Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Surprise Surprise.. It's Weird Wednesday!!

"I think I 'turn off' women. I've a kind of a weird personality. Women may think that I'm a mess."
~ Ed O'Neill

"I think I could drink my own blood. Is that weird? " ~ Jessica Biel

"I think in a weird way that the entertainment industry is strangely more brutally honest than any other. " ~ Donal Logue

Weird facts that happen to be true!

1-) During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools... ( are we talking real swimming pools or just those little plastic Kiddie pools that are more like puddles of water?? People I have got to tell you that either way.. That is a lot of slobber ... and though I am told that it is normal.. It still sounds nasty to me!! )

2-) Cats are never mentioned in the Bible... ( I looked this up and searched to be sure.. the word Lion is mentioned and that is a type of cat but not a tame house cat.. some believe that cats were thought to be evil creatures and guardians of the underworld.. of course many modern words weren't there either.. like skunk and ferret and elbow... on the other hand the word Unicorn is found in the Bible..) Click here to to look at this for yourself!

3-) The Ramses brand condom is named after the great pharaoh Ramses II who fathered over 160 children... ( someone should have given him a box of condoms or even a few boxes.... How many wives or concubines did this rascal have?.. he was known to be a powerful and wealthy fellow who loved to build elaborate monuments and temples..I guess he did those building things when he rested from making children with his huge harem of wives..)

I haven't done the Weird Wednesday questions for a few weeks.. several people have sent me word that they missed them and wished I would start back with the weird questions.. I think these people just enjoyed laughing at me.. But I enjoy making others laugh so here we go with a few weird questions for tonight!...

1-}~ If you could instantly.. magically.. learn to play any one musical instrument extremely well, which one would you choose? ~ Wow did you read my blog last night and know I want to learn to play an instrument? What if I wanted to learn to play two pretty good or three a little less good? Could I do that instead? What about those people who for some weird reason can play any musical instrument they pick up? Do you know any of those folks? I do.. If I could only choose one I would choose guitar and then I would sit here and wait for Dave and when he walked in I'd jump up and play like a fool.. he would be standing there looking at me all weird.. I tried to play when I was younger and even taught myself a few chords... Dave plays a little bit by ear.. He plays a few instruments.. a little.. by ear.. My ear is crazy.. it doesn't hear things right.. If I played by ear it would come out sounding deep and dark and just plain weird..

2-}~ If you were told you had to call your very best lovers.. past.. present and future.. right now or be killed.. who would you call and what would you say to them? ~ Do you really think I am weird enough to tell you about my sex life... past..present or future? This is one of those trick questions that can get a person who is weird enough to answer it into hot water.. who would kill to know about my sex life?.. they must be truly weird.. and what makes you think I would allow you to hear me whisper sweet nothings to my lovers??.. Let me just say that Dave doesn't have time to accept three phone calls in a row.. he is way too busy working right now!! Besides.. the place he works has become all weird and implemented a new anti cell phone policy.. ( I do have to be weird and ask this question? How am I to know ahead of time who my future best lover will be? I am guessing that Dave and I will be together till one of us is no more.. but in all honesty I can't KNOW that to be a fact.. Let me just say that I really thought this question was weird.. )

3-}~ Have you ever tried to find the end of a rainbow? How far did you follow it and what did you find there? ~ Wow we really are weird tonight aren't we? What if i said I followed one once and found a bucket of gold? I did follow a rainbow once though.. Dave and I had just got married and we had gone to the roadside dumpsters that we used to have around here.. He had unloaded a huge load of garbage and we were discussing rather or not we wanted to bring home a perfectly good sofa that had been left there.. (yes we were weird!) All of a sudden there came a downpour and we ran for the van.. yelling for the kids to load up.. by the time we all got into the old van and got seat-belts on.. the sudden shower was gone and stretched across the sky was the most beautiful and vibrant rainbow I had ever seen.. the children were oohing and aahing from the back seats and Dave whispered... " I am following that.." we drove for miles and miles turning whatever way we needed to to follow the beautiful arch.. eventually realizing that we had driven in a series of circles and were almost back to the dumpster sight.. Just as we pulled over at the dumpster the rainbow vanished.. leaving us to wonder if we had been part of some weird phenomenon.. I don't know what we thought we would find at the end of the rainbow but we did indeed try to follow it to the end.. That was a long time ago.. we were younger and have six kids living here with us.. maybe we were just crazy.. maybe the weird old van had gas fumes that made us act weird.. I don't know.. we sat there silent.. every one of us flabbergasted for a few minutes.. finally we climbed out of the van and resumed our discussion about the couch.. walking back to where we thought it waited on us we realized that it was gone.. not only did we not find riches at the end of the rainbow but we missed out on a pretty good sofa too...

That's my three weird answers to the three weird questions for today! I hope you have enjoyed my return to weird question Wednesday.. Do you have a weird question for me? If you do leave it ..or them if you have more than one... as a comment and I will answer them in my next Weird Question Wednesday post!
Have a good night!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I like this game...

1. The tuba. I just like that word...tuba..and it sounds like a big old fart.

2. The cowboy. I would made me realize what the real thing was and for that I will always remember you.

3. I have never tried to find the end of the rainbow...but I know if I did there would be a big old pot of gold with a mean leprechaun that would say I couldn't have any.

clare_stjohns said...

1. The piano, I took lessons as a child and hated it, but now I wish I could bang out a good tune.

2. Like you Patsy, this question is really, really weird and well my best answer is Frank, Henry,and Papa... all the same man, just different ages.

3. I have never tried to but I once saw a complete rainbow - the entire circle... I was flying to CT and it was beautiful.

PJ said...

2 swimming pools of saliva?!

now you know that ramses couldn't have been any help in building those things with fathering that many children. he had to have just lined those women up and did it like an assembly line or something...geesh!

musical instrument huh, probably the piano. we used to have one when i was growing up and i tried teaching myself to play. didn't work too well, but i did learn how to play a couple of songs.

i don't like to think of past lovers, so i will plead the 5th on this one.

i have only tried to follow a rainbow with my eyes. i like to watch them until they disappear.

have a great day my friend...hugz!

Pblacksaw said...

Lee~ I am glad you liked the game! I once knew a cowboy.. they really are special..

Clare~ I would have loved that rainbow..

PJ~ I agree that the whole saliva thing is nasty.. I think you are right about Ramses.. I have a piano that I bought at an auction.. no one here play though..

thanks for visiting me today!

Anonymous said...

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