Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ten On Tuesday!

"In nine cases out of ten, a woman had better show more affection than she feels."
~ Aristotle

"Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it."
~ Lou Holtz

"One enemy can do more hurt than ten friends can do good." ~ Jonathan Swift

Ten On Tuesday tonight would like for us to list....

Ten Things You wish You knew how to do!

1-) drive a stick shift~ Dave has owned several stick shift vehicles.. I used to drive a bobcat that was stick.. how did I forget?

2-) cut hair~ Dave and I both need a trim right now.. think of all the money I could save if I could learn this..

3-) train a pig~ Don't you think Pork chop would make a good trained pig.. maybe even a movie star pig.. If she was a movie star could I spend her money?

4-) build a log cabin~ I want a real one hand made not from a kit.. I had a log barn for my horses once at a house I rented.. I personally think Dave and I could do this..

5-) fix a roof~ yes fix a roof.. my roof.. and any other roof that needs fixing.. I think they make good money at that job.. In fact roof repair is expensive as the devil..

6-) play a musical instrument~ I can play the radio but that doesn't really count.. I want to really play something and make beautiful music..

7-) read people's evil minds~ I see the evil looks some folks toss my way.. actually I have a good idea of the thoughts too.. oh well.. can one be trained to read minds?

8-) speak other languages~ pig Latin and double Chinese aside.. I would love to learn some other languages..I'm pretty sure the curse words that I learned in french wouldn't get me very far either.. I have some Spanish disks maybe I'll teach me that!

9-) cook on a wood stove~ I have done this and burned some stuff.. I want a real antique wood cook stove and then learn how to actually use it.. how to regulate the heat so as not to burn up the bread!

10-) make life easier for my kids and Grand-kids.. this is a hard one.. there really is no easy in life today.. Maybe once I train my pig and learn to do roof repairs I can use my fortune I gather from these things to make a easy life for my children.. wow!! I hope they aren't holding their breath until then.. but if I do learn how to get rich.. I will definitely share the wealth..

That's my list for tonight of ten things I wish I knew how to do.. Have a great night!


clare_stjohns said...

Yep, I agree... fix roofs, read minds and help kids and grandkids; I don't have a pig so learning to train one would do no good and although I can't speak French I can match your cuss words in Spanish and Vietmanese, lol

Sunshine said...

I really like your quotes today. Your 10 things are interesting. I think Pork Chop would make a great movie star! I would love to know how to do some of those things on your list too. If you learn some of them...maybe we can make a trade!

PJ said...

i used to know how to drive a stick, hmmm, wonder if i still could. it took me awhile to learn. you should have seen my daughter, it was so funny. she was about 2 and every time we would go to get in the car she would pull back. she didn't want to get in because i wasn't very good at driving it. every time i came to a stop sign the car would die on me and it would jerk so much when i'd put it in gear. lol!


Andi said...

Great list! I LOL'd when I read the you'd like to know how to train a pig!

Split Rock Ranch said...

What a great list. I'd love to know when you cross some of those items off your list because you learned how to do them!

Lin said...

I think it is best not to know what others are thinking! It reduces the murder rate. :)

I know how to drive a stick! It's a dying art, don't you think?

Pblacksaw said...

Clare~ maybe we can swap curse words? then we can each curse folks out anywhere we go? maybe not..

Sunshine~ I have to make a new photo of pork chop soon she is a very demanding little pig and getting fat..

Pj~ I was sure I knew how to drive one when a few years ago my neighbor asked me to drive his truck to the shop for him..he had been without a license for a while and was about to get it back... I rocked and scraped and stalled and jerked and scratched so much that finally he said maybe it would be a better idea if he just drove without a license and I could ride with him just in case.. someone said it was like riding a bike and you never forget nut I know that is a lie...

Andi~ I have heard that they are very easy to train and even knew a lady who trained on to use a litter box.. I'll pass on the litter box thing but since they just made it illegal to walk a dog at the walking track I was wishing I could train my pig to walk on a leash.. and my girl is truly a beautiful little pig.. she is a squealer though!

SplitRock Ranch~ If I learn something from the list I'll bet it finds it's way into this blog..

Lin~ you might be right about the best not to know what others are thinking.. I know sometimes I might make some one mad if they really knew what I thought of them.. but people can be so DUMB..
Hooray for you that you can drive a stick... that is very cool.. and yes I think it is a dieing art.. I am pretty sure my brothers all can and a couple of the sisters too.. I didn't have my drivers license till I was in my late 20's so I never learned to drive a stick.... Now I wish I had..

Wow so many comments tonight.. thanks to all of you for visiting and for commenting! have a great day!