Friday, September 9, 2011

Can We Ever Forget that Moment in Time..?

" We live in a world of guns, bombs and terror. To conquer hate seems a nigh-impossible task. "
       ~ Theodore Bikel

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Project 365 - a Photo Every Day...


A sudden call to duty
Towers of power fall

Victims and victors screaming
A nation stands appalled

Scratching at flea collars
Both wrist and ankles bound

Children used as sacrifice
Continues to astound

He hates the word deployment
He wants to hold his girl

The agony pours from his eyes
Behind the sandstorm swirl

Thinking of his Mama                                               
His heart begins to race                                                   Writers Weekend Retreat #36

How many years.. how many lives                                                                                              
Before he leaves this place?

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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Acrostics Only- Children's Corner-


Be gone you
One eyed fiend !
Out scary shadow !
Goblins and witches
Evacuate ! No more
Yellow bellied bumps !
Mama ordered them
All be gone !
Now we sleep...

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

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Thursday Tales   {photo by Starling Photography}

Duty Calls
Logan bowed his head as the tolling began.. The withered priest tugged the ropes.. ringing the mission bell over and over.. echoing despair across the valley.. They had found her along the tracks.. another soul devoured.. Records would show her to be the seventy seventh victim but he knew the number was much higher..

Sliding his treasure box back into the hearth's secret and replacing the bricks.. he picked up his badge and holstered his revolver.. He would have liked a nap.. but patting his belly.. he headed for the door.. Sometimes you had to make sacrifices when duty called..

Written By: Patricia Sawyer

Lily's Friday Prediction- Valley-  Mission- Record

Weekend Wordsmith- Hearth

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Simply Pochi said...

this is very awesome! :)

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Beautiful post for the kids!(Boogeyman)