Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness Quickly!

"The Aztecs believe they started up in what's now New Mexico, and wandered for 10,000 years before they got down into where they are now, in Mexico City. That's a weird legend. "
~ Jerry Pournelle

"The last show we played, I was straight as a die. It did feel weird not to be hiding behind alcohol or dope, but being focused was... good. " ~ Ron Wood

"The scientists at the end of the 19Th century had people coming to them with this weird behaviour, and they didn't know what was going on but there seemed to be a similarity. They needed an answer, so they made up one. " ~ Chester Brown

Hi and welcome to a whole week of weirdness.. So far I have survived through Wednesday. I have tricked and connived and fooled my wore out.. broken down.. needed a beating with a hammer... modem this whole week.. I was getting my gumption up to call the technician back and give her a good tongue lashing when I thought I heard the brown truck coming to my ( and her) rescue... Running to the door.. I was thankful to see Mr. UPS jump from his brown chariot with my box held out in front of himself like a peace offering.. He will never know how happy I was to see him.. I wasted very little time getting my new modem UN-boxed and hooked up.. I am happy to report that I have been happily computing ever since.. There was that first five minutes when I had a red light and then finally a blink and a flash and a message to please click here to install my new modem.. I guess you can see that it takes very little to make me happy... I am in fact so happy that I have decided to try and get in a quick Weird Wednesday post before I head off to bed.. He we go with the weird questions..

1~} Would you consider swapping with another couple? swapping what? cars? clothes? houses? Oh wait I think I know.. you're trying to ask me one of those truly weird questions that I can't answer aren't you? Actually I can answer this one for you.. I would never consider it because I don't play that! I am weird in that I married for better or worse and if they said anything about swapping I missed that part.. I am way! way! way!!! to jealous for that.. I'd scratch some bodies eyes out.. Let me find my hammer! See you started tonight off with making me mad.. How weird is that...

2~} If the love of your life was a different religion from you, would you convert for them if they asked you to? Wow, as weird as it may sound... I have actually thought about this situation before.. I know some folks who are married to someone of a different faith.. For me religion is a spiritual thing.. I would as weird as you may think this sounds.. NOT convert just because some one asked me to.. I guess I could be weird and pretend I had converted to make my love think I had and make them happy.. but I would know it was a fraud.. eventually they would see through me and my fake religion... I would be willing to learn all I could about their faith and would respect their rights to their own belief.. I would hope they would also respect my rights too.. Of course my life follows a weird pattern and it would be my luck to find a great Love who walked away not because or religion but because I believed the sea was blue and he believed it was green! I have to tell you though that I don't really discuss religion much with others... I disagree with many of the practices of organized religions.. God is real to me... though I would call it spiritual more than religious... I am Southern Baptist born and raised but I am not a regular Church goer.

3~} How many people have naked or semi-naked pictures of you? How weird! I guess it's possible that some one made a baby picture of me naked in a tub or something.. I have never seen one though and I really don't think my Daddy would have allowed that.. So I am going to say NO One has even seen naked pictures of me.. let alone have some...I was photographed in the hospital a few times though and we all know how weird those gowns are.. I was semi-naked in those.. it's weird but everyone is semi-naked in those gowns... I reckon someone might have one of those weird old photo's and therefore they might have a semi-naked picture of me.. You know as weird as it may sound I am semi-naked in almost all of my pictures.. I am almost always shoe-less.. that means NAKED FEET! that would be semi-naked! Maybe I'm weird.. maybe I like being shoe-less, semi-naked.... Wow I am weird! In fact I am being weird right now because here I sit at my computer.. semi-naked.... Bare footed! Weird huh?!

4~} Do you ever multitask while driving? What do you think of others who are guilty of it?
I never multitask while driving if I can help it.. I hate for my cell phone to ring while I'm driving.. IF someone else is with me I ask them to answer the phone... if I am in heavy traffic I let it ring.. I have answered it if I was at a stop sign or in a spot with no traffic around.. I passed a woman the other day that was reading from a page that looked like some form letter.. she was reading into a cell phone that was tucked under her ear.. her head cocked to the side. I wondered if she could see the road and traffic clearly with her head all weirdly twisted that way..I was scared when I saw her.. wouldn't it be weird to get run over and the last thing you see as you look around is a woman with a weirdly twisted head.. shouting into thin air and shaking a paper in the air while driving 40 miles an hour down the four lanes? I try not to mutitask while driving.. I think that driving should be done as a single task....It's safer that way for all of us!

5~} Would you/Have you ever dated someone who had a criminal record? ~ I have dated someone with a criminal record.. I won't go into details.. Many of us have secrets that we might not want told...But the truth is that I have dated more than one weirdo... and they didn't even have criminal records..... I even dated a counterfeiter once with out knowing it.. had I known it I mighta had a few extra dollars... I dated several people who had been arrested for pot... one was even arrested in Greece... Now you have to say that is weirdly cool! in a crazy sort of way... and back in the day that was even super cool.. arrested in Greece for hash.. and him just a regular fellow too not a dealer or a importer of drugs or nothing.. Ok I am not saying that drugs are cool.. they are not cool.. I'm just saying that yes I dated some weird guys and they had records.. well some of them did.. a couple of them did.... I dated them I didn't keep them.. don't be soooooo weird....

I think though that weido's like me.. not just weirdo guys either.. weird kids love me.. they google and gurgle at me in the grocery store and in the check out line at Wal-mart.... weird women like me too.. they will start talking to me in the library or the waiting room at the doctor.. and the weird Old folks.. they love me to death they call me shugaaa and Hon... They love me because I will fix them hot tea and sit with them...while they munch on stolen M&m's.... I will hold their hand in the Churchyard or when I see them in the bar... I won't judge them in either place... Maybe that is why they Love me so.. I don't judge them and I pray they don't judge me!!!

I hope you have enjoyed tonight's weird questions for today's second post!! I hope that my Modem will quit being weird now and behave for a long while...I was about to become a weird old woman with no internet! I was even beginning to scare myself...I even thought about the library but I knew 45 minutes would just be long enough to make me mad... I am soo far behind on things I do.. I'll catch up! Have a great weird DAY!


Shinade aka Jackie said...

First off congratulations on getting your new modem and also your bright fresh new look.

Now let's see if I can remember all of the questions.

No I think the whole swapping mates thing is very strange. I am too jealous to share.

Yes I have dated someone with a criminal record and everything was fine.

Wow patsy i must be getting senile for sure. I can only remember those two questions!!

Dang and they were all so good too. Next time I will copy them onto wordpad and not forget.

PJ said...

yay for weird wednesday and getting your new modem! i might be a little weird also, as i love your wednesday posts!

no, swapping is not ever going to be in my life, period! i have had that question asked of me a few times and by the time i was done ranting about it they were sorry they asked!

i am also a spiritual person. i think religions have gotten too monetary just like everything else. i would never change my beliefs for anyone or expect anyone to change for me. pretty sure that i wouldn't get into a relationship if that were one of the factors.

my honey had some naked pics of me, but his computer got wiped out so he doesn't any longer. i am hoping that there aren't any half naked ones floating around out there somewhere, because my kids' father used to have some negligee ones.

i am guilty of multitasking while driving, being on the phone, but i won't multitask if there are more than 2 lane traffic or lots of traffic.

i have dated men with records before, actually, i don't think anyone, other than my honey, didn't have a record. lol, guess i got wiser.

thanks for the awesome questions my dear and i hope this finds you retrieving your sanity. much love to you...

Pblacksaw said...

Shinade~ Jackie, thanks for visiting me.. I am glad you enjoyed my post..I think maybe those two questions just stuck with you because you could agree with me so much on them..I am really glad for the new modem..

Pj~ I think you and I are maybe a lot alike.. I am sometimes too honest and some people don't always like that.. Of course I'm not real concerned with what others think of me.. Beyond Dave and my kids and Mom I tend not to care what they think.. They wouldn't like what I think of many of them.. I admit to being a tiny bit weird.. I think it's better than being dull.. I can also be super mean and once a person crossed a certain line I never forget and I will seek vengeance.. Lucky for most people the line is constantly moving and those who know me tread carefully.. Of course it has been reported that I am a witch so most folks around here are simply scared.. I also grow weird stuff( or so it has been reported) and there's no telling what spells I cook up in my spare time..Now where in that book was the money spell?
Ahha right next to the potato soup recipe!!! Love to you!

I thank you for stopping by to visit my blog today! I hope you laughed or at least felt a muscle twitch in the attempt of a smile!
Have a great day!