Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It is Tuesday and What Do I Have Here??

"Quicksilver is used for many purposes; without it, neither silver nor brass can be properly gilt."
~ Marcus V. Pollio

"Some minds improve by travel, others, rather, resemble copper wire, or brass, which get the narrower by going farther." ~ Thomas Hood

"The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time." ~ Henry David Thoreau

First with the lid on.. then with the lid off and finally the stamp from the bottom of this weird little copper pot.. What in the world is it?

Tonight I have a rather odd item for you to look at and offer a guess as to what it is.. These pictures were sent to me by My best friend Deb.. She found this at a flea market and decided to buy it even though she nor her wonderful hubby Joe had any clue as to what it was.. she called me over the week-end and she and I discussed putting it on my Tuesday What is It blog just to see if any one out there could tell her what it was.... Tonight she sent these great photo's and I was excited to see one of these in this shape.. I do in fact know what it is and once many years ago I saw one used by an elderly lady that I visited every Sunday afternoon and read to in her home.... most of the ones that would be found now wouldn't be so well kept... I know that when I tell Deb tomorrow what it is that she bought she is going to look at it and say well Duh... It looks like exactly what it is.. Do you know what this item is? Have you ever seen one or maybe you even own one of these and might even still use it some times.. I will be busy trying to come up with a way to talk Deb and Joe into letting me have this one.. or maybe they will keep their eyes open for another one at the flea market... Look at it close and maybe you will be able to figure out what it is and/or what it was used for... Please offer a guess.. Deb will be delighted to find out what she bought and I will be delighted to get comments!! Thanks Deb for the Photo's and the jaunt down memory lane... Have a wonderful night!


clare_stjohns said...

It's a hot water bottle/bed warmer. I have never seen one so small but I had a huge one that I parted with and gave to Beth and Junior.

PJ said...

i was going to say, some kind of water canteen. that's all i got, lol. have a great day...hugz!

Pblacksaw said...

Clare~ you are exactly right it is indeed a hot water bottle.. I would love to find one in this great condition! I'm thinking that Deb prolly polished it up before sending me the pictures though!

Pj~ there wasn't too much difference in the water bottles used for heating the cold winter beds and the ones they rank from back then.. the main difference is in where the hole was located.. on a canteen it was on the top but the whole thing would have been turned up on one side.. so the top was the side .. yep I'm crazy but I bet you understood me perfectly well..

Thanks Ladies for guessing.. Now I'll let deb know what she has.. have a great night!