getting their just desserts! :D

MichaelO said...

A well rounded haiku! And some heartwarming philosofishing.

Torilpia said...

A funny post .. :o) Love the picture of your niece Dori - beautiful smile :o) It tells a story and I can almost feel the rain on my head as well ..

Have a nice weekend :o)

Pblacksaw said...

Sallie~ the picture was not made today.. Dorie is a mostly happy child..

Eileeninmd~ she was proud.. thanks

Clare~ she likes secret paths too..

Sherrie~ thanks for visiting.

Pj~ think on it and I'm sure you'll get the message..

Thomg~ Thanks for stopping by.. I love to make folks think!

Heidi~ the sign is real.. alligators live in a lot of bodies of the water around here

Tumblewords~ thanks!

Lin~ thanks.. and she really thought it was a whopper..

Buzzing ~ yes she is..

willow~ ahh you understood the haiku! cool!

MichealO~ thanks and thanks for stopping by!

Torilpia~ thanks for visiting.. have a wonderful week-end yourself!

thanks to all who visited here today! have a great day!

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