Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday and I am here again worrying the "kids"!

"Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl."
- Ernest Hemingway

"Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish."
- Ovid, 43 BC - AD 17

"Forgive me my nonsense as I also forgive the nonsense of those who think they talk sense."
- Robert Frost
This is a picture of some of my many "KIDS!" I am is my beloved and several generations of Kids.. we are playing a game.. I taught them this crazy game.. Strut Miss Lucy!.. maybe some day you will be lucky enough to play with us!

I wonder if any of the "kids" even read this blog? I have a good idea that my own kids don't.. They would say they don't have time.. I do know some of the "kids" I used to torment as they grew up~ even though they aren't truly mine~ do read it though so for now I'll still offer some Friday advice to you all.. Maybe It will give you something to think about and chuckle over during the long boring days of your week-end!

1-)~ You are a brat!.. I too was a brat until long after you were born.. Your father is still a brat as is your step- father and most men in general.. I am allowed to call you a brat because I helped make you into one.. It wasn't easy.. it took me and your Grand- parents and Aunts and Uncles a lot of years to make you into the brat you have become.. Now we will neglect you and begin to work on the bratty-ness of your children.... they will be even better brats than you can imagine.. so Now is time for you to start learning to deal with it.. they will whine and beg for things you don't want them to have and some of us will find a way to gift them with the very thing you despise... We will be telling them how awful you were as a child and as a teen... you won't have a leg to stand on.. it is also against the law for you to hit, yell at or otherwise control the natural freedoms of any child.. You might want to re-think the whole children idea and just continue to be a brat yourself!
Be sure to let me know what you decide.. I need to clean out some junk I was saving as evidence against most of you..

2-)~ I will be calling you by what ever name is on my lips when I spot you sneaking around.. If you are female I will call you Martha, Mary, Phoebe,Jenny, and any other person who is not you... I will call all males by the names of Reuben, Frank, Higgins, Ralph.. and finally I will point at you and yell .."Don't take another step ~ YOU!".. If you are the only one close enough to be the one I'm trying to call your best bet is to answer to what ever name I call you.. My Grandma did it.. My Mama only rarely does it so It might have skipped a generation... I do it and you know it.. So If call you Ralph and your name is Sheri.. You better say "yes mama!" You know I'm talking to you when you try to sneak into a house at two am and your curfew was midnight.. Don't walk on as if you are not Sarah Jane Ralph Reuben~ YOU! Jeez ~ No wonder you're such a brat.. your own Mama don't have sense enough to know your name!

3-)~ Go for a balloon ride, over Rome, while eating a Corn dog.... Sounds silly doesn't it? But doesn't it also sound fun? exciting even? ... I always wanted to go for a hot Air balloon ride.. I came close once upon a time.. We were at the Chittlen Strut in a little town called Sally.. everyone else was enjoying the carnival... I had stood in the three hour line for Grandma's chittlen plate and had met the mad man who ran the Hot Air balloon rides.. He and I had talked it over and he was going to let me ride for free as a filler... I wasn't sure what that meant but I was willing to do it just to ride.. needless to say My ex didn't take kindly to #1~ I talked to some strange man while I waited on his mama's stinking chittlens.. and #2~ riding in a hot air balloon was just crazy.. what was he supposed to tell the kids if I died..? That I had gone for a balloon ride over Rome while eating a corn dog? I didn't ride.. I have never ridden though I have always wanted too..It's on my bucket list of things I hope to do someday! I hope that my ex was thinking of me and was frightened for my safety..... Nah.. he was just being a brat! The point I am making is that sometimes you have to do something that you want to do... even if it's dangerous... even if it seems crazy to me.. you don't however need to tell me about it if you know I'll have a fit... Even though I outgrew the brat stage.. I can still be a crazy woman.. I have been known to pitch a pretty ugly fit at times..

4-)~ Cry! yes I said cry.. tears are cleansing to the spirit and to the soul.. they also wash the dust and dirt from your eye sockets.. I have seen grown men fight to stand tall and strong and after a while they forget to feel.. they forget to comfort.. they become hollow and then they break.. On the other hand please don't become a cry baby whining and complaining about every trial you must face.. we all have them.. They are a big part of life.. It is not UN-manly to cry.. Just do it and get it over with and then fix the situation.. And girls you too have permission to cry.. and once you are done.. call me we'll hunt down the man who made you cry and we'll... Oh wait.. that is a different story.. and girls wash your face first.. I once scared the be-Jesus out of myself by looking in a mirror after I had been crying.. I looked like a wet raccoon.. Emotion is natural.. crying is also natural... some people cry when they are happy some when they are sad.. I cry both of those times and when I am MAD!!! so If I'm not smiling through my tears and you are sure no one has died.. RUN!!!

5-)~ Every body has a story~ Don't be to quick to judge.... It is better to trust wrongly that to judge unfairly.. an example.. The young woman sneaked into the small building and opened the freezer as she looked around cautiously..she had planned ahead and knew that no one would be at home.. watching the long drive she felt around with one hand and grabbed the first thing her hand closed on.. tossing a jar of home grown butter beans into her bag she ran for the safety of the woods.. Now let's see... she just broke into someones building and stole stuff.. lets lock her up and throw away the key... or lets follow her through the woods to the little house where she lives with her elderly Mother-in-law and a small child... wait.. there are no lights shining in her windows.. she has no electricity... but we see her.. she is bending over a fire.. she is going to cook and eat that food she stole.. How awful she is.. But by the time everyone else is fed the pot is empty... she cries there by the fire.... let's lock her up and throw away the key???
Yes people steal... and it is rare that people steal to feed their children or to eat.. Most thieves steal to support a habit.. and sadly that habit is usually drugs.. But not everything you hear about other people is true.. I once knew a girl who everyone thought was ~what back then was called ~ a strumpet.. now she would be called promiscuous.. the truth was that she was neither.. she had rejected a young man and he had told all his friends that they had had wild and crazy sex... Not to be out done by their friend the other guys had also claimed to have slept with her.. She was innocent but no one believed her... stories get told and re-told and twisted.. be your own judge of a person by what you see in them .. trust only what you know to be true.. for if I judged all of my "children" by the stories told to me.. I wouldn't speak to any of you brats!! Give people a chance.. some of them will need more than one chance.. be generous.. but not stupid.. we all make mistakes but if someone makes the same mistake ten times.. It's a habit... I raised smart brats.. you'll know the difference!

Wow! I managed to get this blog post finished and let me tell you it has not been easy.. I have had a dog whining and a phone ringing and I was about ready to spit nickles when Dave called to say leave a door UN-locked for him.. I think I was rude and ugly to him.. I will of course have to apologize.. I am a lucky woman.. he has helped me raise the Brats... his.. mine.. and all the strays..
never once complaining about whatever kid needed school clothes or shoes.. even when the kids were not our own.. He answers what ever name I call him.. I always call him baby.... he would have said "hell yea lets get a corn dog and go for a hot air balloon ride"...and he gives everyone a chance and another and another..Yep I am lucky to have him..

The storm I had hoped for is now raging outside and threatening to shut down my computer.. I am not complaining.. I have jars that need filling with food.. I am always happy when it rains.. I hear frogs singing in the kiddy pool filled with goldfish, on my patio... with the thunder and the rain it sounds like a symphony to my untrained ear! Have a wonderful night .. I will be thinking of each and every one of you ~" My Kids"~
with Love!


Big Time said...

You can call me anything and I will proably not answer cause my hearing is going just like you mind. This was a good one today. Love you. Reuben

PJ said...

i absolutely love it - "you're a brat!" totally lost it when i read that. i tell all the kids now that they are brats, of course it isn't in a mean way...hehehe!

i remember when my mom first started calling everyone by others names, it was so funny. not finding it quite as funny now that i have started doing it. lol

i think a balloon ride would be awesome! there are many things that i haven't done that i would like to. don't see many of them happening in this lifetime though.

one of my weaknesses is i'm a crier. i cry when i'm happy, sad, mad, frustrated, or just because someone dropped a pin. (not quite that bad, but you get the point) i have always disliked that about myself as i can't even confront anyone without shedding tears.

i agree wholeheartedly about not judging. first impressions are another thing though.

hope your weekend is going well patsy, much love to you!

Pblacksaw said...

Big time~ I had a mind once.. now it kinda comes and goes.. But my memory is good at least.. Your name is what I always call first if I'm calling a boy.. they are all Reuben first...On the other hand I'd most likely call you Jimmy or something not your own name.. Anthony used to get mad.. he said I loved you most cause I always called your name first.. Grandma Morris always said to me.. Dorothy; Mary Anne; Shirley; Roberta; YOU! get on that bottom step and set down! I always hoped it wasn't me.. But it was always me! I love you!

PJ~ I have always told mine they were brats.. I used to always warn them that I was about to have a killing but I had to quit that when it got illegal to curb a kids natural freedoms.. Now I just pinch the crap out of them and move on..Lord I used to keep 15 kids all by myself and never had to beat but one of them.. I was 11 months pregnant at the time too...It scared the others enough that they have always tread carefully around me... they still talk about it and the baby I was expecting is now almost

I didn't shed a tear for close to 15 years.. then one day I was on the way home from a glorious day at the beach and I started squalling for no reason..Now I cry just because... I think I was hollow for a while myself...
first impressions are usually what I base my opinion of a person on.. There are many people who I simply don't like... don't trust.. all because of my first impression of them.. I haven't been wrong very many times with my first gut feeling.. So far the week-end is great.. groceries bought chickens fed for the day and the Husband off to his week-end job.. Just me and the computer now for some writing time.. at least until the phone or the dog starts..

Have a wonderful day!

A Lil Enchanted said...

Hi Patsy.... I lived most of my childhood with my great-grandparents. My Granny (everyone called her Granny!) had raised many children... only two were her own... the others were the kids of other family members that she took care of... I was the last of her "kids". She always call me Bonnie Donna Shan... and I never could figure out why she couldn't just remember my name without calling me everyone else's name

Then I had kids!! My boys are Justin and Jordan... they grew up being called Jus Jordan and Jor Justin...or just "Hey You!Whichever one is doing what you're not supposed to!" lol... now my lil Steffie gets called Sarah (my oldest daughter)... and Sarah gets called Steffie. Geez I can't imagine how I'll demolish the grandkids names in the years to come. My mind is old and fragile... and sometimes it just hurts...

A Lil Enchanted,

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a brat. I cry. I give chances. And I do things simply because I can. See? I'm following ALL the rules!! When was that picture taken? I don't remember it...of course I am a crazy lil brat. But you know - I don't think you've ever called me by the wrong just call me heeeeefffuuuuuuhhhhhhh. No - once you snapped and pointed at me and said uhm, uhm, uhm HEIFER!. LMAO. I love you sooo much Aunt "Patsawee".

Anonymous said...

PJ - she's lying! she was 14 months pregnant - could barely walk - yeah 15 kids in the house, all excited to be on Christmas break from school and the woman leapt into the air....did a FLYING NINJA over the couch, caught andy by the back of the shirt and wore him slam out - she never broke a sweat, never raised her pulse, OMG!!! that was FRIGHTENING!!

Pblacksaw said...

A Lil~ My mind hurts too.. let's quit using them so much!

Anon~ OK I was 14 months then.. I know it was time.. you know I think that's the only whipping he ever needed.. he said it was the only one he ever got.. and that one was I love him though he's a good man!

I love the comments..