Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ah!! The Sound Of Pounding Rain....

" The facts of life are that a child who has seen war cannot be compared with a child who doesn't know what war is except from television. "   ~  Sophia Loren

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Project 365- a Photo a Day!

this bird was watching me
at the ATM... very
early in the morning..

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Mad Kanes Limerick~Offs

one by her first line..  as always and a second "freestyle"
that she is testing over at her place... she welcomes visitors too...


a gal who was fast on her feet
bragged on herself with conceit
a take down was planned
dare she race my sedan
madly she tore out down the street

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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I once knew a girl they call Joy
played all the guys like a toy
till the night she met Bart
easy love fills her heart
before long.. joy's joy is a boy..

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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Haiku Heights #79-  Bubbles

My BFF    -   (Senryu)

betrayal bubbles
too late for backward glances
I plot sweet revenge

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

Sunday Single Impression- #186 - betrayal

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Carry On Tuesday-

Surprise -

I should have seen it coming.. bold lies of omission I could read in his eyes.. his sudden un-ease every time he saw me answer the phone.. the truth is never simple.. the death of no relationship easy..
my heart cried out for what might have been.. No second chances asked and none given .. we had..
at last.. agreed.. I watched him walk away and prayed that he dare not..  look backward..

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

3 Word Wednesday - omission / ease / backward
Sunday Scribblings #285 - Easy
Poetic Bloomings  #21- surprise

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Thanks for stopping by my world of words today.. I write what I feel and understand if some days you aren't feeling the same way I am.. we are each a person of our own.. and entitled to have our own thoughts and dreams.. I hope you have enjoyed your visit here.. I welcome visitors.. comments.. and followers.. I hope you have a grand day!


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I was wondering how to work "betrayal" and "bubbles" into the same senryu--and you did it! Congratulations!

Nibbling Bubbles

Saras said...

Excellent senryu. Nicely done.

Umamaheswari said...

A different take on the prompt ...Nice

andy sewina said...

Bubbles of betrayal, sweet revenge, sounds like you've got the plot for a novel here!

Nanka said...

Combining of prompts is very well done!! Excellent work!!

Traci B said...

Most of us are using "bubbles" as a noun, but I like your use of it as a verb here. Well done.


You have a way with the pen and your words are very profound.

Anonymous said...

A great senryu.
'betrayal of bubble' & 'sweet revenge' conjur up some wicked images.