Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Another Wednesday... Weird from daylight until??!!

"The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do."
~ B.F. Skinner

"What we're always looking for is weird social issues
and weird connections to make. Luckily for them, there's no shortage of material." ~ Trey Parker

"When a woman is very, very bad, she is awful, but when a m
an is correspondingly good, he is weird." ~ Minna Antrim

Good afternoon and welcome to a weird day.. My day started off weird from the beginning when I got some weird E-mails this morning.. one just said.. "Papaya's" and another that said "acorn squash".. and Finally one that said ~ "you tell me!!"... they all had the same subject.. "what it is!"
It took me half the day to realize that they were guessing on the Tuesday blog... Then my phone rang seventeen times while I was talking to someone else on it.. from a number and name that neither Dave not I knew.. Dave tried to call them back with his cell and his cell died.. I mean really died as in ~had to break out an old phone~ died.. After I got off the phone I called them and said "hello this is Patsy.. you called me a number of times" .. They said "Yea do you have any job openings??" They had the wrong number.. even after I told them they had a private home they wanted to know if I was hiring... That was weird.. In fact this whole day has been weird.. a typical Wednesday!! So I'm going to move right on to the weird questions..

1:} ~Of all the things that you have, what is it that have the most of? ~ Wow can you see all the stuff I have? Are you peeping in at all my weird Junk? I have a lot of books and a lot of Tea sets... Would it be too weird if I just said junk? Yea? Well I have a lot of Dolls... I have a lot of Craft patterns and magazines.. I have a lot of Chickens and plants.. I have a lot of a lot of things I reckon.. BUT! The thing I have the most of would be Barbie and her type doll.. I love them.. I collect them.. I will accept them from strangers if they have some they need to get rid of.. I will buy them their own box o
r carrying case and give them a new name.. I will fix their twisted weird hair and set about building them a wardrobe of sewn or crocheted clothes.. I will buy them shoes and make them mini/ fake picnic baskets complete with food and drinks..I will talk to them when they are trying on their clothes... I will carry them one at the time in my purse.. They will go places like the grocery store and the beach.. They will go fishing and to the homes of my friends and the doctor's office and the library and even to poetry club meetings.. I will crochet for them and pull them naked from my purse and try things on them to be sure that their clothes fit just them...Yes I know I am weird.. Now if you have any dolls Barbie sized or smaller that need a good home..and you will mail them to me.. I will be glad to have them...

Natural garden flowers or a store-bought bouquet? I do love flowers.. I can tell you every store bought flower I ever got.. When Anthony was born a family friend ~Charlie~ asked where were my roses? Three hours later I got a dozen red roses from Ba
by-Daddy as if it was his idea all along.. It was weird to me.. Then on an anniversary years and years later all the co-workers at our job asked him where was my flowers.. At the end of the day just before quitting time.. here came the office manager with a bouquet of daisies and yellow roses..I remember thinking then that yellow roses meant goodbye... I always have weird thoughts.. But in that case I was right and we soon divorced.. Dave sneaked in my house and left me a bouquet of wild flowers with a gift box hidden inside.. I didn't find the ring box till he asked me to marry him and he had to dig the ring out of the bouquet.. Anthony and Myranda sent me purple carnations when I turned 40.. I saved the seeds and planted them to grow in my yard where they bloomed for a long time.. Anthony and Tana and Maya sent me a dozen roses on Valentines day one year... They were beautiful and I even rooted one of them.... Yes I am weird.. I will take a bought flower and try to make it grow again.. Dave often walks around and searches for something blooming in our yard to slip into a empty pickle jar or a cast off olive bottle and then set on the dresser beside my bed.. I often wake up to a flower or even a few times a weed.. But he cared enough to search for something to surprise me..OK! I got off on a weird ramble and almost forgot the question.. I choose natural garden flower... unless you want to buy me a living; growing; that I can plant in my garden plant.. Just get me some seeds..

3:}~ If you were in a situation where it was either starve to death or resort to cannibalism, would you resort to cannibalism to stay alive or let yourself starve? ~ I really don't plan on ever being in that weird situation.. Am I going to cook them in a big pot or just eat them raw? Do I have to kill them or did I survive a plane crash?? I'm fat... I can live a while.. I will watch the birds and see what they eat.. I will gnaw on leaves and/ or bark if there are trees near me.. I will eat snow.. I might even eat some weird exotic animal.. But I'm pretty sure if I tried to eat a person.. I'd throw him/her right back up... Of course who knows they might be good with some bark and bird seed dressing.. and a side of snow... Some days Y'all are really weird...

~ D
o you shop with or without a shopping list? Easy answer .. I know what I need and for some weird reason I just am able to remember things like that.. On the other hand if I have carried a list I usually don't get half of it.. either it's too expensive or I change my mind and get something else.. Yep.. I'm still weird!

5:}~ If you were given 20 acres of land and the money to develop it however you chose, what would you do with it? I guess it sounds weird but I have actually thought about this question... I'd build a water/ rock climbing/skate park..that used half of it.. because there is nothing fun for the kids in our town....unless they play baseball.... The other half I'd make available for people to come and grow food and flowers with me.. complete with secret paths ; wind chimes; fish ponds; fountains; and places to sit and think...I guess I'd just have more of what I already have on that ten acres..

If you could acquire a characteristic of one particular animal, what would it be?.. Man.. Just one animal? What if I want to be a mythical creature with parts from a bunch of different ones? Like maybe the roar of the lion and eye of an eagle? The speed of a cougar? And the smartness of a fox.. Oh wait.. I'm already sly....My kids say I am as stubborn as a mule .... I think as weird as it may sound.. I'll just pass on the animal thing altogether.. I would like that roar though!

Done!! Were you Shocked and surprised that there wasn't a single sexual in any way question here today.. That is truly weird ... almost scary in fact.. I am glad that today's weird questions won't frighten my readers and cause nightmares for my family... The place I used to get my questions from hasn't offered a new weird question in a couple of weeks.. Their last set was about the swingers lifestyle and that whole subject is way to weird for me... I'm way to mean and jealous to ever be a swinger... I'd be swinging from jail house bars.. I know.. I'm weird.. I know a lot of that goes on.. but I am way to weird for that.. call me weird if you want to..SEE! ... I'm about to get mad just from thinking about it..

Of course there are plenty of wild and wacky weird questions anywhere you look on-line... I think every weirdo ever born has a computer.. and those that don't; have a library card...

I am looking into some different themes and schemes and ideas for my blog.... so don't be surprised if I slip up and surprise you with something different.. Have a wonderful weird Wednesday..


Sunshine said...

You did good this week...
I thought you were a tomboy and climbed trees instead of playing with barbies...what a surprise!
I have had cut flowers and garden flowers and I like the garden ones, but I will take any of them as long as I don't get the bill!
I think I would probably just starve instead of trying to eat something that wasn't meant to be eaten.
Heading to grocery store, I must have a list because my memory is really bad...
And what is wrong with a little baseball? I like your ideas though.
I would choose to be a bird. I think it would be fun to just fly around all day looking at all God made!
Thanks for writing!

Pblacksaw said...

Sunshine~ I am a tomboy.. I did climb trees.. I was the very best pine tree climber in our neck of the woods.. I love baseball.. I was the only woman coach for city league here for 20+ years.. All of my children played. I was against the fancy tournament field though because they tore down the skatepark to build it.. and said they were doing it because the skaters were drug addicts.. I guess there are a few bad boy/girls skaters.. but guess what?.. there are bad kids in a lot of sports....Thanks for reading..

PJ said...

when my daughter was little, every year i bought her the native american barbie and told her that she had to stay in the box and she couldn't play with her. they came out with i think 4 or 5 different ones and she still has them in the boxes.

natural flowers for me all the way.

i think i would have to do what you said on the starve or cannibalism thing too. i don't know if i could bring myself to eat a human.

i love your thoughts on the 20 acres. sounds beautiful.

lol, as i kept reading, i was waiting for the sexual question and it wasn't there. no blushing for me this week. hehehe

Pblacksaw said...

Pj~ I have a few Barbies still in boxes.. I even have Michael Jackson still boxed.... Now I buy mostly yard sale and Flea Market finds.. I recently gave a dollar for a vintage Betsy McCall doll.. I wanted her when I was a child.. I love the vintage fashion dolls.. Before Barbie era... I WANT a Jackie O doll.. from Franklin Mint.. IN fact I'd take any Frankline mint doll.. Not something I'm likely to own though..
Next week I'll try to make sure I have a blushing question!!! Hehehehe!
Have a great day!