Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Tuesday.. Do you see what I see?

"To be a poet is a condition, not a profession." ~ Robert Frost

"I went down and had a friendly reunion with the constellations.... I get a wonderful peace and the most exquisite pleasure from my friendship with the stars."
~ Ellen Glasgow

If we could destroy custom at a blow and see the stars as a child sees them, we should need no other apocalypse.
~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Hi and welcome to another Tuesday with a couple of pictures for you to examine and make a guess.. I have to thank my sister-in- law Camella for actually making these two "what is it" Pictures for me.. My sad little camera couldn't see as well as hers could.. I knew that you would never be able to guess from my sad little pictures.. Thanks Camella!
this first one surprised Dave and I.. we did plant it.... but it grew where it wanted to instead of where we had planned for it to grow.. These items used to be commonly planted by all homesteads.. Every body needed them.. You may even recognize this thing that hangs from the top of a tree in this picture.. Can you tell me not only what it is but also what kind... and what it was used for?? I grow several different varieties of them most years but this year I only planted one.. It is also edible although I don't eat it..... I thought it had failed me since it decided to grow where it pleased instead of where I planted it..{Update~ It's gourds~ Dipper gourds in fact!}

I was looking up in an old cherry tree that overhangs the duck pen because I could hear my escaped finch sitting up there somewhere calling to his mate.. He had darted out of the cage a few days before as I was feeding them.. he still sits in the tree calling for his ~still Caged and already nesting with a new Mister~ mate.. I was shocked by what I saw.. I have never seen this plant do this before.. The old cherry tree looks beautiful dressed in the wonderful blossoms that go along with this item.. The hummingbirds love it too.. Guess what it is and leave me a comment..

This one is another one that keep the hummers busy.. I think the Hummingbirds in my yard might even get fat from all the things here for them to drink from.. The police took a few of these from me before I started planting them behind the house.. that way they can't find them.. Do you know what I have here? Look closely at it.. I just love this plant... I have a few of them growing close to my banana trees..It loves water and my plants are way taller than my House... I made a lot of money last year selling this.. What do you think it could be? I will tell you that you can't eat this.. It is not what some of you may think.. Then again I will only know what you think if you leave me a comment and let me know you were here.. Make a guess.... you might just be right.. and I love to read the comments from everyone too..
~ {Update~ It's a hibiscus .. though it looks like an illegal plant this can not be rolled and smoked~ yes it has been tested by the county sheriffs department~ It is know as Texas Star and/or Swamp Hibiscus..}

Do you know what I have shown you today? Do you recognize these two plants? Just for fun I have also included a shot Camella made as she was finding her way out of my home made jungle.. She had already been down all of the secret paths with Dorie where they spotted a hose snake and a stick tiger tail peaking from the deep surrounding jungle... they had rested beside the still waters for a second and were happily emerging from the forest.. I love it when children come here.. I love the ooohs and ahhs they make when they spot a stone angel or a sparkling glass ball sitting on a pipe perch over a fish pond..I enjoy them spotting a blue tailed lizard or a fat bull frog just before he dives under the water.. Or as in these Pictures today a strange and unique plant.
Do you know what they were? If you know comment and share your guess with me.... If you don't know just comment to let me know you were here... I'm sure someone knows.. Some one even remebers what the first ones are used for.. Maybe some day; some of you will come and poke around in my bucket Jungle.. You might bring children and go with them down a secret path.. where if it will hold water I will make it the home for a fish or a frog or a turtle.. and if it will hold dirt I will make it a planter for something blooming or edible.. or maybe even Both.... where chickens crow and ducks quack and birds sing........and where I am almost always planning a new surprise for the people who find my place restful ..... Until then.. Have a great day!


clare_stjohns said...

Okay I won't guess cause I took the photos but I'd love to comment. I had a wonderful time with Dorie the other day,nothing is better than a child's imagination and she's got a good one. Your yard is beautiful, peaceful and welcoming just like your home has always been... I love it that a second generation of children have you to love and you to love them.

Sunshine said...

My guess for the first picture is a melon of some sort. It has the color like a watermelon maybe and they grow absolutely anywhere they choose. I am not sure about the second picture, so I won't try to guess. Sounds like your yard would be a great place to get lost for a while.

Pblacksaw said...

Clare~ thanks again for the pictures.. no one knows what it is apparently.. someone guesses papaya..
Sunshine guessed Melon.. Both wrong..
I think they are scared to guess what the second one is..it does look illegal huh? I enjoyed having y'all..Dorie will be adventuress when she grows up..

Sunshine~ sorry it's not a melon.. My yard is a mess actually.. I just have stuff growing everywhere.. stuff has escaped it's buckets and gives off all these smells when you walk around.. basil and lemon balm grown to overflowing.. Hummingbirds zoom by your head..

I'm sorry no one guessed what I had for Tuesday.. I'll post new pictures for y'all to check out..
Have a great day!

Mott said...

I think the first picture is of a gourd. I don't know what kind. They can be used for anything for a birdhouse to a dipper to dip water. Am I right? The second picture is some kind of plant in your yard but I don't know the name. I know what it looks like. I know that it looks like something it's not. Love you

Pblacksaw said...

Mott~ You are so right..about both.. the gourds are dipper gourds.. the picture doesn't do them justice..
The look weird hanging in that old cherry tree..